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Neco Arc

A joke character that could mean real business if she ever gets in. Neco Arc specializes in punishing techs with huge damage. You just need to play Crescent Moon to actually do anything. All three moons have 63214C, which on successful hit, forces both you and the opponent to have all directional inputs flipped (down becomes up, left becomes right, etc.) for a short period of time. For opponents not familiar with the situation, this character is a true menace.

Moon Overview

The only one you want to play, she’s almost a real character. Legitimately no range, but once she gets in, it might be over. Her corner combo route involves a 50/50 situation from the j.2C ender: no tech and it bounces the foe back up, allowing you to continue the air combo for two more reps (~5000dmg) or if you tech, she can read the tech with 421C, which allows her to react to tech directions with 2B or charged 2B. Oh, sometimes she summons Neco Hime with 421C. Unlike Hime’s pillars, Neco’s are air unblockable.

You lose j.2C and the cell phone super in exchange for the universal Half Moon 5A6AA series and an air version of the laser beam series. Overall, a much weaker and less complete character, but having two laser beam series isn’t so bad. You also get a good jump-in j.C that stretches downward, but you really should just play Crescent.

Somehow worse than Half Moon even though it doesn’t appear that way on paper. This moon has a special air dash where Neco Arc rockets either forward or back, giving her some real aerial mobility. That said, Full Moon’s linear pressure system doesn’t work well for her. Her j.C is similar to Half’s but goes upward, and her 5C is an all-purpose move. She can also burrow underground for some reason.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 1.232 0.596 0.907 0.717 14,212
Stand 1.400 0.678 1.031 0.815 12,500
Crouch 1.512 0.732 1.113 0.880 11,577
Average 12,763



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