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Remilia Scarlet, the Scarlet Devil with the ability to manipulate fate. In the game of IaMP she is nowhere as powerful but still ranks among the stronger of the characters due to her aggressive moveset and high speed. With the ability to airdash three times instead of two and a special ground dash that leaves her bereft of graze attacks, Remilia's playstyle may be familiar to those who play other fighting games and is simple yet effective in the context of IaMP.


  • High mobility.
  • Can easily spirit crush after cornering opponent.
  • Does not give many point items.


  • Needs bombs for combos.
  • Bullets have limited coverage.
  • Somewhat weak air to air.




[ Mid | Damage: 180 | Startup: 6 | Active: 3 | Hit: +2 | Block: +1 ]

Remilia extends her hand and quickly guides her wing out to slap her enemy. This is her standard jab check, hitting mid, and generally always followed with itself. It is essential to know when to follow this move with 6A, at a range about half the length of 5A away. 5A will catch any character near the height of her head, making it a decent midrange counter to slower oncoming moves. Due to the speed of this move, it's easy to throw this out when at slightly farther than point blank range to keep an opponent from trying to poke or jump out. Since it cannot be airblocked, if you tag a jumping opponent with this in the corner you can actually do a 5A loop into her standard BnB ender (see combos for details).


[ Stagger Low | Damage: 850 | Startup: 10 | Active: 2 | Hit: +5 | Block: +4 ]

Remilia quickly twirls and sweeps the enemy with the edge of her foot. While not as far reaching as 5A, it does much more damage and depletes spirit when blocked incorrectly, and also leads into 6A or 6B at very close range and 5C or 236C at farther ranges for rushdown. This move staggers and is used to complement 6B in her high low mixup during HJC rushdown and corner staggering.


[ Mid | Damage: 700 | Startup: 10 | Active: 2 | Hit: D | Block: 0 ]

Remilia swings her arm in an upward arc, ripping a bloody streak through the air in front of her. This is Remilia's longest reaching attack that does not cause her to move forward, also with the simplest input, making an easy reflexive defense against other grounded attacks. Though the graphical effect reaches far above her head, the hitbox will only reach about as high as Remilia herself. Despite this, it will still knock an opponent out of the air in certain situations where 6B will not reach horizontally, while keeping her own hitbox lower to the ground. This move is very fast and is typically used to stop incoming graze attacks during their dash startup; its other primary use is as an alternate BnB ender, 2A 6B. On block it's usually best to cancel this move into 5C, 236C, or nothing at all if an opponent is graze attack happy. Hits mid.


[ Clean Low | Damage: 900 | Startup: 15 | Active: 16 | Hit: D | Block: -6 ]

Remilia crosses her arms and legs to fly along the ground, tripping up the enemy and doing her best Bison impression. Slow to start, but quick moving and low, this move is useful even for the movement alone. Remilia has no better method of getting out of the way close to the ground, since dashing can cause her to take melee hits even from unlikely seeming heights. You may also be able to predict where an opponent will land and knock their feet out from under them. When connected properly, 2B can only be cancelled into bombs or supers, but that is useful on its own; use it at maximum range and you'll actually have a bit of frame advantage on it, and if an opponent respects Remilia's CH O-Bomb or 236A traps you'll usually be safe from retaliation. Midscreen, it can often be used to substitute 236A in situations where grazing isn't required, but execution will be somewhat tighter. Blocked, it will cause heavy spirit damage if blocked high and leave her at a disadvantage, but can still be canceled into a bomb or super to trap her enemy. This move is useful for characters who have certain attacks with long recovery such as Alice, as its travel time and distance allows Remilia to hit a whiffed Alice 2A on reaction.


