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  • What is Touhou?
A doujinshi game franchise that began on the PC-98 system as a series of shooting games featuring a shrine maiden and a witch, it has since been expanded to the Windows platform and has exponentially grown in popularity to the point where Tasogare Frontier, the circle known for Eternal Fighter Zero and Higurashi Daybreak, decided to do a fighting game featuring the characters.
More info on the series can be found at the Touhou Wiki.
  • What's so special about Touhou Suimusou?
While the cast is relatively small by today's standards, Touhou Suimusou has a unique game engine and method of play that is unlike traditional Street Fighter II clones, eschewing the well-established method of footsies and traps for a dynamic full-screen battlefield filled with projectiles. It plays like no other fighting game in existence, yet has elements of classic fighters nevertheless.
  • How can I tell if this game is for me or not?

Do not play Touhou Suimusou if you...

  • are averse to playing a fighting game with chibi/loli characters.
  • are not good at spotting situational combos.
  • go in expecting this game to play like any other fighting game.
  • do not like the idea of not being able to kill someone by chip damage.
  • are easily discouraged or prone to game rage.

You should play if you...

  • want something different in the fighting game field.
  • are a fan of the Touhou franchise.
  • can wrap your mind around the concept of full-screen footsies.
  • like being immune to chip damage deaths.
  • enjoy fighters that are more about depth in simplicity.
  • What are some basic things I should keep in mind while learning the game?
  • IaMP is a game of bad habits. You will develop them easily and not even recognize it, and you will have to fix them.
  • It is very easy to rush that shit down in IaMP. Being able to do so in a way that is measured and not easily escaped or countered is the difficult part.
  • Movement, above all, is the most important aspect of this game. Knowing how grazing works and how you can manipulate your character's movement to graze is essential, more than anything else.
  • Very few non-situational BnBs exist in this game. Learning to spot situations and being comfortable enough with your character's moves that you can adjust the combos on the fly is important.
  • How do I get better at this game? I don't understand.
  • The easiest and quickest way is to study tournament replays. This is a difficult game to learn and seeing what others have done can help massively in understanding why someone does something and why someone doesn't do something.
  • Reading the character pages on the wiki can also help. While a few of the pages remain incomplete, many of them have a lot of information that is a transcription of knowledge absorbed from those who watched the Japanese play and analyzed their game. If you're the kind of person that learns faster by hard information rather than watching replays, reading the wiki or asking in the irc channel may work.
  • Many of the changes required to up your game in IaMP are very subtle. Doing a move at a certain point may make the difference between an opponent being able to get it on you or not. Delaying a move by a couple of frames will make the difference between an airtight string and an escapable one.


  • How do I install the game?
If you have the legit CD, just run it and it automatically brings up an installer. A few things to note are that if you have a slower computer it will take a few minutes and seemingly freeze up in the meantime, because it is copying over a rather large data file. Also, if you do not have your computer in Japanese region, you may have problems starting it, so have the installer place the files in an English-only folder name.
  • My config.exe file doesn't work.
If you are running Windows XP, right-click config.exe, select Properties, click the Compatibility tab, check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" box, and select Windows 2000.
  • But I'm running Windows 2000!
You're out of luck. Well, not really. You just need to do a few more steps to get it to work. If you haven't done so already, upgrade to Service Pack 2 or 3 and follow the steps needed to enable Compatibility Mode here. Once you've done that, you need to make a shortcut to the config file as Windows 2000 is retarded and only displays the Compatibility tab when you edit the Properties of the file's shortcut. Set the compatibility to Windows 95 or 98 and the file should work without a problem.
If you don't feel like doing all that and want a quick but cludgey solution, download the old config file which is fully compatible, but lacks Lunatic AI setting and will set your music volume to 0 each time you use it.
  • config.exe is in some sort of strange moon language!
An English version of it has been made by mauve and TMN and it may be found here.
  • The rest of the game is in strange moon language too!
English translation mod for the game is available here. It doesn't modify the existing installation in any way.


