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Powerd Ciel

Powerd Ciel (not a typo) is the armed and dangerous version of Ciel, wielding a huge pilebunker and with a completely new moveset focused more on aggression. With highly damaging and corner-carrying combos in all of her moons, great conversion ability, good okizeme and the ability to convert her normal throw into a full combo, PCiel has all of the tools for a good rushdown game. Unfortunately, although she has many options, her approach to neutral can be somewhat linear or “gimmicky” due to having arguably the worst movement in the entire game. This character is a lumbering tank with a huge gun that kills you if she can run her setplay, so if that appeals to you, you’re going to love PCiel. Either the best mid tier or the worst top tier depending on who you ask.

Moon Overview

This character has some of the best corner pressure in the game, the only concern being how does she get her opponent to the corner to begin with. Crescent has horizontal lightning, meaning her lockdown game is slightly weaker than Half’s, but she does have access to Crescent meter management and Heat mechanics, which are crucial given her polarising gameplay. C-PCiel sports high damage combos loops with high meter gain and corner carry, but has extra difficulty getting out of pressure herself.

Half sports vertical lightning, making her anti jump game quite powerful. This augments her lockdown game to a high degree as opponents will have difficulty jumping away to safety. Her corner loops sport high damage and she also has easy access to an unreactable left/right drift mix-up from it. Furthermore, access to Half Moon Shield Bunker affords her an extra chance at neutral, while auto Heat augments her purely offensive strategy. Half Moon mechanics complement this character quite well, making Half the next best choice over Full.

The most electrifying woman in airdash entertainment, F-PCiel loses access to her thunder and dash specials for a questionable missile attack, but more importantly she gains THE ROCK, one of the most powerful all-purpose tools in Melty. She can kick it across the screen for neutral, toss it up for okizeme, use it to set up tick throws or for many other uses. F-PCiel has a stronger focus on playing neutral and corner setups instead of running in, as her ability to control space with her specials is generally higher and more nuanced than her other moons. Great damage ceiling if you can master her rock loop, and overall a powerful character if you can handle her weaknesses.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.836 0.809 0.783 0.797 14,147
Stand 0.950 0.920 0.890 0.906 12,445
Crouch 1.026 0.993 0.961 0.978 11,527
Average 12,706



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