[ Mid, | Damage: 400+500 | Startup: 8, 18 | Active: 2, 2 | Hit: 0 | Block: -1 ]

Lurching forward, Remilia claws more bloody streaks through the air in front of her, first hitting mid then hitting high. This is a must use move for the majority of Remilia's combos. It is best used after being confirmed to hit by 5A, or a j.B that leaves the opponent close to the ground but still in the air. After a hit, it can be followed by 623A or 623B. 6A is also the start of forcing your opponent into defensive guessing games after getting them near the wall. To further press spirit damage and pin the enemy, it can be followed by 236C. Even before the second hit of 6A lands, it can be canceled by 22A and 22B, often able to counter attempts to poke in against what would normally be a longer gap in the flow of attacks. More importantly, however, it chains into Remilia's 236A/B, which's her BnB (although it's disadvantageous on block, but still CH O-Bomb trappable).


[ Stagger High | Damage: 750 | Startup: 6 | Active: 3 | Hit: D | Block: -2 ]

Remilia's white streak of a kick knocks opponents high into the air. Hitting closer than 6A, but also much higher vertically, makes this move the standard choice for anti-air as an opponent reaches the area at a forward angle above Remilia's head. It's usually used for guard breaks or hit confirming into her 623B BnB or a super midscreen, as opponents usually have many movement options to counter naked anti-air attempts with this move. On the offensive, a well timed 6B serves as a launcher and is a high hit than can be used during her blockstrings into 5C or 236C. Staggering with 6B works much the same as 5B.

j.5A / 6DA

[ Clean High | Damage: 800 | Startup: 10 | Active: 2 | Hit: | Block: -6 ]

Remilia spins in the air, quickly clawing a trail of energy in front of her. Despite its looks, this move will not hit anywhere above Remilia, much like her 2A but in the air. It will, however, hit much further below her, and is the normal choice for crashing down on her enemies. Most importantly, if you're not in range to use 5A or 5B, 66A is what will get you there and allow Remilia's typical ground combos to begin. j.A and 66A can stop an opponent's attempts to jump out of corners, but again, only if Remilia essentially winds up on top of their heads. Since it hits high, 66A will both close distance and begin stagger attempts, so learn to judge its range as this move is the jump-in of choice versus grounded opponents.

j.5B / 6DB

[ Clean High | Damage: 450+450 | Startup: 8, 16 | Active: 2, 2 | Hit: | Block: +4 ]

Remilia kicks ahead of herself at an angle, and again as she drops her little bootied foot. Though it uses a look similar to her grounded kicks, j.B is essentially Remilia's air version of her ground 6A attack, and is the normal melee choice for meeting someone air to air. Coming up from below is when the real use of 66B is revealed, because the second hit will not take place, allow Remilia to 66B once again and keep the opponent in the air for several repetitions, pushing them further towards the wall. Against the wall, the loop becomes much easier to perform. If her second j.B hit lands, the opponent is knocked to the ground and the loop will end. A blocked 66B that leaves the opponent close to the ground can be followed by either 6A or 6B for the guard break. Furthermore, j.B can even be canceled before the second hit by j.C, causing slightly increased damage and allowing Remilia to air dash afterwards.


[ Clean High | Damage: 950 | Startup: 25 | Active: 2 | Hit: D | Block: -7 ]

Swiping down in a giant arc, Remilia's claws and wings bring their full bloody force down on the enemy. This is another move that won't hit quite where its visual graphics show, stopping between the first and second streaks. Slow, 22A is easily countered if performed too closely, but also pushes the enemy away quite a bit on block. On hit, the opponent will wallslammed allow you to use a j.B for the knockdown. This move is used primarily against people who are a bit too graze attack happy and to keep them honest during your blockstrings. It can also be canceled into any of her supers for decent damage.


[ Clean Low | Damage: 850 | Startup: 25 | Active: | Hit: D | Block: -21 ]

Coiling and transforming her wings, Remilia generates energy and drills through the ground after her opponent. The counterpart to 22A with movement similar to 2B, this is Remilia's most powerful low attack and longest reaching melee attack, knocking the opponent into the air on hit. While it is very unsafe on block, it can be canceled into 22C for CH O-Bomb should an opponent try to poke you during recovery and is also easily hit confirmable into any of her supers. This move should nevertheless be used infrequently as you cannot space it like 2B to give frame advantage on block; without a bomb or super, an opponent has no reason to respect your move and not hit you during recovery.



