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Name: 関羽 雲長 (Kan'u Unchō)
Real Name: Aisha
Chinese Counterpart: Guan Yu - Yunchang
Voice Actress: Nami Kurokawa

A girl who has traveled across the land, driven by her burning spirit of righteousness to protect the lives of ordinary people. She has spent her life fighting to build a land where even the weak can live in peace. Wielding her mighty Green Dragon Crescent Blade, longer than she is tall, her lustrous, black hair flutters in the breeze as she dispatches her foes.


Mid-far range poker with a plethora of good normals and a fireball.

Normal Moves


Fast, mid-hitting normal. Self- and special-cancelable, more range than 2A.


1f faster than 5A, hits low but has less range. Also self- and special-cancelable.


Decently fast startup and recovery, special-cancelable. Hitbox makes it great for Hougeki and Special Down juggles.


Main poking normal. Good range/startup/damage, but not special cancelable. Shorter compared to other characters'?


Shorter/1f slower poking normal than 5B, but is special-cancelable. Will deal more damage than cl.B for Special Down and Hougeki juggles, but double-digit startup and lower hitbox mean it's harder to use.


Big slash. Punishable on block. Causes Special Down on counter-hit. Ground bounces during Hougeki. Can link into EX DP on point-blank hit (e.g. after crossup j.C), which is max (non-Hougeki) grounded damage.


Slow, long-ranged normal; moves Kan'u forward. Punishable even at max range, but ~C followup available on block, hit, or whiff.


Followup to 5C that looks like cl.C and shares properties like Special Down on counter-hit and Hougeki ground bounce. Can be used to salvage a Hougeki combo if you get far 5C instead of cl.C, but scales harder and does a bit less damage. Still punishable on block and can even have its startup interrupted.


Longest and heaviest-hitting normal, but also the slowest. Not safe at closer ranges. Knocks down ONLY on counter-hit.


The knee.


Horizontal air slash.


Large, but slow, circular slash. Used for crossups and primary Hougeki combo filler.


Universal overhead with an obvious animation. Shares properties across characters like being even on hit, punishable on block or whiff, and causing Hougeki on counter-hit. Ground bounces during Hougeki, but cl.C is preferable due to its higher damage. Airborne during certain point of animation?


Universal anti-air. Shares properties across characters like invulnerability to air moves during active frames, causing Hougeki on air counter-hit, and launching during Hougeki.


Universal sweep. Shares properties across characters like causing hard knockdown on hit and Hougeki on counter-hit. Kan'u's has very short range and is punishable on block, but is special-cancelable. Canceling from this during a Special Down combo deals slightly more damage than 2B, but is harder to pull off because of the startup and range of the move.


Universal lunge move. Shares properties across characters like causing Hougeki on counter-hit and wall bouncing during Hougeki. Moves Kan'u forward, but otherwise has shorter range than the animation would suggest. Slow startup and punishable on block.

Special Moves

236 A/B/C - Blade Force

Fireball that travels full screen. Punishable up close, no matter which version is used. A has the shortest recovery with the slowest traveling projectile, C has the longest recovery with the fastest projectile. Recovers faster on hit? EX has invulnerable startup, longer recovery than C, and causes hard knockdown on hit but a wall bounce during Hougeki.

623 A/B/C - Green Dragon Crescent Blade

"Dragon punch." Non-EX versions are only air-invulnerable, so not a true reversal. EX version is fully invulnerable and knocks down on hit, but is fairly easy to low-profile. A version has the least amount of hits and deals the least damage, but will (usually) combo after 5/2A. C has more hits and more damage, as well as more recovery. EX version is extremely fast and can combo in cases where non-EX would not.

214 A/B/C - Green Dragon Wrath

Overhead with very obvious animation: Jumping downward lunge that moves towards opponent. Punishable on standing block but guard crushes on low block for slight frame advantage. Causes Special Down on counter-hit. All versions have the SAME startup, but travel different distances - A is point blank, C travels the furthest. Projectile invulnerable startup. EX version has fully invulnerable startup and knocks down on hit. EX does NOT cause Special Down on counter-hit, but ground bounces during Hougeki.


2363214D - Might Incarnation

Invulnerable startup, guard crush on block for slight frame advantage. Uses 3 bars.


236BC - Tumult of War

Only available during Hougeki, uses 4 bars.


5A/2A (up to 2x) > 623A or 623EX

cl.B/2B/3C > 236x or 623x or 2363214D

214x guard crush, link into 2A or 623EX

point blank cl.C, link into 623EX

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