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Moves between parenthesis are optional.
xx denotes a link and .. denotes a delay

Inputs Notes
2a 5c 4c 2c .. 5bb sj8 .. j.(a)ab j.(a)bc Basic j.c knockdown combo.
You can do 2a up to four times at point blank.
2a 5c 4c 2c .. 5bb sj8 .. j.ab j.66 j.b j9 j.(a)c Gives slightly less damage/meter but carries further.
You cannot crossup with IAD after this knockdown.
2a 5c 4c 2c 623c land 5b 2c .. 5c 4c 623b Metered fullscreen corner carry. Obviously you can only do 1 rep of the loop after this.
This combo requires 623c to cross under so not delay it too much.
2a 5c 4c 2c .. 5bb sj8 j.66 sideswitch j8 j.bc Corner sideswitch combo. You'll only do this combo if you're facing AWAY from the corner.
2a 5c 4c 5b 2c .. 623b -> momiji loop The biggest corner damage you'll get starting from 2a.
2a 5b 2c 5c 4c 623b -> momiji loop Carries more than the previous combo.
Goes into momiji loop if done from around the middle of the stage or less.
If done on crouchers (because 5b trips crouchers) 5c needs a tiny delay
6c xx 2c (2a(w) 4c) 623b -> momiji loop Standard overhead combo in the corner. 2c is the only required move.
2aaaaa 5b 4c 2b(2) 5a 2a tk8.236a
2aaaaa 5b 4c 2b(2) 5a 2a 2b 236c

The momiji loop

If you miss one hit of 623b while doing these (i.e you started it too far away) following up with 4c won't work. Use 5b or 2b instead.

Inputs Notes
4c 623b 4c 623b The most basic one
4c 2c delay 623b 4c 2c delay (5bb) 623b You can do 5bb 623b twice but it will prorate a lot.
5b 2c 2a(w) 4c 623b 5b 2c 2a(w) 4c 623b Whiffing 2a is optional. It doesn't change anything but the timing
5b/4c 2c .. 623c j22c land 2a 2c 4c 623b Puts a pit mid combo for more possibilities. Only do it if you're in max/heat mode.
5b/4c 2c 22c[explode] 5a 2c tk.22c Combo for renewing a pit that is already up.


Corner okizeme

There are two ways of setting up a pit after a momiji loop, and that's by ending the loop with 2c or 623b. Basically they're the same as you can do the same follow ups.

tk7/8.22c j.tk9/8.236a Set ups ribbon on wakeup. Yes the double jump j.236a is also TK'ed
8 j.22c j.236a Potentially slower alternate way of doing it.
tk7.22c j.tk7/8.236a j.8 66 {j.a(w) 2a}/{j.c} High/low mixup after ribbon. Haven't tested it yet so its reliability is dubious.
8 .. j.236a No pit but worth including because of how easy it is.


j.ab j9 j.c is an instant overhead (pseudo-fuzzy). j.c is cancellable into j236b for another dash, have fun.


Move Descriptions

Normal Moves


Fast, low priority, hits low. Your basic poke in many situation.


Fast short range attack. Will whiff most crouchers. Kinda bad as an anti air, but can be used to break airguards. This is what you reverse beat to reset your strings C moves into 5A should be +1f.


More range and more priority than 2a, but with a lot of push back. Active for 8f. Hitting 2B again extend the move with a low hitting 2B. hitting 2B a second time during this animatio result in a high hitting, aerial moves that can be canceled into jump and airdash on hit and block.


Moves Vakiha forward with decent range. can be delayed by holding 5B for frame trap in pressure. Full charge is +2 on block. Hitting 5B again will launch for aircombos.


Slow, low hitting move with decent range and hitstun. Lot of pushback. Moves VAkiha forward a bit. Better as an anti air that it looks.


Strong attack that moves Vakiha forward quite a bit, but has some pushback, too. Clash is gone, so 2A 5C won't bait heats anymore. Wallslam falling opponents


Overhead, wallslams, dash and special cancelable. On block, there is is enough pushback to often allow you to escape.


Good range, moves Vakiha forward.


Hits mid with ahitbox at the bottom of VAkiha, fast. Basic air poke


Hits high, kinda far, but high enough to whiff most croucher. Good against opponents above.


Hits high, special cancelable on opponents on the ground. Crosses up easily. Autoknockdown with otg followup in the corner. Can be comboed into 2A on counter hit if done low enough, though this is really hard to confirm.

Special Moves

Name 「JP name」 - 22ABC
  • (Description) - Simply describe the move here and what it can be used for
  • (A version) - This is where you put what the version of the move can be used for and how its different from the rest of the moves.
  • (B version) - Ditto
  • (EX version) - This is were you describe what happens when you feed it 100%
「」 - 236ABC
  • (Description) -
「」 - 28ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  「」 - 623ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 214ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 421ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - J22ABC
  • (Description) - ...
「」 - 426ABC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (A version) -
  • (B version) -
  • (EX version) -
「」 - BC
  • (Description) - ...
  • (Standing) -
  • (Crouching) -
  • (Airborne) -

Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AD description

Another Arc Drive

  • (Description) - AAD description

Last Arc

  • (Description) - LA description. Mention where it is activated (air or ground shield) first.
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