Spread shot, with randomized trajectories. Due to its speed and the area it covers, very good for allowing Remi to get in. However, it should be treated like Sakuya's 5C; it's slow to come out -- and to HJC -- and it's recovery in general isn't something to be wanted. Use the superior j.C/j.2C.


5C angled upwards, except it makes some decent anti-air, making it somewhat more usable.


Almost identical to 2C but flies at a slightly lower angle. Like Sakuya's 6C, it should only be used as anticipatory anti-air at far distances because of the angle.

j.5C / 6DC

An aerial shotgun; feel free to "apply liberal amounts of dash cancelling." It provides decent cover, and has great speed. It won't destroy many projectiles on its own, but because of its coverage, a few will usually leak through. A good answer to many aerial games, because of Remilia's ability to dash three times (she can just dash cancel and fire another wave, or follow up with an aerial attack).

j.2C / 6D2C

Like j.C, except it's angled downwards. This is Remilia's preferred weapon of choice when approaching from air-to-ground, because you can just follow up with a j.A, which combos if the projectiles hit (only on the ground). If the opponent blocks, the blockstun allows you to land and quickly land 5A, or some other ground strings. If the opponent tries to graze through, the j.A follow-up will usually catch them, although it all really depends on the distance and positioning, and in which direction they grazed.


Remilia fires several whirling streams of crimson energy at her opponent; although it looks and sounds cool, avoid it. Its range isn't spectacular, and its recovery time is the perfect contrast to Remilia's overall speed. However, it has limited uses for providing cover for a 236A, although why you'd even blindly use a 236A escapes me.


Vulcan-type shot. Decent anti-graze since it sends a stream of wild bullets. It's fairly randomized, though. Like most of her grounded projectiles, it should be avoided because its aerial version is far more superior.


Same as f.5A except upward; generally useless, because you can use other options for ranged anti-air like f.2C.


The preferred version compared to her f.5A, but still holds the same properties. Just keep in mind that her projectile C beats this.


Like fj.A, but shoots downward. Like most of her f.A's, it's hardly used.


Fairly fast single shot which can surprise the opponent if they're not paying attention amidst their bullet spamming (hi Patch :D). Don't abuse it; hence the 'surprise' factor. It can eat a ton of bullets, but you usually have better options.


This move causes Remilia to hop up and fire downwards. It's similar in properties, although it comes with some graze frames (but since there's not enough of them to make it count, avoid using it as a defensive move). It also pushes Remilia back with a slightly upwards angle, which can be used for positioning purposes, although that's rare.


The aerial version of f.5B, except when it's fired Remilia is pushed back and slightly upwards, which could be used to position yourself for some reason.


Identical in properties to Remilia's f.2B, except it comes with no graze frames. Used much like her f.B, except it's the preferred version because you can quickly dash cancel it. Either way, you can still surprise the opponent with this move; just don't abuse it.


Demon Lord Walk - 236AB

Remilia takes a moment to prepare before hopping forward, grazing all projectiles and knocking her opponent into the air above her. 236A is one hop, while 236B is two hops. Of note, damage is only dealt between hops, not where Remilia actually lands, even if it is directly on top of her enemy's sprite. The gap between hops in 236B does not graze and can still be hit by projectiles, so use it sparingly. Likewise, you can also bomb or super before the second hit, but it has limited uses. Both moves hit mid, and are unsafe on block, but are useful on their own if you're quick enough to catch your opponent shooting or trying to set up projectiles. In combos, these specials should follow 6A or 2A, and lead into bombs or supers. Get used to bomb comboing with 236A and following with variations of j.B follow ups. Delayed bombs or unexpected supers can easily catch attempts to punish 236A/B on block, but do your best to keep this move inside combos. When 236A lands and you have already declared, there's no point in bombing the majority of the time. You will waste a bomb and do slightly less damage, even if it seems easier to perform the super after a bomb.

