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Mech-Hisui & Neco Arc

This is a real character. Hit the cat, acquire setplay. Nya nya.

Moon Overview

Despite being two “joke” characters stapled together, they demand a great deal of respect as a high tier character. Great air mobility, decent corner carry, fantastic pressure, and you can hit the cat to force favorable trades, get tick throw set-ups, and all sorts of dirty things. Her lightning series also causes Neco to become a hitbox, meaning you also get air unblockable set-ups. Her damage ceiling is low unless you get a very clean counter hit starter, and she becomes immediately less impressive if she cannot set-up Neco Arc (good luck versus C-Roa).

A speedier version of Half Moon Mech Hisui. At first this seems like it can only be a good thing, but all her specials have been replaced with objectively worse versions. She has a basic mix-up with setting down 22A and using ground dodge to get a which-way situation. Oh, 22C summons Neco Hime, which is air unblockable and allows you to go for a high-low as the foe is blinded by the pillar of light. You have no meter gain though.

You get F-Mech Hisui’s 623X series and her normals. Her corner carry is also quite good from her BnB. Her unique trait is that Neco Arc can be called to burrow and pop up in a set location depending on which button you used. While it sounds impressive, this character lacks a lot of pressure and neutral tools to get started.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 1.056 0.894 0.741 0.677 13,942
Stand 1.200 1.017 0.843 0.770 12,259
Crouch 1.296 1.098 0.910 0.831 11,356
Average 12,519



1) Default

17) May (Hand Maid May)

18) Rei Handa (Zaregoto Series, The Beheading Cycle)

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