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  • 2A 5B 2B 2C 5C jBjC djBjC (22D jAjC) AT/236C/41236C
Babies first combo, does good damage, bracketed part is optional but recommended as it leaves Hime more mobile post AT, but costs a decent chunk of meter as it drains until she either reaches the ground or airdashes, so be aware.
  • 2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C~236a jC djC 22D jA AT/236C/41236C
Use this combo instead, does great damage, builds a decent chunk of meter, flight ender is usually necessary for AT ender as Hime wont have the right height without it. Can omit for other enders generally, but use your own discretion.
  • J214B 669 jB(2) j6B jA jC sdj jC 22D jA j6B 214A j6[B] 66 AT
Confirm off of crossup air wind mine, looks cool.
  • 236B (22D) j236C
Confirm into knockdown off of stray far geyser with 100 meter. Can hold up in any direction to option select, otherwise can use 22D.

214B 22D j236C

Stray confirm off of AA 214B with 100 meter.


  • 2A 5B 2B 5C 2C 6C~236a j6B jA jC djC 22D jA jC AT/236C/41236C
Corner BNB. Omit flight to conserve meter if necessary.


Do what you need to do to extrapolate on the character. Here are example categories below.




Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


Start-up: 6 | Active: 4 | Recovery: - | Advantage: -1

Low hitting 2A. Has decent range, but has 6F start-up, so be wary when trying to use this to mash out of pressure. Also one of her better reverse beat options for pressure strings.


Start-up: 6 | Active: 4 | Recovery: 9 | Advantage: 0

Neutral on block can be used to tick throw and pressure, has decent range for a 5A.


Start-up: 9 | Active: 4 | Recovery: 16 | Advantage: -1

-1 on block, hits mid. Nothing especially noteworthy about her 2B, the range is nothing spectacular, Combo/blockstring fodder,


Start-up: 8 | Active: 6 | Recovery: 9 | Advantage: +1

+1 on block and hits multiple times, making it a good general purpose pressure/hitconfirm tool Can be used as a ghetto anti-air sometimes, as the hitbox is slightly higher than it seems.


Not quite as degenerate as F-Hime's 2C, but it's still pretty good, and unlike F-Hime's, it hits low!

Reaches quite far, can be hitconfirmed into 5C 214B/236A for a combo, is only -1 on block, overall a solid ground poke.

Should take care to avoid whiffing it, but with 15f recovery, it can be rather difficult for the opponent to punish it with an IAD/Jump in.


The 5C Powerd Ciel wishes she had. Amazing poke, great whiff punisher, virtually incontestable from further ranges, can easily hitconfirm into 2C6C236A for a full combo, great pressure tool when used from a range alongside her specials. just be wary of opponents air dashing over it, as its hitbox doesn't reach especially high

just press it sometimes, it's a good button.


Blockstring and combo filler. Launches and is jump cancelable on hit, can be used as a ghetto anti air but it's not recommended. BE6C also serves a similar function, but theres nothing especially noteworthy about it, besides having slightly better frame advantage.


Regular girl JA. teeny hitbox, not great as a jump in but can be used to make IAD strings tighter.

Can whiff cancel the recovery into more air options (jump air dash, buttons, flight) but once she begins her descent animation she loses that opportunity.


Huge (sorta). Great air to air, decent air to ground, hits twice and will beat out a good number of opposing air to airs. only downside is it's rather suspect hitboxes, as sometimes characters will appear to phase through its active frame, so get a good feel for how it hits.


Savage. Hime claws your face off with an omnidirectional swipe. Really really big, but also quite slow, so don't be surprised if you get counter hit out of it. Good air to air, great air to ground, just be wary that it can be low profiled if coming down from too high.

Used during flight oki to get some fun mixups!

