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Hikaru Jomon


_GET SOME short hop j.A combos into super or whatever_

Ground Combos

  • j9.D >> 2.B > C xx 623.C
19P/37R 40M
  • j9.D >> cl.D > D xx 63214.B >> air throw
24P/47R 38M
  • (cross up) j.D >> 2.A ~> cl.D > D xx 63214.B >> air throw
24P/48R 44M

(character specific. cl.D is kinda slow so easier to combo 2.B from the jump in) (doesn't work on Chinnen [haven't exprimented with many others]

  • (corner) 2.CD xx 63214.C >> cl.D > D xx 623.C
28P/55R 55M (poochy chinnen and saizo only. works on poochy midscreen)
  • j9.D >> 2.B > C xx 214-2136.A+B
28P/55R 26M 1 Meter
  • j9.D >> cl.D > D xx 214-2136.A+B
30P/60R 28M 1 Meter

Juggle Combos

  • (juggle) cl.D > D xx 623.C (3 hit)
18P/36R 33M Does less damage than 623.A, and is very hard to hit all 3 hits
  • (juggle) cl.D > D xx 623.A
19P/37R 32M
  • (juggle) cl.D > D > 6.B xx 214.D
20P/40R 39M (Chinnen, Poochy and Saizo only)
  • (juggle) cl.D > D > 6.B xx 214-1236.A+C
28P/56R 39M (Chinnen, Poochy and Saizo only; move auto corrects for last 2 hits)

Guard Crush Strings


Normal Damage Guard Meter Notes
Far Stand Normals
5.A 3P/5R 2G 5M Self Cancel
5.B 5P/9R 5G 5M
5.C 7P/14R 8G 9M
5.D 9P/17R 8G 11M
Close Stand Normals
cl.A 3P/5R 3G 5M Self Cancel
cl.B 5P/9R 5G 5M Hits Low
cl.C 6P/12R 4G 7M Chains to C on Hit
cl.D 7P/14R 8G 9M Chains to D on Hit
Crouch Normals
2.A 2P/4R 3G 6M Self Cancel
2.B 3P/6R 4G 7M Hits Low
2.C 7P/14R 7G 9M
2.D 9P/17R 14G 11M Hits Low; Knockdown
Neutral Jump Normals
j8.A 3P/6R 5G 7M Hits Continuously Entire Jump
j8.A x3 11P/21R 15G 21M 3 Hits
j8.B 5P/9R 6G 7M
j8.C 6P/12R 10G 11M
j8.D 7P/14R 10G 11M
Back/Forward Jump Normals
j7/9.A 3P/6R 5G 7M Hits Continuously Entire Jump
j7/9.A x3 11P/21R 15G 21M 3 Hits
j7/9.B 5P/9R 6G 7M
j7/9.C 6P/12R 10G 9M
j7/9.D 7P/14R 10G 9M
Command Normals
6.B 7P/14R 8G 10M Hits High; Cancels into Jump Specials; Air Blockable
Dash Normals
66.P 8P/16R 10G 10M
66.K 12P/23R 16G 10M Knockdown
CD Attacks
5.CD 23P 20G 12M Hard Wall Slam
2.CD 8P/16R 12G 12M Hits Low; Launches
CD Counter 8P 0G 24M Costs 1 Meter; Hard Wall Slam
Natural Chain Combos
2.B > C 8P/15R 8G 17M 2 Hits
cl.C > C 10P/20R 8G 17M 2 Hits
cl.D > D 11P/22R 12G 19M 2 Hits
Throw 16P/32R 0M 2 Hits; Only second hit techs, first is guaranteed damage (*check damage for 1 hit)
j.Throw 10P/20R 0M
Stress Scream 3P/6R 2G 0M Launches

Special Moves

Special Moves

Special Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
Chronograph A
10P/20R 2P/4R 8G 13M 2 Hits; 1st Hit Air Unblockable
Chronograph C
10P/19R 3P/6R 12G 14M 3 Hits; 1st and 2nd Hit Air Unblockable
Super Chronograph
dash 623.A/C
12P/24R 4P/6R 12G 14M 4 Hits; All Hits Air Unblockable
Address Impulse
Address Impulse A
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Address Impulse C
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Super Address Impulse
dash 623.A/C
9P/18R 2P/3R 10G 10M Hits High
Skill Name Unknown (Powerful Dance??)
Skill Name Unknown B
5P/10R 2P/4R 8G 10M Both Hits Low; Air Unblockable
Skill Name Unknown D
5P/10R 2P/4R 8G 10M Both Hits Low; Air Unblockable
9P/18R 3P/6R 10G 10M 2 Hits; High Counter; Air Unblockable
On a jump in its possible to land and block before counter hits.
Batting Branbas
Batting Branbas B
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M Hits High
Batting Branbas D
8P/16R 2P/3R 8G 10M Hits High

Super Moves

Super Damage Chip Guard Meter Notes
28P/55R 6P/11R 30G 0M 1 Meter; Air Unblockable
(double check meter gain)
30P/60R 3P/6R 0G 10M 1 Meter; Air Unblockable
43P/85R ~ 0G 70M 2 Meter; High Counter
If somehow blocked, Divekick portion may be completely unblockable.
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