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Name: 孫権 仲謀 (Sonken Chūbō)
Real Name: Renfa
Chinese Counterpart: Sun Quan - Zhongmou
Voice Actress: Harumi Sakurai

The second sister of the Son family, she is very serious and brooks no compromise. Driven to fulfill her task of keeping her kingdom safe, she heads for the battlefield with her trusty weapon, Conqueror of the South Seas.


Normal Moves

Special Moves




2B/3C/c.B > 236A

5A/2A > 236B+C

Throw > 236A/5C/j.C

236B/C > 5A > 236B+C

214X CH > 5A > 236B+C

Shuyu 236D > 5C

It's actually possible to force a hard knockdown off of Throw 236A, but that requires them to be specifically low. A good timing mechanic for this is to hold 4 (backwards) during the throw animation and then follow up with halfcircle A for the 236A.

Fatal Counter
j.B j.B j.22C = 6B

6C = 5CC

3B = 3B

Midscreen relaunches compared to the corner ones respectfully (you cannot repeat the same type of relaunch in the same combo). So for FC combos you end up with something like this corner-to-corner:

FC(3C) > runup throw > 9j.B > land >[delay] 9j.B j.22C > runup c.B > 236A > 6C > j.A > 3B > c.B 22C > 3C > 236A (4700)

A throw as a starter offers more corner carry and is easier on timing and spacing, but scales down the combo by exactly 100. Although overall, it's best to start with the throw. You can also use Shuyu as a starter instead for more damage and the same corner carry.

236A and j.A offer more corner carry midcombo, but scale it down in damage

Use 3C > 236A as the ender if you're deep enough into the corner, or do 2B > 236A instead.

A 3B starter doesn't allow using 3B in the middle of a combo, but you should end up with 4000~ damage and a corner regardless.

FC(3C) > [runup throw > 9j.B] or [8j.B] > [delay] 9j.B j.22C > runup c.B > 236A > 3B > c.B 22C > 5CC > c.B 22C > 2B > 236A (5040, 5140 without the throw)

With Sonken ending up in the corner after the c.B 236A, she's forced to skip straight into the 3B followup into the rest of the combo, and since she didn't use 6C, she gets to do 5CC afterwards.

FC(3C) > throw > c.B 22C > c.B 22C > 3B > c.B 22C > 6B > c.B 22C > 5CC > c.B 22C > 2B > 236A (5260)

Shuyu Combo
(matchstart) FC(3C) > 236D > runup c.B 214C/B (so they hit the corner) > 3B > c.B 22C > 6B > c.B 22C > 5CC > c.B 22C > 2B > 236A (5060)

Hiougi is best done off of huge groundbounce launchers like 3B or 6B. Following either up with j.C and then going into the Hiougi also works, if you're already in the corner.

Combo video by Unknown Games (2014):

Combo video by Unknown Games (2018):


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D Button A+B Button B+C Button


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