Servant Flier - 236C

Remilia concentrates her energy into a wave of small spears in front of her to pin her enemy. This essentially sends two waves of bullets similar to her f.B, but much more slowly. Since it leaves Remilia so vulernable, it's a move to be careful with, but is great for pressuring when you already have the advantage. When blocked, it will keep the opponent in place and do considerable spirit damage, making it the main choice for medium distance wake up games when you have time to do more than "hit j.2C a lot." This move can also be used to catch a landing opponent from a distance, but most characters can easily punish it from above. Mainly, simply don't use the move when the opponent can ground graze attack into your face.

Demon Lord Cradle - 623AB

Remilia quickly does an offensive barrel roll into the air at a forward angle. This is another move to be very careful with, but its melee invincible start up and damage possibly makes it her most useful counter. 623A is always the safer choice, but won't reach nearly as far. A blocked 623B may as well be a bullseye on your character to get punished as soon as possible, yet another reason for caution being that hitting an airborne opponent with 623B can allow them to recover in the air even before you land. However, since a hit will remove all bullet cover from a careless opponent rushing too haphazardly, and both versions are easy to use on your own wake up, it's still a great close range option on the ground. Just keep in mind that you're sometimes better off blocking air attacks you can't reach without using 623B than to suffer from the recovery time.

Demon Lord Arrow - 214ABC

Remilia leaps into the air behind her and clings to the wall for a moment before quickly diving down to the ground, grazing all projectiles in her path. This move is another one to be careful with despite how powerful it seems, and is best used against airborne opponents that are in the middle of projectile attacks. It can be used anywhere, and will always have the same result so far as where Remilia will land before she hits her enemy. 214A will land Remilia near midscreen, while 214B will land near her own corner. 214C will home to a certain extent, aiming directly for her enemy but generally being slower and easier to ground block. 214C will never home upwards, so won't catch an opponent at a height above where Remilia clings to the wall. 214A/B can be used simply for the sake of repositioning, and for the fact that they are virtually identical to 214C. Anyone who knows how to fight Remilia will be watching out for 214C and attempting to ground block it any time they see the signature 214A/B/C start up, causing Remilia to bounce off of their character and suffer a long recovery time. Most characters have a simple, though sometimes hard to time, way of countering this attack if they see it coming, so catch them off guard or use something else. The usual follow up is Remilia's 2A, then into typical bomb combo sequences. If you are blocked and land a considerable distance away, you may be able to counter their attempt to melee punish with 623A/B. Otherwise, it's probably your turn to block.


Scarlet Sign "Red the Nightless Castle"

A shoryu-type spellcard that makes Remilia fly up, arms outstretched as a cross-shaped pillar of unholy fire surrounds her. This move should primarily be used in combos and almost never as a wakeup because it is very easy to bait. However, it has two advantages to make up for its substantial recovery: one, the cross is a Type-3 attack which means opponents who try grazing too close will be caught, and two, the effective area has a slight vacuum effect pulling them closer to Remilia if they stick a limb out to try and punish her. Both this spellcard and the Level 2 deal slightly less damage than the Spear, making it the middle choice as far as Remilia's spellcard damage goes.

Scarlet Devil "Scarlet Devil"

The same as Red the Nightless Castle, but with more hits and damage. The same usages and precautions apply, as Scarlet Devil is even more unsafe on block than Red the Nightless Castle is.

Critical "Heart Break"


Divine Spear "Spear the Gungnir"

Ranged spear attack. Slower than the other 2 Spellcards so it's more difficult to combo with and can't be hit confirmed off certain moves such as 2B. However, Remi grazes throughout the attack and it does a decent amount of spirit damage allowing for GC setups. Does slightly more damage than the other SCs.