  • What are the tiers for this game?
These tiers are based on Japanese tournament results and educated matchup speculation, the results of which decide the rankings.
_____| RE   | MA   | SA   | AL   | PA   | YO   | RM   | YU   | YK   | SU   | ME   |_____
 RE  | ---- | 8.5  | 8.0  | 10.0 | 9.0  | 9.5  | 10.0 | 10.0 | 9.5  | 10.5 | 11.0 |  96.0 ( - 04.0) Reimu Hakurei
 MA  | 11.5 | ---- | 10.5 | 11.5 | 11.0 | 11.0 | 10.0 | 11.5 | 10.5 | 9.5  | 12.0 | 109.0 ( + 09.0) Marisa Kirisame
 SA  | 12.0 | 9.5  | ---- | 11.0 | 10.5 | 10.5 | 10.0 | 11.5 | 10.5 | 11.5 | 11.0 | 108.0 ( + 08.0) Sakuya Izayoi
 AL  | 10.0 | 8.5  | 9.0  | ---- | 9.0  | 10.0 | 7.5  | 12.0 | 11.5 | 8.5  | 10.0 |  96.0 ( - 04.0) Alice Margatroid
 PA  | 11.0 | 9.0  | 9.5  | 11.0 | ---- | 9.0  | 7.5  | 10.5 | 9.5  | 9.5  | 10.5 |  97.0 ( - 03.0) Patchouli Knowledge
 YO  | 10.5 | 9.0  | 9.5  | 10.0 | 11.0 | ---- | 8.0  | 9.5  | 11.0 | 9.5  | 14.0 | 100.5 ( + 00.5) Youmu Konpaku
 RM  | 10.0 | 10.0 | 10.0 | 12.5 | 12.5 | 12.0 | ---- | 12.0 | 12.0 | 11.5 | 12.0 | 114.5 ( + 14.5) Remilia Scarlet
 YU  | 10.0 | 8.5  | 8.5  | 8.0  | 9.5  | 10.5 | 8.0  | ---- | 9.5  | 11.0 | 13.5 |  94.0 ( - 06.0) Yuyuko Saigyouji
 YK  | 10.5 | 9.5  | 9.5  | 8.5  | 10.5 | 9.0  | 8.0  | 10.5 | ---- | 9.5  | 11.5 |  97.0 ( - 03.0) Yukari Yakumo
 SU  | 9.5  | 10.5 | 8.5  | 11.5 | 10.5 | 10.5 | 8.5  | 9.0  | 10.5 | ---- | 12.5 | 101.5 ( + 01.5) Suika Ibuki
 ME  | 9.0  | 8.0  | 9.0  | 10.0 | 9.5  | 6.0  | 8.0  | 6.5  | 8.5  | 7.5  | ---- |  82.0 ( - 18.0) Hong Meirin
  • S Tier
  • A Tier
  • B+ Tier
  • B Tier
  • C Tier
  • D Tier
The game's tiers are very close together despite the separation in rank. Each character has a variety of strong tactics and the game is fairly matchup specific.
  • What is tournament standard for IaMP?
  • Version 1.11
  • Damage Level 3
  • No Auto-Guard
  • Juggle Meter Enabled
  • Banned Stages: Sakuya-Day, Youmu-Day, and Suika
  • Banned Techniques: Youmu 2P 1F suki throw loop
Further specifics may be unique to the tournament, but this has been the general ruleset for most IaMP tourneys.
  • Is there a standard control scheme for IaMP?
No. Most of Japan plays with either a Saturn pad with a converter, a USB Saturn pad, or a PS2 controller. Some players prefer sticks as they use it for other games, but it all depends on preference as IaMP is not an arcade game and thus there is no "arcade standard" for control method. Similarly, there is no standard for button layout. When configuring the buttons, just keep in mind that you will need to use the D button a lot and the start button should be mapped somewhere unobtrusive.


Press D when selecting. Press it again to reveal it.
  • Is there a handicap option?
Yes. Press Pause before you select your character. Press B to cancel out of it. The options are as follows:
Autoguard [ ]

Damage Level

* * * * *
The default damage level is 3. Changing this does have adverse effects on the game balance, so don't do it unless you're playing around.
The autoguard option will high-block for you even if you don't press back. Try not to use it as there are situations where you do not want to block during gameplay.
This menu is not available in Story or Training Mode.
  • What are all the shortcut keys in Practice Mode?
  • F1: Changes your spellcard. This will cycle through the first three, then the second three (as indicated by your lifebar turning red).
  • F2: Cycles through available stock levels backwards, from 9 down to 0.
  • F3: Cycles through available stock levels forwards, from 0 up to 9.
  • F4: Cycles through the autoguard modes for the training dummy, starting with No Guard, All High, All Low, and All.
  • F5: Determines if the training dummy will airtech or not.
  • F6: Determines the training dummy's actions: Stand, Crouch, Jump, or CPU.
  • F7: Sets whether or not the training dummy moves to the center of the stage.
  • F8: Instantly ends spell trance.
All of these options are also available by pressing Pause.
  • This training mode sucks!
In versus mode, the follow shortcut keys will still work.
Keep in mind these keys DO work during netplay, do not be an ass.
  • F2: Puts both players on first lifebar
  • F3: Puts both players on second lifebar
  • F4: Stops refilling health
  • F5: Continuously refills health instantly and gradually fills spellcard meter
  • F6: Quickly raises spellcard meter as long as it is held
  • F7: Quickly decreases spellcard meter as long as it is held
  • F10: Pauses/unpauses game without pressing start
Alternatively, use Rollcaster's training mode which has numerous features that you can set on command.
  • Is there proration on normals? What about variable life tiers, variable wakeup times, all that stuff from Melty Blood?
There most certainly is proration, and that is covered in the character-specific pages. There are no variable life tiers; all characters take the same damage. As far as variable wakeup times, the general consensus thus far seems to be that there is none.
  • How do I select different versions of a stage?
Press up or down after using left and right to scroll through the stages. Note that Remilia, Yuyuko, and Suika's stages do not have a second version, and that Meirin does not have her own stage.
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