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Akiha Tohno (Seifuku)

An alternate version of Akiha wearing a shorter skirt. A footsies and zoning based character, Seifuku has almost every tool you could ever want in Melty - great speed, good normals, great zoning potential, a command grab and good damage. C-Seifuku is an order of magnitude more powerful than H or F, with an extremely powerful zoning game and very simple confirms that corner carry and lead to great okizeme and fuzzy opportunities.

Moon Overview

One of the best characters in the game. C-Seifuku has j. 214A/B "soko de", one of the most dominant zoning tools in the game, as well as multiple other large hitboxes to dominate both grounded and aerial footsies. Once she can force an opponent to block, she has powerful fuzzy guards, a command grab that can carry corner-to-corner for massive damage, and straightforward, highly damaging combos with phenomenal okizeme and generally great pressure with her long limbs. Can confirm basically any random hit into her main BnB combo, which means any win in neutral ends up with full corner carry, huge damage, and nightmarish okizeme. そこでそこでそこで

A character completely outclassed by C. Terrible special moves with the exception of 22x (which F also has). Decent normals but lacks a real mix-up other than command throw. Her main strength is having faster movement than the other two. Technically has the highest damage ceiling but the optimal combos are absurdly difficult to perform.

F-Seifuku is a deceptively bad character. At first appearing to possess many of the favorable attributes of C, including a large zoning/okizeme tool in 236x, F-Seifuku regrettably does far less damage and has far less options deserving of respect. With significantly worse footsies, damage, and pressure, F-Seifuku should only be considered if you really enjoy her "onion ring" special and are willing to work extra hard to win. Technically, she might be considered a strong character if her difficult 22x loops could be thoroughly mastered, but the work is almost certainly not worth the reward.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 1.012 0.980 0.907 0.797 12,442
Stand 1.150 1.114 1.031 0.906 10,946
Crouch 1.242 1.203 1.113 0.978 10,138
Average 11,175



30) Yukiko Amagi (Persona 4)

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