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C-Kohaku's combos have changed dramatically since her PS2 incarnation. 6C > battou feint no longer links to 4B, so she is forced to use 236A 236B~C combos as a replacement. Luckily, the versatility of her new 236B > j.[C] combo gives her easy hitconfirms that carry to the corner where she can do massive damage into easy setups. Note that due to the way gravity works, a corner juggle that starts with a full ground string may not work off of an airthrow or a j.B counterhit without minor adjustment in timing or normals.

C-Kohaku is very flexible combo-wise. Combos vary from fairly basic variants to long-winded loops with severe execution requirements. Generally her combos consist of a launcher into j.[C] and then a ground string, but she can opt to use j.[C] as a knockdown tool in the corner. There are three main ways to add damage to her combos: corner battou loops (236B~A), feint loops (236A 236B~C), and 5[B] segments.

Combo video examples:


~ indicates slight delay

() indicates optional parts

5C~C(3) the number in brackets indicates the number of hits of a multihit move

[] indicates charge move (noted as BE in the forums)

{} indicates partial charge


  • 2A 2B 4B (2C~) 5CC(1-3) 236B j.[C]...
The standard launcher. Adding 2C reduces damage but makes them bounce higher, giving you more time to dash in and continue.
  • 2A 2B(B) 2C 5C 5[B] 4B 236B j.[C]...
Maximum damage starter for corner combos that include a launcher at the start. Omitting the 2B followup might be necessary depending on spacing.
  • 2A 2B 4B 5CC(1-3) 236B j.[C] airdash j.C~B...
Alternative launcher. Gives good carry, but also increases gravity scaling, so some of the longer combos cam fizzle. Continue directly with 2C.
  • 2A 2B 4B 5CC(1-3) 236A 236B j.[C] (airdash j.C~B)...
Adding 236A to the launcher increases gravity scaling a lot, severely limiting the followup options. However, if used with a short followup (fullscreen 236[B]B 2C, single battou loop), this launcher adds 400-500 damage. Adjust followup timings accordingly.
  • 2A 2B 4B 2C~5C~C(1-3) 236A 236B~C 2A 2C 5C~C(1-3) 236B j.[C]...
Feint loop starter. Results in high gravity scaling so combo options afterwards are limited.


Basic Combos

  • ...(dash) 2C 5C~C(4) 236[B]B 2C
Easy fullscreen combo, works from about 90% of the screen.
  • ...(dash) 2C 5C~C(4) 236[B]B 5A 5C 5[B] 2A 2C (4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Basic way to extend damage with a 5[B] segment. Must get close to corner for the combo to work. Optional 236C ender.
  • ...2C 5C~C(4) 236[B] (2A) 2C (4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Easy corner combo. Delaying the 5C followup allows them to get higher so you have time to catch them while they're falling.
  • ...2C 5C~C(4) 236[B] 2A 5C 5[B] 2B 2C (4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Basic way to extend damage in the corner with a 5[B] segment.
  • ...2C 5C~C(4) 236[B]B (4B) 2C
This combo gets them out of the corner. Can follow up with 22B and use its pushback for mixups.
  • ...2C 5C 5[B] 4B 236A 236C
Easy combo into 236C knockdown.
  • ...5C 5[B] 2B 2C 4[B]
Easy combo into 4[B] knockdown.

Corner Battou Loops

  • ...2C 5C 236B~A (5A 5C 236B~A) 5A 5C~C(4) 236[B] 2A 2C
Basic variant of the battou loop. This combo is very sensitive to height, so use appropriate delays to get them to the right spot (which is character specific). Second loop requires a bit faster timing. Ender sacrifices okizeme options.
  • ...2C 5C 236B~A (5A 5C 236B~A) 5A 5C~C(4) 236[B]B (4B) 2C
This ender gets them out of the corner. Can follow up with 22B and use its pushback for mixups.
  • ...2C 5C 236B~A (5A 5C 236B~A) 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Battou loop with 5[B] ender. Ender gives a lot of options for okizeme, as listed below.)
  • ...2C 5C 5[B] 2B 4B 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Extending the battou loop damage by inserting another 5[B] segment. More hits increase the gravity scaling so stick with one loop.

