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Len is a familiar with the ability to manipulate dreams, created from infusing the leftover thoughts of a deceased human girl into the body of a dead cat. As such, she is capable of shifting between the forms of a black cat and a young human girl.

In Melty Blood, Len is a neutral-heavy character that abuses her amazing air normals (especially j.C) to bully the opponent into submission. Although she can be sluggish on the ground, all of her moons boast strong options to make the opponent block and she rarely has trouble getting her pressure started. Her cat form is great at low-profiling air approaches and in general her hurtboxes can be very frustrating for the opponent. Her main weakness is losing momentum - although she has great setplay and mixups herself, she has extremely poor options to stave off the opponent's assault, and foes who can restrict her air movement will find that Len is one of the easier characters to run over in Melty Blood once things start going south.

Moon Overview

The trickster moon. She has the best teleports of the Len moons, as they all mimic her normal movements as a feint to her real intentions. She also possesses charged 4B, which OTG relaunches opponents, giving her an extra edge in Len’s extremely scary knockdown game. Heat proves to be a much needed reversal and while she doesn’t lack anything in particular, she’s seen as gimmicky without any clear strengths compared to H and F.

The offense-oriented Len and considered the best. Her main strength is her ridiculous meter gain, which allows her to quickly seize momentum and heal red health from auto Heat. Her playstyle is greatly complemented by Half Moon mechanics and meter management is often not an issue for her unlike other Half Moon characters.

Full has the best ground game of the three and the highest damage ceiling, with even her simplest BnBs doing enormous damage. Her “Doritos” allow you some space control and breathing room against projectile zoners but their main focus is to allow you to gain amazing damage off of any confirms, even midscreen throws. EX Dorito is Aegis Reflector. Her corner setplay with doritos also affords you some nasty mix-ups if done correctly, especially since doritos placed behind enemies will scooch them forward, making F-Len one of the few characters with a true “corner crossup”. Also the only Len with a real projectile, and although linear it’s quite useful. Very neutral centric, even by Len standards, and her mixups are generally much weaker than her other grooves without significant setup, though the payoff on hit is well worth the extra struggle.



Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.968 0.851 0.783 0.717 13,907
Stand 1.100 0.968 0.890 0.815 12,234
Crouch 1.188 1.045 0.961 0.880 11,330
Average 12,490



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