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What are the differences between Koihime Enbu and Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai?

Koihime Enbu has a single player mode called "Scenario Mode" only available to this version. Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai adds Chōryō to the roster, two new stages, a combo challenge mode, and lifts the restriction that locks strategists to the faction of the main playable character. All of this on top of balance changes to the cast to bring it to arcade parity.

How can I contribute to the wiki?

In order to get an account on Mizuumi, please refer to the instructions on the main page of the wiki. Once you have an account, please take a look at the character template page and see if all current pages are adhering to it. Adding combos, proof-checking frame data entries, expanding the Overview sections, all constructive contributions are much appreciated.


Completed: Kan'u, Chōhi, Chō'un, Bachō, Sōsō, Kakōton, Gakushin, Ryofu, Chōryō, Kakōen, Sonken, Kannei, Sonshōkō, Shūtai

To-do list:

  • Move descriptions.
  • Combos.
  • Counterplay?
  • Assists descriptions.
  • General upkeep.
Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai