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Akiha Tohno

Akiha is one of the five Tsukihime heroines, and together with Arcueid and Ciel make the "Main Heroine Trio" (Hisui and Kohaku are officially referred to as "pseudo heroines"). She is the current head of the Tohno family, biological daughter of Makihisa Tohno, and adopted younger sister of Shiki Tohno.

Like all other members of the Tohno family, Akiha has demonic blood coursing through her, though it's considerably weaker than that of some of her relatives, and thus she can use its power without going insane. Akiha has been playable since the first iteration of Melty Blood, and has a long list of doppelgangers in the game: G-Akiha (non-playable boss), Akiha Vermilion and Seifuku Akiha.

As a playable character, Akiha has great versatility in all of her Moons, boasts the game's highest defense values, and generally favors using her very strong normals to bully the opponent into the corner where she can work her setplay. Her main weakness is her relatively low speed and somewhat low damage output, though neither of these are especially damning faults and she is usually considered a strong mid tier character.

Moon Overview

This Akiha excels at controlling space in the air with her ribbons and normals, and due to the high hitstun on j.C, she can easily turn her zoning into damage. Her 22x pits drain the opponent’s meter over time and can be detonated to lock the opponent in blockstun, giving her some great options for okizeme, and she has one of the fastest overheads in the game that can be converted into a full combo. Unfortunately, she lacks a reliable air to ground move, and her offense in general can leave you feeling wanting with very little comeback potential.

H-Akiha is a fantastic character on paper, with great footsies, powerful simple combos that have long corner carry, amazing health, great meter gain, and overall an amazing normal moveset. These fundamental attributes come at the price of situational special moves while also retaining Crescent’s poor blockstring options, however - you will have to rely on normals for any meaningful space control, and against characters with normals that can efficiently challenge yours you’ll find that she doesn’t have much else to fall back on. Her pits automatically detonate for simple, powerful okizeme, though her corner pressure is a little straightforward and lacks the “hopelessness” that the other Akihas can instill.

The character of choice for GO1, often considered the best player in the world and a legend of the game. Good normals and some of the most brutal corner setplay in the game, F-Akiha may have to work a little to get you in the corner due to her relatively slow speed and simplistic midscreen pressure, but once she taps you with any normal, she can easily confirm into a full corner carry and never lets you go. Can place pillars that she can release with negative edge to control space, with a wide variety of long-ranged specials for both neutral and in her corner setplay.


Stance 100% 75% 50% 25% Net Health
Jump 0.809 0.724 0.675 0.638 16,148
Stand 0.920 0.823 0.768 0.725 14,202
Crouch 0.993 0.888 0.829 0.783 12,277
Average 14,502



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