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Normal Combos

  • 2A 5BB 6B 2C 3C JC J236A>A
Stable midscreen combo with guaranteed knock down. Cancel the 6B as fast as possible, or else they will fly away before the sweep. Delay the follow up after air DP so that the knockdown doesn't whiff. If for whatever reason you're close to the corner and don't want to go for the rock loop, in order to add a little bit more damage, use j.6C instead of j.C. This will put Ciel above the enemy, giving more hits to the j.236A continuation.

Note: The knockdown at the end of the combo depends on how you hit the enemy with the j.236A continuation. If Ciel is a bit too low in the air compared to the enemy, the continuation will stop hitting the foe in the middle of the air, leading to the possibility of them recovering in the ground; obviously, this should be used as a chance for another combo. For oki, make sure Ciel ends the first part of j.236A high enough so it hits the enemy enough times before leading them to the ground.

  • 2A 5BB 6B 2C 3C [...] JB>(5B 3B)>2C 236A
This will send your opponents into the corner and give you a ton of time to run almost any type of okizeme.
  • 2A 5BB 6B 2C 3C [jc] 623A>[follow] 63214A>[Follow] 5B 623A>[follow]
This combo will take your opponent from one corner to the other. You can use 214C at the end of the comber instead of the DP follow up. You may have to change the first [jc] DP into JB depending on your distance to the corner.
  • 2A 5B 6B 2C 63214A>[follow] 5B 3C [hjc] JC 236A>[follow]
Another standard combo that works just about anywhere.

Corner Combos

  • 2A 5BB 6B 2C 3C [...] JB 2B 3B 2C (63214B 3B 2C)×3~4 > 236A>A
The rock loop. After the JB you don't have to delay any inputs. Depending on what character your fighting against, you can add more or less repetitions.
  • 2B 3B 2C 3C~
Air CH pick up. You may omit 3B for more damage.
  • [Dash]3B 2C [...]3C~
This is a air CH pick up when near the corner. You can go straight into the rock loop for around 6K in this situations.
  • 236[A] 66C JC j.C j.236A>A
Works from about the middle of the screen onwards, thanks to the huge hitbox 236[A] has. Highly situational; use it carefully.

Metered Combos

  • 2A 5BB 6B 2C 3C JC j.C j.236A>214C
More damaging version of the basic combo.
  • 236[A] 66C JC j.C j.236A>214C
Metered version of the corner combo above. ~5000 DMG on V-Sion.





Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


While crouching, Ciel does a little sweep with her foot. Though slower than 5A, it hits as a low.


Ciel steps on J's when Power'd. 5A is a small kick outwards while standing, much like Tohno Shiki's 5A. This move is very fast and cancels into its self. A bit of reach, but not to the degree of a reliable poke.


A horizontal strike with the pile bunker from a crouch. This hitbox on this is interestingly... short. However, it's strange hitbox is great as an anti air versus a fair amount of jump moves. The move also has very good recovery much like Kouma's 2B.


Ciel slams the butt of the pile bunker from above into the opponent. This move has the hit stun level of a strong attack, but it has huge knock back and she doesn't move forward at all... so you won't use this very much in strings. If you hit an airborne opponent with it, it will ground bounce then and you can follow the hit up for combos. This move is the same as 6B for the other styles, so don't mix yourself up.

This move is [BE] compliant and becomes an overhead when charged. You can use it much like W/Arc's 5[B]/5{B} for strings and mixups. If you hit an airborne opponent with 3[B], this move will put them into an untechable state.


Ciel steps in and fiercely swings the pile bunker outward. Decent start up, but it doesn't reach as far as one might like. In that respect, you must be very careful if you choose to space with this move. It has a tremendous amount of recovery and is very unsafe on whiff. On the plus side it has a very wide cancel window, making it great for frame traps and punishing mashing.

This move also has a follow up: 5BB. From the first move, she then moves in again and strikes the opponent with the pile bunker. This is the same as Half and Crescent's 5C. She doesn't step in as much as the first part, but this is a great move for punishing mashes and chicken blocks.


A kick that blasts the opponents all the way to the corner. She moves forward a great deal and can be confirmed into 2C, making this great for strings and spacing. This will definitely cause a wall slam if you are in the corner so be prepared to pick up it up into a combo if it hits.


2C has Ciel get very low for a sweep. It floats but if you can confirm it will generate a ton of damage. It's not bad to mix this move in while at point black every once in a while.


With the pile bunker as a fulcrum, Ciel does a somersault. This can be cancel into high jump if you hold 8 and can be used in basic combos.


Ciel jams the pile bunker and pivots off it for a kick ala Dante's Crazy Dance. This move seems to have lower body invincibility. While the same as Crescent's 6C but it's a bit slower. Ciel steps in a good bit before the attack, but the knock-back makes it not-that-useful for spacing.


Ciel does two kicks upward to slightly float the opponent. This barely hits below Ciel; it's completely unsuitable as a jump in or hitting anything under you. With that said, it stacks tons block and hit stun (it probably counts as a C level move). Funny property of this attack: on Nrvnqsr and Wallachia, jumping and immediately using j.A will have the first hit of this kick hit, which can lead to a combo. Can be followed up if Counter Hits.


A downwards and diagonal in the air. This is Powerd Ciel's only move that is relatively strong in this direction. While a pretty good jump in move, it tends to trade with moves like Kouma's 2B. Against characters with moves like this, you cannot place complete trust in this move (unless you like to be counter hit into a pickup). On hit JB will slam and ground bounce; you can pick this up for a combo if you have not used up your ground bounce yet.


Air boots to the dome. Ciel performs a powerful horizontal kick in the air. This has an excellent outward hit box and it crosses up almost as well as O.Ciel's JB. This is your go to move for air to air spacing.

Special Moves

Rapid Stake 「ラピッドステイク」 - 236 ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
Shaft Drive「シャフトドライブ」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) -
Virgin Pain 「ヴァージンペイン」 - 214AB
  • (Description) - ...
Oriflame Concert 「オリフラム・コンサート」 - 214C
  • (Description) - ...
Grand Zapper 「グランドザッパー」 - 63214ABC

The Rock Says 'Know Your Damn Role'. Ciel literally pulls out part of the ground to attack her foe. Can do nice tricks with it.

  • (A version) - Fast version of the attack. Press a button after releasing it to break it with a kick, resulting in more damage, or, in the case your enemy is blocking, more guard depletion. Can be canceled into the C version of the same attack for even more guard breaking. For both this and B version, pay attention to Counter Hit, you can follow it up with 2C 3C etc. or others.
  • (B version) - Chargeable version of the attack. You have many options after pulling the rock out:
    • No charge
      • Immediately after release, use 3C to make the rock trace an arc towards the enemy. Reaches quite far.
      • Jump and hit it with j.B or j.(6)C to propel it diagonally or horizontally, respectively. What's really interesting about this is that you can cancel the hit into an air dash, granting a good pressure tool. j.A breaks the rock.
      • You can also wait and use 2B, 5B, 6B, or 5C to propel it forward.
    • Charged
      • You can basically do the same, but the rock reaches higher heights. Same properties.
  • (EX Version) - Ciel instantly extracts a rock from the ground and smashes it in your face with a kick. Gives good advantage frames on block. Can be used right after the continuation of the A version of this move.

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - LA description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description
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