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Game Downloads

Support the actual game on Steam

FrameDisplay (External Hitbox Viewer)

Framestep (Frame-by-Frame Advance and In-Game Hitbox Viewer)

Wine wrapper for MBAACC (Easier setup and play for Mac users)!cAAC1QDD!6VaSbKRI-Aa4zXTzmiA0X5TEexcfSSudH7rK_FjfdK4

Information and Videos

Match Video Database

Character Overview (click here if you don't know who to play)

CCCaster Tutorials

Video Tutorial

Written Tutorial

Butterfree's Melty Guide(s) and Resources

Miscellaneous Information for New Players

Sydoh's MBAACC Frame Data Spreadsheet (work in progress)

Community Invites

Permanent Discord Invite Link

Permanent Alternative Discord Invite Link

Melty Blood SEA

Melty Blood Korea



America's main Melty Blood Website. Here you can find news related to Melty Blood's community and a forum outlining much of the information here for each character.

MeltyBread's Youtube Channel

A great place to find Melty Blood Actress Again tournament videos and casuals. You can also find the occasional character combo video.


Here you could find more Japanese videos if you have an account on Nico.
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