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Kohaku and Mech-Hisui

What happens when you staple a low tier to a top tier? As it turns out, you might get one of the best characters in the entire game or one of the worst, depending on the moon. Kohamech is an oddball pairing that has powerful options, with an emphasis on controlling space with Mech while still retaining many of the “dumb” options that make solo Kohaku so powerful. Compared to solo Kohaku, KohaMech’s air dashes are different and slope upward slightly, her j.B and j.C have different properties, and you can charge her 2C to slide further and create more frame traps.

Moon Overview

C-Kohaku’s normals combined with C-Mech Hisui’s specials makes for an offense-oriented character that emphasizes airspace control so that Kohaku can lock down the opponent and go for typical C-Kohaku things (such as double overheads). Has a corner to corner loop with charged j.C and the Mech throw assist that can start from her command throw! Specializes in meter management and conversion off favorable trades.

The best pair by far. 22A is an air unblockable, groundbouncing, hard knockdown projectile with absurd frame advantage on block that allows you to convert into huge damage for basically no effort while destroying shield attempts and serving as a safe okizeme tool; this thing is the Swiss Army Knife of special moves, and if it connects you’re riding it to huge damage and okizeme. As you can imagine, this character is extremely oppressive and forces the opponent into risky situations fairly quickly, especially since she can punish opponents that stay grounded with her command grab. Her assist calls are also virtually lagless in this moon, making her the most gorilla-like Kohaku. Her only real shortcoming is the Half Moon meter system. Truly a fearsome character, and probably the best “bang for your buck” in terms of execution-to-power with low technical requirements to perform well.

A very weak character in comparison to C and H. You still maintain most of F-Kohaku’s impressive normals and neutral strategy but you lose the 5[C] that throws a sword out and gain the sliding charge 2C. The biggest loss is that your plant set is now gone for a F-Mech assist series. The assist calls are very laggy and rather gimmicky, but 623C is a great conversion tool. You can control the trajectory of the rocket launcher projectiles by holding the stick left or right per each ball. You’ll be left wanting with this character, as she feels very incomplete.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.792 0.809 0.824 0.797 14,156
Stand 0.900 0.920 0.890 0.906 12,451
Crouch 0.972 0.991 1.011 0.978 11,535
Average 12,714



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