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Archetype Earth

The final form of Arcueid, Archetype: Earth (affectionately - or perhaps not so affectionately - referred to as Hime) is Melty Blood’s quintessential top tier, with huge normals and some of the most legitimately broken specials in the game. Hime’s extremely fast walk speed, unique ability to float in midair at the cost of meter, devastating okizeme and oppressive neutral combine to make a truly awe-inspiring monster of a character. Can rushdown zoners like a dedicated rushdown character, keep out basically anyone with her enormous normals and specials, and generally adapt to any situation. At least she can’t fly off the top of the screen and timer scam any more.

Moon Overview

High damage character with interesting guard crush strings using wind mines. Good normals and ambiguous pressure but has difficulty confirming off random hits well. High mid tier character.

Technical rushdown character with auto-detonate wind mines and is a fusion of Crescent and Full Moon. Weak meter management hurts her as she depends on float for neutral and optimal conversion. Otherwise, no real faults. Difficult to play but very stylish.

The best character in the game alongside C-Roa. Amazing normals in both range and frame advantage. 2C and 236x, combined with the fastest walk speed in the game, make grounded neutral basically impossible for the opponent as well as forcing dumb frame trap/anti-jump mixups at over half a screen away. While C-Roa is broken because he’s not playing the same game as everyone else, F-Hime is basically doing what every other character does, just better. Monstrous damage output off of anything, large bag of gimmicks, great reversal and amazing zoning. Able to adapt her playstyle to any situation and be either an abusive zoner with massive normals or a fast rushdown character with enormous damage, great frame data and dumb mixups. In every way a character could be good (besides life total), F-Hime excels.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.880 0.851 0.824 0.797 13,622
Stand 1.000 0.968 0.937 0.906 11,981
Crouch 1.080 1.045 1.011 0.978 11,099
Average 12,234



4) Regular Arcueid

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