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Normal Combos

Another Benny's wall of combos
Key: () means whiff
  • 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5A 2C 214B (one hit) j.BE2C 2B 2C 4C j.BE2C 2B 2C 4C j.BE2C
You will be in the corner no matter what after this combo, with plenty of time to set up anything. Pretty much the go to combo for j.BE2C shenanigans.
  • 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5AA 2C (2A) 2A 2C 236A 236A 214A
Classic combo from ver.PS2
  • 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 5C 2C (2A) 5A 2C 5C 623B j.BC dj.BC airthrow
Classic damage combo.
  • 2A 5B 5C 214B (one hit) j.2B 236A 236A 214A
Oki combo for lazy people.
  • 2A 5B 5C 5A 6AA 2C 3C 623B j.BC dj.BC airthrow
Damaging combo for lazy people.
  • Throw 22A xx 623C 2C 4C j.BE2C
Because you can
  • Throw j.C sdj.ABC airthrow
Because you shouldn't waste meter.

Metered Combos

  • ...


Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


The moves in number and strength order. Explain how the moves works, what it's best suited for and where it lacks.




























Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Almost the same rekkas that MBAC Arcueid featured, differing from C-Arc's rekkas due to the fact none of them can be charged except the final hit. Useful for combos and some blockstrings, but not much else. They are all EX cancellable on block/hit at any point save for one.
  • (A-1) - Propels Arcueid forward and slashes in front of her.
  • (B-1) - Same as A-1, though a tiny bit slower and travels a little further forward.
  • (A-2) - Second rekka slash, propels her forward once more and slashes with her other hand.
  • (B-2) - Same as A-2, but travels further and seems to be a little safer on block.
  • (236A/B-3) - Rekka finisher, type 1. The final slash will hit low, sweeping an enemy to the floor if they're hit. NOT safe on block.
  • (214A/B-3) - Rekka finisher, type 2. Not EX cancellable, hits mid and has less reach than the 236 finisher, but does more damage and is much safer on block. An excellent combo finisher as it gives a hard knockdown and sets up nicely for okizeme. Also turns into an overhead if the button is held, making it H-Arc's only ground overhead other than 4[C].
  • (EX version) - Arcueid gains a lot of invincibility on startup and performs three giant energy slashes while moving forward. The final slash hits low and hard-knockdowns the enemy to the other end of the stage, allowing generous time for okizeme. This is incredibly unsafe when blocked; only use as a reversal if you know it'll hit. Can also be used to pick up an enemy in OTG state.
Name 「JP name」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Another special set that is most similar to Arcueid in her MBAC incarnation, Arcueid dashes forward, elbow-slamming her opponent. Unlike C and F moons, there are no automatic follow-up buttons for these moves.
  • (A version) - Charges forward a short distance. EX cancellable on block and hit. Neutral on block(?) and cannot be comboed from except on CH.
  • (B version) - Charges further than A version, and slams her palm in the opponent's face if she connects. The first part is jump-cancellable on hit and the second is jump and EX cancellable on hit. Main component of some of her combos, but worse than the A version for blockstrings as it pushes far.
  • (EX version) Charges further than the other versions, and if she hits, begins to pinball the opponent across the sky DBZ-style, ending in a knockdown to the floor. Has very little if any invincibility on startup, but does have clash frames. Seems slightly unsafe on block.
Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Arcueid hops up, slashing above her and leaving herself open if she misses. Air unblockable. Pretty straightforward move. Non-EX versions can be followed up with j.66ABC attack on hit, which can in turn cancel into j.22C.
  • (A version) - A short and quick anti-air move that's the least easy to punish if blocked or whiffed. No invincibility, can be followed up with j.66A or j.66C (100%) to maximize damage. Can also be comboed from on CH if the opponent is hit once, and high enough.
  • (B version) - More damage and range than the A version, but far easier to punish if done at the wrong time. Has a tiny bit of invincibility, but stops shortly before the attack frames, so not as useful of a DP as some others. Follow up with j.66B or j.66C (100%) for more damage.
  • (EX version) - Arcueid gains a good deal of invincibility and creates two giant slashes upwards in the air. Very damaging and insanely unsafe if it doesn't hit. Like a lot of her EX moves, can be used to pick up an opponent in OTG state, tacking on some damage that may just do them in.
Name 「JP name」 - J.22ABC
  • (Description) - The same aerial slash as the ground 22ABC version, you probably won't find yourself using this except to squeeze some more damage out of your air combo finishers.
  • (A version) - Same as the ground A version except that it for some reason has even more invincibility than the ground 22B version. Crazy. You can try to use this as an aerial reversal in a few cases, but remember that you're vulnerable until after you land afterwards.
  • (B version) - Same as the ground B version, with no invincibility.
  • (EX version) - Same as the ground EX version. Still invincible. J.66A/B cancels into this, useful if you really want to get that last bit of damage out.
Name 「JP name」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Arcueid swipes out her claws in various ways.
  • (A version) - A downward swipe that hits low and sweeps the opponent to the ground. Can be followed up with 6A which sends the opponent flying to the other end of the stage and can be continued with a combo in the corner.
  • (B version) - Quick anti-air angled swipe, air unblockable and excellent for netting a CH on an unsuspecting enemy when timed correctly. Jump-cancellable, links well from J.2B on standing opponents, and will whiff crouchers. Also has a 6B followup which will knock the enemy into the air and is jump and special-cancellable, allowing for a combo.
  • (EX version) - A quick pair of giant slashes similar to her 623A->6A, but with more hits. Does decent damage and is another EX that picks up the opponent from an OTG state, and allows a followup combo in the corner to boot.
Name 「JP name」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - Teleports! Compare to C/F-Warc's 623 series. This lets Arcueid travel quickly from one point to another even through opponents, though she is open for the entire duration of the move.
  • (A version) - Arcueid zips about two character distances forward.
  • (B version) - Teleports forward through a little more than half the screen.
  • (EX version) - Faster start-up than A/B versions, teleports as far as the B version and grabs the opponent on the way for some damage, tossing them like a ragdoll towards the other end of the stage. Air unblockable. Can be followed up with an air combo if Arcueid's back is to the corner. Holding 2 when Arcueid grabs the enemy will result in her slamming them into the floor for more damage and a knockdown, like her ground throw. Unlike Warc's EX teleport, this seems a bit unsafe on block if Arcueid ends up near the enemy.
Name 「JP name」 - J.421ABC
  • (Description) - Similar to the ground version in nearly all aspects, except, of course, the fact that it's performed in the air. Useful for some more air mobility, but beware of using it when you have squeezed out your last air maneuvers.
  • (A version) - Same as ground A version.
  • (B version) - Same as ground B version.
  • (C version) - Not the same! Doesn't use meter, and actually teleports Arcueid a short distance backwards in the air.

Arc Drive

Marble Phantasm 「JP Name」- 41236C (during Heat)
  • (Description) - Arcueid, after a short startup with full invincibility, extends her arm forward and shoots out chains to lash at the enemy, trapping them and dealing damage before dropping them to the ground. Air unblockable, and covers the entire lower portion of the screen, though it will fail to hit if the opponent is about a head above Arcueid. Safe enough on block as long as the enemy is too far to retaliate, but risky at close range.

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