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Name: 馬超 孟起 (Bachō Mōki)
Real Name: Sui
Chinese Counterpart: Ma Chao - Mengqi
Voice Actress: Maki Kobayashi

Reckless and impulsive, she will charge into battle with any opponent, but her energy often proves her downfall as she can be clumsy and prone to mistakes. Easily prompted to action by a well-placed word or two, she wields her spear, Silver Flash, in battle.


Normal Moves

Special Moves

Deadly Whirlwind - 236ABC

Bachou spins here spear in front of her and shoot out a fireball.

When done point blank the spin will hit the opponent once, followed by the fireball. If you hold the button down Bachou will spin her spear longer, causing three hits before the fireball. The spinning portion of the attack can also cancel out projectiles although Bachou will not follow-up with a fireball in this case.

Flashing Steed - 623ABC

Bachou charges forward on a horse made of fire, doing up to three hits on her opponent.

This can be done in the air and even canceled into out of her j.C. This move can also cancel out projectiles but this will cause Bachou to end the move before hitting her opponent.

Arial Attack - 214ABC

Bachou spins her spear above her flies into the air and move forward like a helicopter, hitting above her.

Holding the button down moves you forward longer and does more hits if you had hit your enemy while rising. Bachou recovers from the move in the air and can do any of her regular air options afterwards (air normal, air Flashing Steed).


Lancer Revolution - 2363214D

Bachou charges forward and kicks her opponent into the air. She then spins her spear above her, hitting the opponent for several rotations before finishing off with a downward slashing that crumples the opponent in front of her.


Silver Princess Dance - 236B+C

Bachou swings her spear upward to knock her opponent into the air and rams into them with her flaming horse. After a small cinematic she plunges them back to the ground with her steed, now transformed into a flaming unicorn.


Combo video by Unknown Games (2014):

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