Feint Loops

  • ...2C~5C~C(1-3) 236A 236B~C 2A 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Basic variation of the feint loop. Use appropriate delays and number of 5CC hits to get the 236A to connect, while leaving them high enough so you can catch them with 2A after the feint. Works from about midscreen.
  • ...2C~5C~C(1-3) 236A 236B~C 2A 2C 5C~C 236[B]B (4B) 2C
Fullscreen feint loop combo.
  • ...2C~5C~C(1-3) 236A 236B~C 2A 5C 5[B] 2B 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Corner version of the feint loop. Extends ender with a 5[b] segment.

Advanced Combos

  • ...2C 5C 5[B] (2B) 4B 236A 236B~C 2A 5C 5[B] 2B 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Extending the feint loop damage by inserting two 5[B] segments. The 2B in the combo should be omitted against Warakia, Seifuku, Ries and Len. The combo does not work on the Necos. Must end up in the corner for 5[B] stuff to work.
  • ...2C 5C 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] (2B) 4B 236A 236B~C 2A 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Combo including battou, feint and 5[B] segments. Must get to the corner for the ender to work.
  • ...2C 5C 5[B] (2B) 4B 236A 236B~C 2A 5C 5[B] (4B) 2B 236A 236B~C 2A2C (5C~C(4) 236[B] (2A)2C)
Double 5[B] into feint combo, doing the extended ender removes the OTG okizeme options.

Corner Combos

  • 2A 2B 4B 2C 5CC(1-3) 236B~A...
An alternative way to start the battou loop. Yields suboptimal damage. Can continue the combo in any of the ways listed above.
  • 2A 2B 2C 5C 5[B] 4B 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 4B 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 4B 236B j.[C] (OTG / dj.[C] (4{B} 6C 236A 236C))
Because this corner combo omits the relaunch part, the gravity is not as scaled and you can go for multiple battou loops and 5[B] segments. For ender you can either opt for a single j.[C] into the usual options, or go for dj.[C] into plant or 236C knockdown.
  • 2A 2B 2C 5C 5[B] 4B 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 4B 236B~A 5A 5C 5[B] 2B 4B 236A 236B~C 2A 2C (OTG / 4{B} 6C 236A 236C)
Corner specific battou loop. Similar to the above combo, but includes a feint ender.

Hitconfirms & Misc. Combos

  • 2C (6C) (236A) 236B j.[C]...
Long-range hitconfirm for when j.[C] can connect. Most of Kohaku's pokes can easily confirm into very damaging combos, making the opponents fear her pressure.
  • 2C 236A 236B IAD j.B dj.BC
Long-range hitconfirm for when j.[C] can't connect. The knockdown is techable, so be prepared to punish any techs as appropriate.
  • ... j.AAAB dj.AAACB airthrow
Random aerial hitconfirm when you don't want to risk techable knockdown. Number of j.A can be adjusted.
  • Cactus hits
- 5C x2-3 j.[C] dj.[C]
- 5C x2-3 5C 5[B] 2B 2C 4[B] OTG
- 5C x2-3 5C 5[B] 4B 236B j.[C] 2C
- 5C x2-3 2[C] 4[B]
Use any of these if the opponent is stupid enough not to block the cactus.
  • Gold Airthrow (dash in) 2C 5CC(1-3) 236B j.[C]...
Note that airthrow gives slightly different gravity scaling and combos will need to be adjusted.
  • 236[A]
- Arc Drive
- 236C
- 22C 5[B] 4B 236B~A... (corner)
Use any of these if the opponent gets hit by the overhead. Note that while the Arc Drive hits OTG, the Blood Heat Arc Drive does not.