Probably one of your favourite buttons

Special Moves

「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Geyser series. They hit low and are air unblockable, making them pretty good for harassing the opponent at a range.
  • (A version) - Hime summons a Geyser in front of her that launches the opponent into the air. can be jump canceled on hit, and flight canceled on block and whiff. Mostly combo filler, but can make a nice relatively safe poke too.
  • (B version) - Hime summons a Geyser even further away from her. generally used as a poke, can be confirmed into j.236c for quick damage and a knockdown/tech trap when flight canceled.
  • (EX version) - Please refrain from using this.
  「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - DP series. It's a DP lol.
  • (A version) - It's a functional anti air sometimes, pretty decent if you have a read on their air approach.
  • (B version) - Invincible. Has regrettably small initial hitboxes, and the 2nd set only emerge when she loses her invincibility, use with caution, if they block this you will die.
  • (EX version) - More Invincible and knocks down at the end.
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Wind Mine series. Air unblockable initial hitbox, does ample chip damage and guard damage.
  • (A version) - Hime spins gracefully, and places a projectile which turns into a lingering wind mine. The mine can be activated at any time with 214A or j214A/B, and can be BE'd to create a bigger explosion. Can flight cancel on hit, whiff or block, but cannot flight cancel the mine activation input. Both the initial projectile and the activation are air unblockable. Only -2 on block, so can be used rather liberally from a distance. Note that the mine activation itself is punishable if used too close, unless BE'd.
  • (B version) - Hime spins even more elegantly, and creates a projectile which places explodes a wind mine instantly. The initial projectile is air unblockable, but the 'explosion' is air blockable. Is jump cancelable on hit, and flight cancelable on whiff and block. Only -3 on block, so can also be used to harass the opponent from just outside their effective range, catch jump outs, shark techs, the list goes on.
  • (EX version) - Waste of meter. Hitbox disappears partway through the animation, so the opponent can just waltz in, and ponder how they're going to kill you while they wait for you to land. Please don't use this.
「」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - Hikari series. Slow startup fireballs, angle they fly is dependant on the button press.
  • (A version) - Hime takes her sweet time and summons up to 3 star-shaped fireballs which fly forwards and gradually drifts upwards. Can be cancelled into flight at any time, giving her some decently strong neutral and pressure tools.
  • (B version) - Ditto, but they fly downwards, so they can be used to tag croucher's trying to duck under the A version.
  • (C version) - Hime summons a ton of stars, not much use as the startup is still quite long and there are better ways to to tie opponents down. Can flight cancel the recovery(?)
「」 - J236ABC
  • (Description) - Laser series. Homegirl summons a gun to smite her opponents. Can cancel into flight at any time, and when used during flight, Hime retains her flight state, allowing her to retain her air options and heckle her opponents with more lasers (max of 3?). overall decent move to annoy and zone people with.
  • (A) - Hime summons a column of light ~1 character length in front of her. Comes out a tad slow, but has an expanding and contracting hitbox, so it can often times clip people from slightly farther than it appears (at its maximum it's as wide as C version!).
  • (B) - Ditto, except it appears further away from Hime
  • (C) - The fear. Hime decides she wants you dead and whips out her gun. Tracks, comes out instantly post super flash, so it can be used to whiff punish practically everything on reaction. Leads to tech trap situations when it hits in close proximity, Does obscene damage, grants her plus frames when performed in flight, allows for her to hitconfirm off of random 236x/214x hits. Totally broken move, changes the way opponents need to approach her when she builds 100 meter. Piss people off with this move.
「」 - 22D
  • (Description) - Flight. Hime decides the ground is for losers and spends some meter to take to the skies. Upon activation, Hime can glide in either direction, but slightly descends as she glides. Resets her airdash upon activation, effectively giving her two airdashes, and she can fast-fall to the ground with 22, allowing her to quickly descend to the ground if necessary. Counts as an EX move, so you can whiff cancel into it off of practically every move imaginable, allowing for some very freeform (obnoxious) neutral and pressure strings. Drains meter as she floats, but it can be activated with any amount of meter, and the duration is fixed, and is not tied to the amount of meter drained. Ignores Melty crossup protection, allowing for some incredibly disgusting mixups, aand her hurtbox is mysteriously shrunk as she floats(confirm?), because why not. Abuse this move, can make some matchups absolute hell.
「」 - J41236C
  • (Description) - Big Kick. EX move that costs 150% meter. Does decent damage, but more importantly allows her to setup up her flight okizeme easily off of air combos. Has a cool animation and rebounds the opponent off the walls, usually dropping them close to the corner. Follow up with Arc Drive into 22D or 2C22D and make them guess.

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.
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