Midnight Sign "Demon King Cradle"


Midnight King "Dracula Cradle"

Upward spiraling attack which comes out about as fast as SC1 (Cross). It must be delayed in certain combos such as after a midscreen 236A in order to connect. Ridiculously punishable on whiff or block, plus leaves her in the corner. Can be used as a shoryu.



Remilia has only a few basic combos which are used in real matches. Learning to hit confirm and pull these combos out on reaction is the key to playing her well.

5A 6A 236A... This is her basic BnB, doable from a very fast 5A attack. Hit confirm using 6A and either go into 236C, 5C, or nothing if it's blocked (6A can't be punished on block). 236A is preferred over 236B because 236B will not knock down if you don't bomb, and also has the tendency to send the opponent flying in the other direction due to Remilia's angle of movement crossing up her hitbox. If you hit an opponent, use one of the enders according to situation.

(air to air) 6DB x [n] (5B) 6A 236A... This is known as her 6DB loop. In order for this combo to work, Remilia must do her 6DB early in the air with the opponent high up and in front of her. Too close and Remilia will switch sides with the opponent, and if the opponent is too low Remilia's 6DB will hit twice ending the combo with a knockdown. For these situations use her 623B BnB instead. The key to doing this combo is to figure the timing for doing another dash after landing from the previous one; Remilia's landing recovery is very short and to land the maximum number of 6DBs you must maintain a good height for the opponent, letting them fall slowly during the 6DBs. The recommended number of 6DBs in a practical, match-worthy 6DB loop is four, after which you juggle in the corner with 6A 236A into an ender. Alternatively, its possible to add an optional 5B just before the 6A 236A, although this variation should never be attempted on Suika or Yukari as it will whiff.

(ground to air) 5A x [n] 6A 236A... A guard break combo in the corner only. This counters opponents who are fond of jumping out of the corner; you can stagger the 5A timing to confirm block or hit easily. The maximum recommended number of 5As in a practical match is roughly 6, though 10 is possible (but at 10 the 6A no longer combos due to the opponent being too high). Not a common combo but something to keep in the arsenal should the situation arise. Standard combo enders apply.

These are all possible enders for the combos listed above.
  • ... 22C j.B: This is her midscreen finisher. Use this when you want a guaranteed knockdown for point items so Remilia can restock her bombs. While the damage is the lowest out of all her finishers, this is recommended simply because Remilia requires bombs to function and maximize damage. While her okizeme is rather weak, her speed allows you to simply dash at an opponent with 6DA on wakeup or walk up with a 5B/6B to continue pressure.
  • ... 22C 22a: Another midscreen finisher. Does slightly more damage than her regular finisher, and knocks the opponent closer to the corner although be careful..done too close to the corner it will cause wallbounce allowing them to airtech. Use this if you want to combo into Spear spellcard afterwards.
  • ... 22C 6DB j.B: This is her corner finisher. Recommended highly because it deals more damage than a simple j.B and still allows you to maintain the knockdown. Against opponents who tech out of the corner you can use 6DA on wakeup to cross them up, you can backdash and do f.2A for meaty bullet pressure if they don't tech.
  • ... 22C 2A 6B (2C): Done easiest in the corner but also possible outside (walk backwards slightly if you do this in the corner and omit 2C, which is a tech punish setup midscreen). The sacrifice you make for damage is that the opponent will be airborne at an angle Remilia cannot easily control, as well as not achieving knockdown which results in lost point items for her bombs. Usage is generally only recommended sparingly, reserved for ending the round/match or against an opponent who techs into 2C, which you can then cancel into 236C to keep them airblocking for further pressure. Its also possible to combo into Cross spellcard from this.
  • ... 22C 5B 6A: Her Highest Damaging finisher. Very tricky to learn, but still worth knowing. Much like her 6DB loop ender, timing seems to vary from character to character but will whiff completely on Suika and Yukari. Does not guarantee knockdown either so its best saved for finishing rounds, spellcard combos, or if you're confident in your tech punishing. Combos into Cross and Spin spellcards for huge damage.

