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One of the heroines of Tsukihime, often referred to as ‘Curry’. Jack of all trades character. Most similar to a SF shoto in that she is above average at everything: good, above average normals, good damage, decent projectiles, and decent mobility. Her mix-ups are very basic but her neutral is versatile. Mid tier with a good match-up spread against almost everyone.

Moon Overview

The most common moon and often called the best for Ciel. Good normals and frametraps with Reverse Beats, command normals, decent projectiles, good mobility and a great, low-profile dash. She is decent in all respects. Notably, her 236C can punish anything due to its fullscreen hitboxes, plus it’s a reversal too. With meter, she also has very high damage potential. Great character with every option you would want in a solid shoto character.

Often considered the worst moon, but is generally a more offensive C-Ciel with stronger stagger pressure through her 5A. C-Ciel’s special moves are generally more versatile for the neutral game, but H-Ciel has some tricky pressure resets and solid tools to play a more fast-paced style. She has a faster walk speed and dash, making her neutral space control quite good. She still has C-Ciel’s 236C.

Strong, technical character. Usually seen as the best Ciel that “doesn’t play like Ciel.” She loses her C/H 236x series in exchange for high-damage punches that you can link in combos to get high damage (this is the execution part). She also has a command throw series and her j.214C (EX Black Keys) forces hard knockdown on hit and must be blocked low, making her okizeme game impressive provided you have meter.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.792 0.766 0.741 0.797 14,741
Stand 0.900 0.871 0.843 0.906 12,965
Crouch 0.972 0.940 0.910 0.978 12,009
Average 13,238



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