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Red Arcueid

This is version of Arcueid that has given into her blood lust and completely lost it. She is intensely sadistic and bloodthirsty. Presumably, she possesses several times more power than Arcueid due to no longer suppressing herself.

Red Arcueid (or Warc) has many normals and tools that are aesthetically similar to Arcueid but serve a dramatically different purpose. Warc is a powerful zoning character with arguably the best air-to-air normal in the game in j.B as well as an extremely large and active projectile that can be used both in the air and on the ground. She covers strange angles that most other characters don’t really deal with well, and in general can be considered to have one of the best neutral games in Melty Blood with the ability to sit on a life lead for 99 seconds. Unfortunately, Warc lacks a good way to approach opponents on the ground, as her run is mediocre and she has no real air-to-ground normals, and without a strong reversal she can struggle to reverse bad situations.

Stage: Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden.PNG

BGM: The End of 1000 Years

Moon Overview

A unique character with dual strengths as a runaway zoner and scary frametrap-based pressure character. In neutral, C-Warc is one of the best keepaway zoners in the game, with great movement, enormous blood ring specials to control space, arguably the best suite of air-to-air normals in the game (particularly j.B), and good teleports to move around the screen. Once she gets in, her 5B and 6C can be used to move forward with powerful hitboxes that can be partially or fully charged to create frame traps and armored overheads - once Warc’s pressure gets going, she forces the opponent to make a risky guess as she excels at moving forward with her attacks and stopping jump-outs. Her biggest weaknesses are her lack of a good reversal, mediocre hitconfirms outside of point blank, and extremely poor air-to-ground attacks, which all combined mean reversing momentum and overcoming life deficits is very difficult. Overall a great character at controlling the opponent.

H-Warc trades in C-Warc’s 6C pressure, teleports and meter management to focus on projectile zoning. With the addition of a grounded reppuken-style projectile and the ability to use her eye glare special on the ground, H-Warc is comfortable out-zoning any character in the game with her enormous toolkit. She also has also an improved ability to hit confirm if her technical combos can be mastered. Unfortunately, her pressure game is weaker than Crescent’s, her normals are generally inferior, and overall, most Warc players feel that she sacrifices more than she gains, though she’s a fine counterpick against other zoners.

F-Warc is the least mobile Warc and loses her amazing j.B, though her new air normals are still decent and she gains a great close-range antiair with 5A. Though her pressure seems to be even better, with a sliding 2B and specials that are extremely plus on block, losing the ability to reverse beat, worse mobility and some problematic frame data means that she actually has quite a difficult time keeping up her offense. She can still zone with air rings and her new 236x specials make hit confirms easier, and 63214C is a fantastic way to get out of blockstrings. On top of that, her execution requirements are significantly easier and her damage is consistently quite high.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.836 0.851 0.783 0.717 14,372
Stand 0.950 0.968 0.890 0.815 12,643
Crouch 1.026 1.045 0.961 0.880 11,709
Average 12,908



25) Akiko Minase (Kanon)

32) Casual-clothes Saber (Fate/stay Night)

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