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  • What is Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code?
Melty Blood Actress Again: Current Code newest version of the originally doujin fighter Melty Blood. The series originated as a spinoff fighting game based on Type-Moon's Tsukihime series, as a fighting game/visual novel hybrid. Over the years, the focus on story has been lost in the series and the game mechanics reworked drastically as the game became more and more popular, eventually receiving a release in arcades as Act Cadenza in 2005. After several revisions, a sequel was released in Arcades in 2008, a new revision, Current Code, was release in 2010, and has reached a home port with the release of the v1.07 edition at the turn of 2012.
  • What platform(s) is this game on?/Where can I get it?
The arcade version runs on Ringwide. The latest Current Code edition is available for Windows PC. Older, deprecated versions have been released on PC and Playstation 2 in the past.


  • Is this game for me?
Melty Blood is similar to many fast-paced, newer fighting games from Japan although it predates most of them. If you like games such as Guilty Gear or Arcana Heart you will probably enjoy it. If you find interest in the footsie side of Capcom games such as SF4 and are intruiged by the prospect of an aerial-dominated, faster-paced footsie game, you may enjoy it. If you enjoy the VS series' lean towards aerial gameplay and combat, you may enjoy it. If you like trapping people in the corner and preforming long and intimidating blockstrings, you may enjoy it. If you really like to jump, or like your fighting games to offer you a lot of movement options, you will definitely enjoy it.
MB features a lot of defensive "systems", including dodges, shielding (parrying), shield bunkers (Alpha Counter from SFA, CD Counter from KoF), and Heat/Circuit Spark(Offensive Burst/Defensive Burst). These balance MB's extremely fast paced offensive game which involves the ability to create long, flowing blockstrings with difficult-to-see vulnerabilities, instant airdash offensives, and some almost "unfair" mixups.
  • How hard is this game to play?
Like most fighting games, the execution requirement varies greatly depending on the character chosen. Melty Blood is designed from the ground-up to be very user-friendly however, and the execution level is something that any modern fighting game player would feel comfortable with. Players coming from slower Capcom-style games may find concepts like instant airdashing strange and unusual, but the difficulty is no greater than most advanced tricks in games such as SF4 or MVC3.
  • So it's an easy game for mashers?
Getting a solid grasp of the game is more about learning how the neutral and pressure game works more than mashing out combos. Like most games, MB has its fair share of easy and difficult characters, however it also seperates itself into 3 different gameplay styles to suit different kinds of players. If you're coming into MB from another fighting game, you may find more elements that you're familiar with in one style than the others. For example, the Full Moon style restricts the character's ability to free-cancel their normals (an element some people disliked about MB in the past) while gaining other advantages. For more detailed info, check Melty Blood/Moons

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