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Be sure to check this article about H-VAkiha:


Players to look for

Romanization Japanese name
Hato はと
Shizuoka しずおか/静岡
Shuu しゅう
Kata かた
Satoken さとけん
Yukichi ゆきち


  • This video serves as a reference for people learning this character, if you're interested in learning her please check it out: (Courtesy of dare/veoid)

All damage values were calculated on V.Sion using the third momiji loop where applicable. For 6aa combos, damage 1 values are calculated starting with 2a 5c 4c while damage 2 values are calculated using j.c 5b 5c 4c

You should always go for the okizeme ender unless you want to end the round.

  • xx
Stands for a link
  • 66
A dash cancel
  • (w)
Whiffed normal
  • ( )
Optional move

Non situational combos

Inputs Damage / Meter 1 Damage / Meter 2 Notes
2a 5c 4c 5b 2c 623b -> momiji loop 4641 / 85% N/A Basic corner combo from 2a.
etc -> 5a 6aa 4c 2c 623b -> momiji loop 4564 / 103.2% 6116 / 111.5% Its range is about 1/2 of the stage to the corner
etc -> 5a 6aa 6c 66 delay 4c 2c 623b -> momiji loop 4449 / 114% Corner carry from anywhere except near the corner
etc -> 5a 6aa xx 5b 2c 2a(w) delay 4c 623b -> momiji loop 4657 / 107.3% 6226 / 115.7% It carries significantly farther than its respective basic version
etc -> 5a 6aa xx 5b 2c delay 5c 4c 623b -> momiji loop 4896 / 115% 6327 / 123.4% Does not work near the corner
etc -> 5a 6aa 6c 66 wait 5b 2c delay 5c 4c 623b -> momiji loop 4486 / 120.6% 6059 / 129% Requires more space to the corner than its basic version
6aa loops (NOT recommended)
etc -> 5a 6aa 4c 5c 2c 5a(w) 6aa xx 2c 623b -> momiji loop 4546 / 127.7% 6108 / 136.1% Does not work near the corner. 6aa should hit as late as possible
etc -> 5a 6aa 6c 66 delay 4c 5c 2c 5a(w) 6aa xx 2c 623b -> momiji loop 4388 / 133.3% 6119 / 141.7% Requires a lot of space
etc -> 5a 6aa xx 5b/4c 5c 2c 5a(w) 6aa xx 2c { delay 5c or a non-delayed 2a(w) } 4c 623b -> momiji loop 4847 / 142.3% 6392 / 150.7% Probably worth practicing for the meter and damage. If you end up too close omit the 5c at the end.

The momiji loop

If you miss one hit of 623b while doing these (i.e you started it too far away) following up with 4c won't work. Use 5b or 2b instead.

Inputs Meter Notes
4c 623b 4c 623b 31.4% The most basic one
4c delay 2c 623b 4c 2c delay 5bb 623b 46.5% You can do 5bb 623b twice but it will prorate a lot
5b 2c 2a(w) 4c 623b 5b 2c 2a(w) 4c 623b 51% Whiffing 2a is optional. It doesn't change anything but the timing
5b 2c 5a(w) xx 2a 2c delay 4c 623b 5b 2c 5a(w) 6aa 2c 4c 5bb 623b 80.1% Requires low gravity. The second rep is very finnicky regarding gravity. The 5a whiff doesn't work on everyone.
You may replace 5a(w) with 2a(w) but it becomes a 1f link and it works only once