  • 2C 22B / 22A
Basic plant okizeme. Plants will not hit meaty and will not catch jumpouts (9 direction), but you can dash in and throw a poke. Even if you get countered, the plant persists and they will get hit, allowiwng you to combo again. Because of this most of the time people will respect plants and block, allowing you to go for mixups. You can also go for dash in throw before the plant hits. Using 22A opens up fuzzy opportunities. (Video example:
  • OTG 4[B] 6C 22B
This plant setup makes the plant hit jumpouts, but can't be used with long combos (e.g. double feint/battou loops) because the opponent will be able to tech the 6C.
  • OTG 4[B]...
- 22A / 22B
- 6C 236A 236C
A great okizeme option, as it opens up a lot of possibilities. You can go for plants, crossup mixups (with dodge, or jump into 3-way), and even OTG into 236C knockdown.
  • 2C 236B~C OTG 4[B]
Cancelling the 2C into feint brings back all the normals, allowing greater freedom in enders.
- 2{C} 236B~C IAD j.A (whiff)
Partially charging the 2C opens an invisible gap between the opponent and the corner, allowing you to IAD and ambiguously crossup.
- 2C~5C 6C 236A 236C
OTG string into hard knockdown.
- 2C 5C~C(4) 236[B] 2222C
The Johnny setup. After the opponent hits the ground they can tech in any direction, but this is easily punished by 5C on reaction. If they do not tech, they are forced to block the fireballs coming from offscreen, and you can use their pushback (pushing the opponent out of the corner) for ambiguous crossup mixups. If you punish with 5C you can go for 236C - while they're in the hit animation the fireballs will still hit for some nice damage.
  • 236C...
- (delay) 22C (meaty)
- 22B
- 22222C
After 236C you can go for the cactus, punching plant or poison plant. Note that the cactus needs to be delayed to hit meaty. When they start blocking the cactus, you have plenty of time to go for high-low mixups. (236[A] / 236{A} 4B, last moment airbackdash j.B, j.[C] fakeouts, etc.) Double IAD j.[C] (whiff) 236[A] hits them in such a way that you will be able to continue with a combo after the cactus wallslams them. Setting up the poison plant opens up fuzzy opportunities. (IAD j.C -> 2A / j.[C])


Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


CKohaku has a very strong 2a. It has 3 frames of startup, hits low, and has decent range. Mash away, but make sure you are in range for the rest of your combo.


Standard 5a for whiff canceling and antiair. The vertical hitbox has been nerfed a bit from ps2, but because of the removal of anti-a armor in CC 1.07, it's far more viable to use to trade with air attacks. This attack will hit Wara, Nanaya, Tohno, Archetype, Wlen, and Nero while they are crouching, but it barely whiffs on everybody else. This means if they use any move that extends their hitbox during the startup, the 5a will most likely counterhit them.


Mostly used for blockstring and combo filler, this move also doubles as a decent antiair from certain angles and it hits high enough to tag players who are jumping out of the corner. The horizontal range isn't as good as it looks, so be careful when you are adding it to combos and use 4b if you are too far away. This is a mid attack.


Low hit command followup to 2B, you can delay the hit to make it useful in blockstrings but in combos it's usually better to do 2B 4B if you have that option available.


Kohaku swipes with the broom over her head. This antiair attack will trade or beat most jump in attacks provided you space it correctly, but the broom extends Kohaku's hitbox making her particularly vulnerable to disjointed air to air attacks. It can also be used to halt jump out attempts when your opponent is in the corner.


This looks the same as 5b but has a very different purpose. This is a very fast charge move (15 frames) that has a disjointed horizontal hitbox that's perfect for stuffing pokeout attempts in your blockstrings. It used to be untechable knockdown in PS2, but now if you hit your opponent in the air with it they can tech as soon as they reach the ground. Even with this change, it's very good at swatting your opponent trying to jump out of the corner as even if they tech it Kohaku can punish very easily on reaction. This normal is also a mainstay for her very damaging corner loops, although obviously you can't use it as a hard knockdown ender anymore.


A super moe side kick. This modest looking normal is one of the best in the game for a crescent moon character, it's like they accidentally gave her a full moon normal. It's a standing low that has blazing fast startup, an almost unbeatable hitbox, almost no recovery, and it moves Kohaku forward during the startup. It's +1 on block, and if you counterhit them with it the new 1.07 counterhitstun allows you to link another 4b into a full combo. Abuse this move whenever you are in range, and even when you aren't you can throw it out there to stuff a normal that extends your opponents hitbox.


