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Name: 楽進 文謙 (Gakushin Bunken)
Real Name: Nagi
Chinese Counterpart: Yue Jin - Wenqian
Voice Actress: Ryōko Ono

Cool and emotionless, she does not let others know what she is thinking by rarely speaking and always maintaining a poker face. Gruff and seemingly unrefined, she feigns complete indifference towards girlish pursuits, but secretly practices the arts of cooking and sewing. With her gauntlets, the Lords of Darkness, on her fists, she prefers close-quarters combat.


Gakushin is a neutral heavy character. She has some good pokes and is good at controlling space. Her reach isn't the best but she get's a lot of mileage out of standing A and close B. She has some nice combo routes, detailed below.

Normal Moves

5A - 17f

5f start-up. Can chain into itself 3 times. Can also alternate to Cr.A and hit twice. Good poke with decent reach. Can catch jump-ins. Chains into St.B

2A - 16f

5f start-up. Can chain into itself 3 times. Can also alternate to St.A and hit twice. Hits low. Chains into St.B

j.A - 49f

5 frame start-up. Great from-air poke. Beats out many grounded normals.

5B - 38f

6f start-up. Great range kick. Can beat out a lot of long-frame moves. Can chain into St.C. Beaten out by St.A / 2.A / characters with a longer St.B.

cl.B - 27f

6f start-up. Hits twice. Can chain into St.C and 236 A/B/C. Can be beaten out by St.A / 2.A.

2B - 40f

11f start-up. Best poke and range move. Can sit outside of 5A / 2A punish reach. Can chain into St.C if used up close.

3B - 41f

12f start-up. Uppercut that triggers Fatal Counter. Great for catching long frame moves and jump-ins. Can be punished by most normals.

6B - 50f

24 frame start-up. Triggers Fatal Counter. Not at all safe. Very long start-up. Can be punished by a lot of moves.

j.B - 49f

9 frame start-up. Good for crossing-up. Beats out many ground normals.

5C - 50f

12f start-up. Slow but heavy poke. Not safe - heavily punished by fireballs or long ranged attacks.

Cl.C - 40f

10f start-up. Cancellation possible. Can be used to counter-attack. Chains into 236 A/B/C. EX also chainable.

2C - 51f

22 frame start-up. Causes guard crush on a crouching enemy. Can lead to a combo.

3C - 45f

14 frame start-up. Causes fatal counter.

6C - 44f

16f start-up. Causes fatal counter. One of the quicker fatal counter options. Great for lowered guard.

j.C - 45f (changes on time activated in air)

12 frame start-up (changes on time activated in air). Close in move if far away.

Special Moves

236 A/B/C - The Most Determined

623 A/B/C - Full Moon Kick

214 A/B/C - Spirit Shot


2363214D - Fame of Wei


236BC - Spirit Ranbu Prime



  • (2A) 5A > 5B > 5C
  • (2A) 5A > 5A > 632A
  • cl.B > 2B > 236A > A (C)
  • cl.C > 236A > A (C)
  • cl.B (1) > 214A > dashing cl.B > 236A > A (C)
  • cl.B (or cl.C) > 214A > 5B
  • rising j.A > delay jB > j.C > 623A (standing only)
  • j.B > rising j.A > delay jB > j.C > 623A (standing only)


  • cl.B (or cl.C) > 214 A > 5B > 5C
  • cl.B (or cl.C) > 214 A > rising j.A > delay jB > j.C > 623A (standing only)

Meter Combos

  • replace meterless combo enders with metered version

Fatal Counter

  • (6B 3C 6C) 2C > dash under cl.C > 236A > dash cl.C > 236A > 236A A > dash behind cl.C > 236A> dash cl.C > 236 A C > j.A > j.B > dash cl.C > 236A > dash cl.C > 623C
  • (3B) dash behind cl.C > 236A > dash cl.C > 236 A B > dash under cl.C > 236 A > dash cl.C > 236A C > j.A > j.B > dash cl.C > 236A > dash cl.C > 623C

Fatal Counter (With Meter)

  • (3C) 6C > 5C > 236CC > 5C > 236CB > cl.B > 3B > 236AB / 623AB (with 1 bar)
  • (3C) 6C > 5C > 236CC > 5C > 236CB > cl.B > 3B > 236BC (with 4 bars) -- (6640dmg 3C starter) 6740 dmg

Combo video by Unknown Games (2014):

Gakushin FC Combos (2017):

Combo video by Unknown Games (2018):


A Button B Button C Button
D Button A+B Button B+C Button


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