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Neco Arc Chaos

The worst character in the game. He’s a joke version of Nero and while he appears to possess Nero’s moves, they all contain huge hurtboxes on start-up, terrible proration, and low base damage. If he gets a clean hit (good luck) it’ll hurt, but his confirms generally yield low damage. He also has the worst health next to V.Akiha, even worse since he has weak reversals and no real strengths other than being small. He can backdash cancel certain moves and his general gameplay usually ends up being timer scam.

Moon Overview

The best moon. Has the best normals, a much needed Heat reversal option, somewhat useful special moves (“HEY TAXI”, ground Neko Beams) and can yield the highest damage. Combine backdash cancels with Reverse Beat and you can somewhat resemble a Melty Blood character in pressure.

Half trades in being a Nero ripoff with being a Neco Arc ripoff. He also loses his good backdash. Half plays almost like C-Neco Arc but arguably worse in most cases. His gameplan is to get the opponent in the corner with his combo into j.2C, which does a soft knockdown that you can either chase with 2B if the foe techs or pressure further if they don’t. Terribly small, awkward normals and if you charge them to get the ranged ones, his small air normals don’t allow him to convert. He does have a good command throw series but no one is going to respect this character.

Arguably a worse version of Crescent. His 214x sludge can be used as a high-risk/low-reward mix-up on block and he can backdash cancel 5A/2A, and jump cancel the first hit of 5B. He is unique in that his normals are the long-ranged versions you have to charge in the other moons (but he loses the ability to backdash cancel them). Mediocre damage and probably the worst special moves of the three moons. He does have a metered reversal with 22C, but meter can be hard to come by without the Full Moon meter charge mechanic. The absolute worst character in the game.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 1.408 0.596 1.154 0.876 12,529
Stand 1.600 0.678 1.312 0.996 11,018
Crouch 1.728 0.732 1.416 1.075 10,206
Average 11,251



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