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Download here. Current LunaPort: r49b, see changelog.

Making LunaPort Work Right

1) Extract the contents of the Lunaport folder into your game folder (the one containing the game executable).

2) Open lunaport.ini

2.1) Set a player name (first option).
2.2) Set FPSHack to 8 (third to last option).
Note: If there are two FPSHack options, just set both of them to 8.
2.3) Set the number of stages appropriately - 1 for Wonderful World and 7 for Vanguard Princess.
2.4) Make sure that GameExe is set properly to the game executable you wish to run (including the ".exe").
2.5) Save and close.

3) Ensure that port 7500 is forwarded if you are hosting.

4) Ensure that Lunaport is not blocked on your firewall (or that your firewall is disabled).

5) If you are running Windows 7, set Lunaport.exe to run in Windows XP compatibility mode. (Right Click > Properties > Compatibility) There is known compatibility issues with Windows 7, if this does not work you may have to figure out something on your own.

6) Lunaport seems to be buggy when hosting for a long time without anyone connecting, it might help to wait until the other player is ready to open the program and host.

7) If Lunaport usually works for you but you find that it's not working at all, try logging out of your machine and logging back in.

LunaPort Functions

Latest versions have 10 modes.

1: Host game (port 7500 UDP)

Wait on a connection

2: Join game (port 7500 UDP)

Join a connection. Type in the hoster's IP address here.

3: Host game on lobby (port 7500 UDP)

If you cannot host regularly you still cannot host in the lobby.

Wait on connection on the lobby

4: List lobby games

Lists current games on lobby

  • 3: Watch lobby

Watch lobby games, hit ESC to stop

  • 2: Refresh game list

Refreshes the game list, yep

  • 1: Display this menu

Brings up the lobby menu again

  • 0: Exit lobby

Returns to original LunaPort menu

  • 4 and above: Play game

Any games on the lobby will be given a number above 4. Enter the number for the match you want to join.

5: Local game with random stages in vs mode

This option is the same as playing offline except the vs stages are random.

6: Toggle replay recording

Type 6 to activate/deactivate replay recording, it saves a replay(.rpy) into your folder the next game you start.

7: Watch Replay

Simply press 7 and pick the replay you want to watch. Pause/break key sadly does not pause the replay.

8: Toggle spectators

This option is automatically enabled, type 8 to prevent spectators.

9: Spectate

Watch other people play! Note that when you spectate you might not be watching the latest match.

10: Display this menu

Typing 10 will have this menu show up again

0: Exit

Good games peace out

Video Tutorial

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