A 2 hit charge kick that hits low and vacuums the opponent in on block or trips on hit. This is a very slow charge move that has more range than her normal 4B and a vertical hitbox that was buffed in 1.07, but extends her hittable box far more. It's +3 on block, but due to it's slow speed it is very hard to successfully get the move out against a mashy opponent so you have to mix in half charge 4b's into your strings to make them scared. New to 1.07, this move now otg relaunches which makes it an ideal ender to her combos and allows her to setup whatever plant mixup she wants.


A long range literal sweep attack that hits low. This move has changed quite a bit since ps2, it now features a invisible vertical hitbox in the center of Kohaku's character model which makes it a piece of cake to use in her point blank corner juggle combos. As a tradeoff, the move no longer has as low a profile as it used to, so she can't use it to avoid as many attacks. Still, if you're sure it will land this is a very good long range poke that's fairly fast for how far it hits, just don't get caught whiffing it ever.


Kohaku stabs you with the broom handle. Like most of her other normals, this is a very strong poke that can be used in a variety of situations such as meaty, combo filler, and antijumpout. Almost the entire broom handle is unhittable, so at the right ranges this can beat much quicker attacks and it is almost always confirmable into it's command followup, 5cc. Abuse the hell out of this move.


After 5C, Kohaku does a twirl with her broom handle for 4 hits, with the last hit launching them. In ps2, the first part of this followup had a significant amount of forward movement that made it amazing in blockstrings. This forward movement has been removed, but the move still cancels your pushback from 5c which makes it an invaluable asset in her strings and combos. If they block it, cancel the first hits into 2a or 4b to keep pressuring or into 5a whiff and command throw them, if it hits you can just go into a normal combo. Avoid the last hit though, it's use is limited to specific blockstrings and her 5cc 236[b] loop.


Downward sword slash that hits low and is special cancelable only. The main purpose of this move is for blockstrings and should always be canceled on hit or block into fake battou or 236[a] overhead. On block, if you cancel it into 236BC Kohaku gets plenty of + frames to work with, although the amount has been nerfed since PS2 you can still stuff whatever nonreversal they want to do by throwing out a 4b after it. On hit, Kohaku gets a hard knockdown that she can followup with an OTG string, or 4[b] relaunch if you are fast enough at confirming. On counterhit she can followup with a full juggle without the need for otg relaunch.


A broom handle poke in the air. This j.A is angled in such a way it's good for jumping in as well as air to air, although the crossup potential has been nerfed since PS2.


A blazingly fast upward broom swipe that has a truely staggering range. This is your mainstay air to air attack and one of the best at what it does. The broom tip does not have a hittable box, so use this move to swat your opponent out of the sky when they are at that upward angle, but it's speed also allows it to be used as a instant air backdash overhead or just a move you can throw out on the way down when you don't have time to use j.C. Most of Kohaku's neutral game comes from calculated abuse of this move.


A downward broom swipe. Kohaku's jumpin attack has been slightly buffed since PS2 and now has more potential to stuff antiairs. On air hit, it slams them to the ground for a techable knockdown which Kohaku can punish at most ranges in the corner. Random air hits should be avoided and the main useage of this move should be to attack someone who is on the ground.

Special Moves

I tried my best to raise this ♪ 「こんなん育ててみました♪」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
Draw out・Hidden Sword 「抜刀・秘密の業物」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) -
Magical Amber Missile 「マジカルアンバーミサイル」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  Johnny 「ジョニー」' - 2222C
  • (Description) - ...
This is a Victim of Modern Medicine 「現代医学の犠牲者です」 - 22222C
  • (Description) - ...
Magical Attack・ KohaponX 「マジカルアタック・コハポンX」 - 1632143
  • (Description) - ...
Amber Colosseum ・ Upper 「アンバーコロシアム・アッパー」 - 63214C
  • (Description) - ...

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.
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