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Miyako Arima

Miyako is the daughter of the Arima family that Shiki used to live with until he was called back to the Tohno mansion. Typical small “kung-fu” character that has difficulty closing the gap versus most of the cast but becomes scary once she gets in. Her normals are small but fast and have long-lasting hitboxes. Her air game is actually very good but she’s outclassed in many situations. Low tier but still threatening to most of the cast.

Stage: Tohno's Mansion. Central Garden

Tohno's Mansion. Central Garden.PNG

BGM: Severe Person

Moon Overview

High mobility and extremely ambiguous blockstrings. Good meter control and clean hits can net decent damage, but her average damage output is somewhat low. Somewhat underwhelming due to her poor reach.

Amazing meter gain means Half is extremely momentum-centric. High (7000+) damage off optimal metered combos and her blockstrings are equally ambiguous as C’s. Average damage is somewhat low but the meter gain into auto HEAT makes her a good choice in oppressive match-ups.

An absolutely vicious powerhouse. Far above the other two Moons in almost every regard. Full Moon Miyako compensates for her inherent weaknesses by dealing top-tier damage, having access to the scariest tools of the three, and a notable fraction of the game's rare, but truly unreactable mixups. All of which are unique to this Moon. Overall, her strengths aren't so absurd you can just ignore the game's rules; quite far from it. However, the rewards you get are leagues above what most characters around her tier should be receiving. While her tools for interaction may be lackluster, due to poor overall range, and while her gameplan might be painfully linear, the threat you push onto your opponent can be intimidating. And the rewards: Devastating. If you're looking for the best version of Miyako, this is undisputedly it.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.880 0.809 0.741 0.717 14,582
Stand 1.000 0.920 0.843 0.815 12,825
Crouch 1.080 0.993 0.910 0.880 11,879
Average 13,095



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