Situational combos

Inputs Damage / Meter Notes
High shield counter / Air counter hits
The damage was calculated starting from shield counter instead of an air CH.
2c 5bb hold 8 j.b j.c 9 j.b j.c AT 2633 / 45.5% Easy if you do j.c j.b 9 j.b j.c instead, otherwise it's not worth it.
(2c) 5b (5c) 4c 9 (j.a) bc 9 (j.a) j.bc AT 3056 / 60.1% j.a's are not doable if you decide to use 5c.
4c 5c 2c 5a(w) 6aa xx 2c (delay 5c 4c) 623b -> momiji loop Only do the optional moves if you aren't close enough to the corner
5c 4c 2c 5a(w) 6aa delay 6c 66 2c 623b -> momiji loop Full corner carry version
5b 2c delay 4c -> momiji loop 3311 / 77.3% Only possible near the corner. You can omit everything but 2c
Low shield counter
2d -> 623b -> momiji loop 3670 / 69.7% If you aren't near the corner prefer the 2d knockdown instead.
2d -> delay 623c 5b 2c 5c 4c 623b -> momiji loop (1 rep) Metered fullscreen corner carry
2d -> 41236c 3419 Very situational but it's the biggest damage you can get from a low shield counter if you can't go for the loop.
Golden/Raw air throw
2a 2c 5bb sj8 j.b j.c 9 (j.b) j.c AT 2988 / 36.4% Basic damage confirm that works everywhere.
2a delay 2c 623b -> momiji loop 3292 / 64% Works only near the corner.
2a 5c 2c 5a(w) 6aa delay 6c 66 2c 623b -> momiji loop Easy, but doesn't work on some characters.
5a 2c 2a(w) xx 2a 2c 5a(w) 6aa delay 6c 66 2c 623b -> momiji loop
5a 2c 2a(w) xx 2a 2c 5a(w) 6aa xx 2c 2a(w) 2a 5c IADc j.c land 9 j.b j.c 9 j.b j.c AT 3601 / 79.8% Damage variation of the one above.
Standing overhead in the corner
2c 2a(w) 4c 623b -> momiji loop
66 cross under sideswitch 2a(w) 5c 2c 5a 6aa 6c 66 2c 623b -> momiji loop
2bbb j.IAD cancel j.c land 9 j.b j.c 9 j.c AT 3185 / 28.0% I hope you aren't planning to hit anyone with this.
Reversal 623c
623c 4c 2c 623b -> momiji loop (1 rep) 3448 / 18% Unstable. Not full corner carry.
623c 4c 2c 5a(w) 6aa 2c 623b -> momiji loop (1 rep) Unstable. Full corner carry. 6aa should hit as late as possible
623c j.66 delay j.c(w) land 5b 2c 5c 4c 623b -> momiji loop (1 rep) Full corner carry. Recommended
Air pit confirms
5b delay 5c 4c 9 j.b j.c 9 j.b j.c AT 5020 Let the pit hit fully before starting the combo. If you can't confirm immediately then go straight to 5c
(5b/4c) 5c 2c 5(w) 6aa (delay 6c 66) 2c 623b -> momiji loop 3448 / 18%
j.66 j.c land (5c) 4c 9 j.b j.c 9 j.b j.c 5263 / 52.6% Avoid double super jumps.
Far j.a (uncomboable without j.66)
j.a j.66 j.a sj9 delay j.aa j.66 (j.a) AT
j.a j.66 j.a j.b land rejump 8 j.b sj9 j.c AT


I don't really know what would you use these for, but I guess it's good to know. You can put a 623c somewhere if you want to relaunch them for better oki.

  • 2aaaaa 5bb 4c 5c 5a 6a 2b
Probably the longest OTG string possible.


Knockdown times

This data was collected manually using framestep. The height of the opponent affects the frame advantage. More height equals more advantage. The following are your untechable knockdowns and their frame advantage against a standing V.Akiha.

Please, take this as a ROUGH estimate and not as fixed absolute values.

Move Frame advantage
2c 45f or 71f if jump cancelled.
623b 63f
623c 71f or 109f if jump cancelled.
623a 18f
Throw 39f
Combo AT 12f
Golden AT 57f or 80f if jump cancelled
2d 47f
Guard cancel bunker 55f

Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


Hits low. Active on the fifth frame. Good Abare.


+1 on block. This move gives better frame advantage than 2a when used as a reverse beat whiff. Unlike C-V.Akiha's 5a, this one doesn't whiff on crouchers. It's ok as a situational anti-air.


Good for pressure, especially after reverse beat whiffing, and hit confirming. It has an unexpectedly disjointed hitbox so it might have uses on neutral.


You don't want this move to be blocked as it is -1 and is only cancellable into specials.


Hits mid. Active on the sixth frame, being only one frame slower than 2a. It's got a pretty long disjointed hitbox so it's ideal for abare. Active for 9 frames. It's impossible to hit confirm near max range. You'll gain around 800dmg if you confirm j.c with this instead of 2a. It has some recovery so beware of whiff punishes.

Pressure wise it doesn't pushes you as back as C level moves. This move is cancellable almost immediately making for some ambiguous pressure.

If you ever have heard of a rumor of it not being cancellable in some situations just be aware that it's bullshit.


Active on 7f. This move is -2 on block, or -1 with a rebeat whiff 5a. It'll move you forward quite a bit and it has a generous reverse beat window, making it good for pressure.
This move trips crouchers so be careful with it in your combos. It has got an unexpectedly disjointed hitbox plus much better reach than it seems so it has good uses in neutral.

It can be cancelled into 5bb, which moves you forward again, both on whiff and hit. 5bb's cancel window is extremely short compared to 5b. 5bb alone is for the most part not usable in the neutral game.


Hit lows. Trips the opponent on hit. Absolutely useless. You can't cancel it into anything but 5bbb.


A super telegraphed overhead. Jump cancellable on block. Since 2bb -> 2bbb is not a frametrap at all you can get mashed quite well even with slow moves.


A low sweep and the longest reach of any of your normals. Very whiff punishable. Using it as an anti air is not a good idea. +3 after a rebeat 5a whiff.


A bit disjointed. Unlike 4c or 2c it's not very punishable on whiff. It moves you a bit forward. +2 after a rebeat 5a whiff.


