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The hyper and cheery half of the Maids duo, Kohaku’s personality fits her playstyle as an aggressive, highly technical rushdown character with oppressive normals and some of Melty’s most disgusting setplay. With some of the best anti-jump normals in the game, arguably the best okizeme in the game with plants and molotovs, a powerful command grab, and decent damage in all of her moons, Kohaku (at least in C and H) is one of Melty’s most infamous top tiers and a great choice for anyone who loves brutal setplay.

Moon Overview

One of the best characters in the game. C-Kohaku can put plants on the screen that create some of the most terrifying and helpless okizeme setups of any character. Phenomenal and very fast A normals for pressure, and jumping out against her can be almost impossible due to 5a and 5b. Her plant okizeme has no real answer and the ensuing mixup must be blocked honestly, with none of Melty’s defensive mechanics giving the defender a way out, so she’s one of the few true “setplay” characters in the game. Good command grab/tick throw game, especially with plants, and her combos are extremely damaging. Long range on her normals can make it difficult to find spaces to jump out of her blockstrings. Only major problem areas are lack of a great reversal and high execution requirements that require a library of difficult character-specific combos for optimization.

Arguably the best grappler in the game. Compared to C, H-Kohaku sacrifices plant okizeme and some utility on her normals for the ability to combo off of her command grab for enormous damage, a great metered reversal, and bombs that can be used to set up tick throw situations. With huge damage off of any poke or command grab, H-Kohaku is a very threatening character when in close who can win off of only a few reads. One of the scariest characters in the game when she’s going to work, as the command grab skews the risk-reward of blocking greatly.

Although she retains C’s plants and H’s command dash, F-Kohaku must give up significant damage to get strong plant okizeme, loses all ability to whiff cancel (a core part of C and H’s combo and pressure game, the absence of which alone is damning), and is generally weaker than C-Kohaku in almost every respect. She does gain an interesting series of parry specials, and does reasonable damage if you forgo oki, but with basically none of the “unfair” play of C or H there is little reason to choose her.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.792 0.766 0.824 0.717 14,752
Stand 0.900 0.871 0.937 0.815 12,977
Crouch 0.972 0.940 1.011 0.880 12,021
Average 13,250



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