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The following content is considered obsolete and is preserved here solely for historical purposes. For current netplay information, please go to Eternal Fighter Zero/Netplay.

nephi's crappy netplay explanation.

  • requirements
    • you need to have EFZ 4.02 - won't work if you don't have it
    • you need one of the 2 netplay clients - lev's netplay assistant is optional
    • you need to open up port 88 - you can do that by portforwarding (figure this out yourself or ask irc. it's almost the same way per router). don't forget to go into your firewall and allowing exceptions on port 88 (do this yourself too).
    • between required and recommended, but it's too much of a hassle without it. you need an irc client, get the mozilla firefox irc addon, Mirc, or any other irc and connect to the efnet (active) or mizuumi (inactive) #efz channels and ask around for help and netgames (including IPs for connecting to other people).
    • open up the CONFIG program or go into the game and go to options. set it to 60fps - 100% - 2nd option - anything - 2. NETPLAY WILL DE-SYNC IF YOU DON'T
  • recommended
    • a good internet connection - this helps because when playing online, a slow connection means lag, but this lag doesn't just affect you, it affects you and the person your connecting to. but even though you have a good internet connection, other things can affect lag (ex: distance, someone connecting to you from just down the block has less lag then someone connecting from another continent) or just how your connection to the other person is routed.
  • how to setup your netplay
    • open up the netplay client thing, 2 windows should open up, both with black backgrounds and possibly white text.
    • if your hosting, just hit enter. after you hit enter have the other person connect to you. once your connected select your delay based on your ping rate (shown as ###ms on the box) 1-25 is 1 delay, upto 50 is 2 delay, upto 100 is 3 delay anything above that is 4-5 delay (if you have horrendous ping like 200 you want 5, if you don't have 5 then just use 4).
    • if your connecting, wait for the host to start up a connection, then type in the ip of the opponent and hit enter. that's it, just wait for the host to select the delay and your on your way.
  • you've connected
    • okay first things first, you both control the main menu so either let the host move/select the mode or do it yourself. the mode you WANT is "VS. HUMAN"
      • not tested but i think it might work, you can go to options and change game settings from there IF BOTH OF YOU HAVE THE SAME SETTINGS FROM THE START. so you can play a game with 50% damage or best out of 5 rounds, or whatever.
    • once you've selected VS.HUMAN just select your character, color and stage and your on your way to fighting online.
  • leaving netplay
    • just mash escape until your at the first menu and select exit (some people have it so escape doesn't close the game, if this doesn't apply to you just mash esc til the game closes)
    • tell them you had a good time playing online, discuss the matches, or figure out why the hell you had so much lag.

The Clients

EFZ.NET EX-5 aka f5s


EX is recommended if one or both of the players is a Windows 7 user. Otherwise use EX-5. Note that both players must be using the same client.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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