A 26 frames standing overhead. Minus but safe on block. Cancellable into a dash, that for some reason has different properties from a regular dash, i.e. it's also cancellable into another dash.


Your fastest C level move. Multihit. It catches jumps pretty well. It has the longest reach of any of your normals. Yes, even more than 2c.

+2 or +3 on a rebeat 5a whiff depending if it hit once or twice respectively.


Your standard air jab. Short range and fast to come out.


Very good range. Relatively fast to come out, being active on frame 7. And your most active air normal, being active for 7 frames. Excellent poking tool. Whiffs on most crouchers althought this might be desirable for some mixups.


Your overhead of choice. A bit slow to come out. It can cross up. The hurtbox is pretty small and the hitbox is slightly disjointed. Very powerful if spaced right.

Special Moves

Plucking Birds 「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) - Akiha will jump and spew some short range flame tongues. These are mostly used as resets or at foe's wakeup. You can't combo into or out of (except the EX one) any of these.
  • (A version) - Auto TK tongue. Akiha jumps a little and throws a flame tongue.
Goes over low normals. It's very plus on block allowing you to continue pressure. You can meaty do it after throwing an opponent, although dp beats it. Also it moves her a tiny bit forward.
  • (B version) - It's kind of like a super backward jump that leaves a tongue.
It won't hit anyone unless they mash big normals. It baits and beats some dps that go upwards. Leaves you with a jump cancel and 2 airdashes. Usable on neutral.
  • (EX version) - Akiha jumps high enough so that most normals won't even touch her and shots a lot of flame tongues.
Pretty slow to come out so you're better doing this in after a hard knockdown. If they chicken block you get a combo for free. I don't think this is ever worth the meter.
Brilliant Impetus - Temporary String「」 - J.236ABC
  • (Description) - Spawns a red web that explodes after a set time. It's unshieldable but not very active. A and B versions are pretty much identical except for the momentum.
  • (A version) - Stops you in the air before leaving a mine, then akiha's drop in a fixed angle and speed. Mostly TK'd although it has some uses in neutral.
Not jump cancellable so don't do it high in the air.
  • (B version) - Keeps your momentum in the startup. After leaving the mine you'll drop in a fixed angle that goes back. Not seen very much.
You keep your air options after doing it so it's kind of usable in neutral.
  • (EX version) - Same as A, except more damaging and faster. Not worth the meter.
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - Spawns a slowly advancing row of pillars. Its got a long recovery so you have to be careful about using it. Used mostly to stop air advances as a zoning tool. B

Punishable on reaction if the opponent has the tools for it. The charged versions are faster to come out than your pits or 236a.

  • (A version) - Spawns the pillars just in front of you. 0 on block if spaced correctly. When charged it covers more space as the pillars are spaced widely. When charged the first pillar is -5, the second one is 0, third pillar and beyond is very plus.
  • (B version) - Exactly the same as A except the pillars start spawning just after the range of A.
  • (EX version) - This one is the odd one from the group. The startup is slow and the pillars spawn very close to you, moving very slowly. It has some invincible frames at the startup but it's not a true reversal. Really easy to hit confirm.
It's not useless in neutral as one may think.
「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - Not your standard DP. These are very punishable on block/whiff. These don't see much use in neutral and their usage as a reversal tool is limited. All of them give a hard knockdown.
  • (A version) - This one is a upper body invincibility short range tall anti-air. Fast to come out. Doesn't give much reward.
It keeps your dash momentum for some reason. Its usage is pretty much matchup specific.
  • (B version) - Has some lower body invincibility. Pretty much a combo tool.
Its usage as reversal is risky.
  • (EX version) - An actual full body invincibility reversal. Its last hit is cancellable into whatever. Has high proration. Massively punishable on whiff and block.
Nonetheless, it's not a good reversal as it is easy to avoid.
「」 - (J)22ABC
  • (Description) - An auto-detonating pit that is massively plus on block. Used for zoning, setups and pressure resets. They are not very active. Jump pits are jump/dash cancellable and have a lot less recovery than the ground pits when TK'd. The ground pits aren mostly unseen.
  • (A version) - Appears near the opponent and hits 3 times. The last hit on block drains some small amount of meter. The air version keeps your momentum.
  • (B version) - Exactly the same as A but it appears where the A pit ends. The ground version has visibly more startup than any other version. The air version resets your momentum.
  • (EX version) - Exactly the same as B but hits 5 times and comes out faster.

Arc Drive

Crimson Lord: Uncountable Pureness 「赤主・遍生」 - 41236C
  • (Description) - Akiha shoots an almost, but not quite, fullscreen laser from her eyes. Has some invincible frames at the startup so it can be used as a reversal, but it's easily punishable on block done up close and it'll end your heat. Also used as a fullscreen punish.
Believe it or not, this move whiffs on most crouchers.
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