(air to air) 6DB (walk forward) 6B (pause) 623B: This is the alternate to the 6DB loop for situations where Remilia is too close to the opponent or the opponent is too low for a 6DB loop. Timing is tricky at first for the 623B to land, just remember to let the opponent fall further to the ground if your 623B is not landing, and to do 623B as Remilia retracts her leg from the 6B. Done properly, you will be at a slight disadvantage if the opponent techs but will be able to block and backdash their retaliation. The damage is a compromise between her normal 236A BnB and her 6DB loop but has the advantage of being her only BnB that doesn't require a bomb.





Remilia's HJC rushdown works the same as anyone else's, but is distilled down to very simple, effective strings that do deceptive amounts of spirit damage.

(on block)

5A 6A... or 5B... or 6B... or 5B 6B... or 2A...
  • Stop: END. Staggering bullets in your HJC rushdown will make opponents hesitate when trying to escape.
  • 22A: END. Opponent is free to escape, use only to stop opponents who graze attack frequently.
  • 22B: END. This option is subpar, make sure you have a bomb if you use this or you'll be eating damage.
  • 5C... or 236C...
  • 236A (can only be used with 5C): END. If you have a bomb you can go for a CH O-bomb versus a poke-happy opponent, but generally you're safe on block. This option punishes people who react late to the 5C with a HJ or a graze attack.
  • HJC9 j.A/B: END. Momentum restarts, you are in the beginning situation again to try another mixup.
  • HJC7 j.2C: END. Momentum is reset, this option allows opponent to graze out of pressure. If they remain blocking then do j.6D and restart, otherwise back off with j.4D. However, when done properly from a 236C this string is airtight and gives you massive frame advantage for another free mixup. This string is generally corner only.
  • HJC8 j.2C: END. Used mostly midscreen, but opponents have a lot of ways to escape this one so it's dangerous.
  • HJC7 j.6D j.B: END. Momentum restarts, opponent can graze out but this option is slightly tighter than j.2C assuming they are blocking and not sticking pokes out. Best used in corner as it can be escaped or countered outside.

Match ups

vs Reimu:


vs Marisa:


vs Sakuya:


vs Alice:


vs Patchouli:


vs Youmu:


vs Remilia:


vs Yuyuko:


vs Yukari:


vs Suika:


vs Meiling:


Frame Data

                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Guard   Type
 5A         180        98%          6        3       14        +1      +2      X     25      Mid     A
 2A         700        90%          10       2       32        0       D       D     25      Mid     C
 6A         400+500    95%+95%      8, 18    2, 2    34        -1      0       +7    25+25   Mid,    B
                                                                                             High    B
 5B         850        90%          10       2       28        +4      +5      +16   35      Low     C
 2B         900        85%          15       16      43        -6      D       D     40      Low     C
 6B         750        90%          6        3       30        -2      D       X     40      High    C
 22A        950        75%          25       2       54        -7      D       D     60      High    C
 22B        850        75%          25       25      68        -21     D       D     60      Low     C
 j.5A       800        90%          10       2       35        -6                    40      High    B
 j.5B       450+450    92%+95%      8, 16    2, 2    31        +4                    40, 40  High    B
 22C (N)    0          80%          12       3       42        -8      D       X     oo      Mid     C
 22C (O)    500        80%          12       3       37        -3      D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22C (D)    0          80%          12       3       58        -24     D       D     oo      Mid     C
 22D        x          x            30       x       128       x       x       x             x       x

