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Angry demon man, distantly related to the Tohnos. One of the game's two dedicated grapplers, with a focus on rekkas and super armor to move across the screen. Decent normals, and a reasonable ability to tick into his command grab, but generally considered one of the worst characters in the game since people can just disrespect him. Bottom of mid tier/top of low tier. H and F Kouma are inexplicably unable to combo in the air with the same rules as other characters (cannot cancel normals into each other or into airthrow).

Moon Overview

Has the best air game of the three. Converts into high damage but his normals have poor reach. The only moon with an overhead, as well as sort of possessing reversals (not very good ones, but Crescent’s ability to burst is very welcome). Great ability to stagger with 5BB and reverse beats. Momentum-dependent.

Most mobile moon. Can't charge any normal for stagger pressure, but many of the normals move him forward, and his specials are good for getting in and staying in. Arguably has the worst confirming ability in the game, but has high damage potential on clean hits.

Most common moon. Sort of has a reversal in 22C. Best pressure, capable of bulldozing his way across the screen with armored moves. Surprisingly technical BnB. Inexplicably OK matchups against some actually good characters (Nero) because he has a God-given right to get in if he really wants to commit. Best setplay of the three and can keep momentum going indefinitely. Poor damage conversions on air hits, however, and generally has to work hard for his wins.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.809 0.766 0.700 0.638 15,782
Stand 0.920 0.871 0.796 0.725 13,881
Crouch 0.993 0.940 0.859 0.783 12,859
Average 14,174



1) Default

18) Sol Badguy (Guilty Gear)

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