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A robot made by Kohaku with a vendetta against Neco Arc. The traditional “long range and good projectiles” zoner of the game. Boasts good setplay and aggravating neutral, but her damage is often low without a clean hit. Also lacks a reversal without meter, which you need for other uses. Extremely technical and unorthodox, making her difficult to grasp for beginners.

Moon Overview

The best moon simply due to her versatility in neutral. Has an overhead and jetpacks to control significant air space, with long-reaching normals and a huge arsenal of tools to zone. Has laser beam loops and decent corner carry, but has issues getting large damage without a clean starter in the corner. Very high execution requirements for mediocre damage can feel discouraging.

The weakest moon and often considered one of the worst characters. Absolutely terrible mobility but huge Dhalsim range and extremely focused on controlling space at long-range. Her 623x series is her best tool. Terrible meter gain combined with poor abare options makes her defensive games one of the worst, which is her true issue. Somewhat decent against slower characters so she can complement C/F Mech.

This mech uses guns and is setplay-centric. Her setplay is about mixing up resetting pressure or going for tick throws. Her average damage is low but her metered corner combos can easily surpass 5k. Rather momentum-dependent as she’s lackluster if she can’t get started and her neutral is only average. Her j.A is one of the best air pokes in the game due to its speed and range. Can be extremely oppressive against characters with weak reversal options.

Statistics Crescent Moon

Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.765 0.766 0.824 0.797 14,480
Stand 0.870 0.871 0.937 0.906 12,735
Crouch 0.939 0.940 1.011 0.978 11,800
Average 13,005

Statistics Half Moon

Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 1.056 0.851 0.741 0.677 14,103
Stand 1.200 0.968 0.843 0.770 12,401
Crouch 1.296 1.045 0.910 0.831 11,487
Average 12,663

Statistics Full Moon

Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.748 0.740 0.824 0.836 14,529
Stand 0.850 0.842 0.937 0.951 12,776
Crouch 0.918 0.909 1.011 1.027 11,833
Average 13,046



1) Default

17) May (Hand Maid May)

18) Rei Handa (Zaregoto Series, The Beheading Cycle)

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