22C (N/D): 1-14F invincible
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 5C         100*8      96%*8        19       oo      42        -8      -7      X     15      29      B
 6C         100*8      96%*8        19       oo      42        -8      -7      X     15      29      B
 2C         100*8      96%*8        19       oo      48        -14     -13     X     15      32      B
 j.5C       100*8      96%*8        13       oo      44                        X     15      20      B
 j.2C       100*8      96%*8        13       oo      44                        X     15      20      B
 f.5A       100*1-7    98%*1-7      12       oo      29                        X     15      16      B
 f.2A       200*3      93%*3        12       60      35                        X     15      13      B
 f.6A       100*1-7    98%*1-7      12       oo      29                        X     15      16      B
 fj.5A      100*1-7    98%*1-7      8        oo      24                        X     15      16      B
 fj.2A      100*1-7    98%*1-7      8        oo      24                        X     15      27      C
 f.5B       600        85%          18       oo      53                D       D     40      31      C
 f.2B       600        85%          17       oo      55                D       D     40      27      C
 fj.5B      600        85%          17       oo      47                D       D     40      27      C
 fj.2B      600        85%          17       oo      35                D       D     40      27      C
f.5A: Up to 7 waves
f.6A: Up to 7 waves
fj.A: Up to 7 waves
fj.2A: Up to 7 waves
f.2B: 1-3F graze
                                                              Block   Hit     CH
Motion     Damage     Proration   Startup  Active  Duration   Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Cancel  Type
 236A       900        85%          14       6       46        -12     D       D     40      25      C
 236B       600+600    90%+90%      15, 38   6, 6    88        -21     D       D     40+40   26,49-88 C
 623A       750        85%          10       8       52        -19     D       D     40              C
 623B       1100       85%          10       16      83        -51     D       X     40              C
 214A       950        85%          36       land                      D       D     40              C
 214B       950        85%          36       land                      D       D     40              C
 214C       950        85%          36       land                      D       D     40              C
 236C       150*8      92%*8        22, 37   oo      62        -1      -5      X     25      36      B
236A: 1-19F graze, rush ends on block
236B: 1-20F, 27-43F graze, rush ends on block
623A: 1-13F melee invincible
623B: 1-17F melee invincible
214A: 1-?F graze, rebounds on block
214B: 1-?F graze, rebounds on block
214C: 1-?F graze, rebounds on block
236C: Partner 4F hitstop on hit, partner 9F hitstop on block, 20F formation, 21F 36F discharge
                                                                     Block   Hit     CH
Card         Damage       Proration     Startup     Active  Total    Adv     Adv     Adv   Untech  Type
 Cross Lv1    150*12      98%*12         1,6(7)      90      174      -91     D       D     oo      C
 Cross Lv2    150*20      98%*20         1,8(9)      150     238      -104    D       D     oo      C
 Spear Lv1    1750        75%            1,19(20)    oo      60       -18     D       X     oo      C
 Spear Lv2    3100        50%            1,19(20)    oo      60       -18     D       X     oo      C
 Spin Lv1     100*20      98%*20         1,3(4)      40      105      -66     D       X     oo      C
 Spin Lv2     120*28      98%*28         1,3(4)      40      131      -94     D       X     oo      C
Cross Lv1: Partner 4F hitstop on hit, 1-?F invincible
Cross Lv2: Partner 4F hitstop on hit, 1-?F invincible
Spear Lv1: 1-47F graze
Spear Lv2: 1-47F graze
Spin Lv1: Attacks come in 2F intervals after the first, 1-?F melee invincible
Spin Lv2: Attacks come in 2F intervals after the first, 1-?F melee invincible
Motion    Startup   Active   Recovery  Graze      Cancel   Guard   Invulnerable
 7/8/9     5         x        x         x          6+       6+      x
 7D/8D/9D  5         x        x         1-15       6+       16+     x
 6D        8         20       8         1-35       9, 29    28+     7-8
 4D        6         14       10        1-21       x        x       1-6
 j.6D      8         8        x         1-25       17+      17+     x
 j.4D      9         9        x         1-27       19+      19+     x
Immaterial and Missing Power
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