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If you are looking for information on the obsolete EFZ.NET EX or anything else from the old netplay guide, please check the archived version of the Netplay article.


The preferred netplay client is EFZ Revival, which is available here:

Make sure your EFZ is updated to 4.02. To verify that your EFZ installation will work with EfzRevival, run the included EfzCheck tool. If it reports no errors, everything should be fine. Also make sure that the port you are using is forwarded appropriately on your router. Consult the FAQ or for information.

The easiest place to find other players is on IRC at #efz on Although Revival's rollback-based netcode makes for a much smoother experience compared to older netplay clients, it won't work miracles. That is to say: expect lag if trying to play someone halfway across the planet.

Using EFZ Revival

(based heavily on EfzRevival_Readme.txt)

It's recommended to first set the name you will be using in EfzRevival.ini. If you want to save replays, make sure to create a folder called netplay inside EFZ\Replay.

Launch EfzRevival and select:

  • 1 to host a game, requires having ports forwarded.
  • 2 to join a host, the host's address needs to be entered manually
  • 3 to join a host, the address is taken from the clipboard (address has been copied)
  • 4 to spectate a host, the address is taken from the clipboard.

Connecting as a player:

Use 2 or 3 to connect to a host's address. Both players will be able to set the input delay they wish to, or just press enter to use the recommended one. This delay can always be changed during the match using the keys IncreaseInputDelay and DecreaseInputDelay set in EfzRevival.ini (default numpad + and -) To disconnect press ESC during character select.

Connecting as a spectator:

Copy the host's address and use 4, it should connect as a spectator. When spectating a match, the spectator starts from the beginning of the match series. The match currently playing and the last match in the series (match currently being played) are shown at the bottom right of the screen. Spectators can accelerate the game to catch up using the keys IncreaseSpecSpeed and DecreaseSpecSpeed in EfzRevival.ini (default numpad + and -). Once the spectators have caught up setting the speed to 1 makes the viewing smoother.

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