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Minase Nayuki (asleep)


Minase Nayuki (asleep) (水瀬 名雪(寝)) is an oddball character, who uses her sleepy kung fu style of tricky attacks and eccentric movement to fight in an unpredictable manner. Her character specific jam mechanic plays into this, making the options available to her at any given point harder to pin down. During the match, she can consume jam, and level up her jam counter up to a maximum of nine. Conversely, each time she gets knocked down, she loses one jam. As the jam counter increases, her moves gain upgrades, brand new moves are unlocked, and she even gains additional air dashes. If a Neyuki manages to reach level nine, she becomes nigh unstoppable with very strong lockdown and mixups, triple air dashes with hitboxes, multiple escape options and high damage. On the other hand, if she drops all the way down to zero jam she turns into a miserable existence, stripped of many of her crucial moves and left with sluggish attacks, poor movement and pitiful escape options. However even at zero jam you can’t count her out yet, as her Final Memory is one of the best in the game due to its sheer damage output.

Nayuki is one of the heroines of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is Yuiichi's cousin, childhood friend, and has always been in love with him. Nayuki is the daughter of Akiko, and is also classmates with her friend Kaori. She is an extremely fast runner and is the captain of the school's track team because of this. On the other hand she is a very heavy sleeper, with a massive collection of alarm clocks that are able to wake up Yuuichi in the adjacent room, but do not seem to work on her at all. Nayuki really enjoys strawberry jam and strawberry sundaes, but is completely terrified at the mere mention of her mother's "special" jam. During Kanon, Yuuichi is warmly supported by Nayuki as he tries to help the people he cares about, but as he starts to remember what happened with Nayuki 7 years ago, things turn for the worse...

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Day) (水瀬家前(朝))

BGM: 2 Steps Toward

Character-Specific Notes

  • Nayuki is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep one to three times, depending on her jam level. Once Nayuki has air dashed/backstepped, she cannot perform any more air jumps until she lands or air recovers.
  • Nayuki's ground dash is actually a long leap off the ground. The first attack she does during her ground dash will be consided a ground attack and can be blocked both high or low, but subsequent attacks will be considered aerial attacks, and must be blocked high.
  • Nayuki's air dash/backstep is odd in that it sends her about 45 degrees downwards. Also, if Nayuki does not cancel her air dash/backstep with an attack, she will immediately go into a knockdown state when she lands on the ground.
  • Nayuki's Medium attacks chain as follows, given enough jam: 5B(c) 5B(f), or 2B 5B(f).
  • There is a number just above Nayuki's SP gauge, indicating her current jam level. This jam level increases by 1 every time Nayuki does her "Strawberry jam is delicious" move (up to a maximum of 9), and decreases by 1 every time Nayuki is knocked down to the floor by the opponent (down to a minimum of 0). To summarize, as Nayuki's jam level increases, she gains new moves, some moves hit more times, other moves come out faster, the number of air dashes/backsteps increase, and her walking speed increases. The exact opposite can be said as Nayuki's jam level decreases.
Jam increases to... Effect on Nayuki


  • General movement speed increases slightly.
  • The startup time on Nayuki's "Keropi is here" move decreases.
  • The number of hits dealt by Nayuki's C version "Nayu-chan Kick" move increases, to her jam level + 3.
  • The number of hits dealt by Nayuki's C version "Rolling~" move increases, to her jam level + 2.
  • The recovery time for Nayuki's C version "Rolling~" move decreases.

Jam Level 1

  • Nayuki's "Rolling~" move is unlocked.

Jam Level 2

  • Nayuki's j.B gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 3 times.
  • The startup time for Nayuki's 2B decreases, making it possible to combo 2A into 2B.
  • Nayuki's 2B can be move-cancelled into her 5B (far).
  • Nayuki's "Nayuleap" move is unlocked.
  • Nayuki's "Nayu-chan Kick" move is unlocked.

Jam Level 3

  • Nayuki gains an extra air dash, giving her a total of 2 air dashes.

Jam Level 4

  • Nayuki's j.B gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 4 times.
  • The startup time for Nayuki's 5B (close) decreases.
  • The recovery time for Nayuki's "Rolling~" move decreases.

Jam Level 5

  • Nayuki's 5B (far) gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 5 times.
  • The second-to-fifth hits of Nayuki's 5B (far) can be move-cancelled into her j.C.
  • Nayuki's B version "Nayu-chan Kick" move gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 2 times.

Jam Level 6

  • Nayuki's 5B (far) gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 6 times.
  • The first hit of Nayuki's 5B (far) can be move-cancelled into 5C.
  • 5C gains anti-air property.

Jam Level 7

  • Nayuki gains an extra air dash, giving her a total of 3 air dashes.
  • Nayuki's 5C can be jump cancelled.
  • Nayuki's B version "Nayu-chan Kick" move gains an extra hit, hitting a total of 3 times.

Jam Level 8

  • Nayuki's air dash gains attack properties.

Jam Level 9

  • Nayuki's A version "Nayu-chan Kick" move gains wallbouncing properties.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 190 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 200 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 250 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
5B(c) 1 450 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) (6+ Jam) 1 200 Any Yes No Yes
1 200 Any Yes Backdash only Yes
3 50*3 Any Yes Backdash only Yes
(5+ Jam) 1 350 Ground Yes No Yes
> chain to j.C 1 680 Any No No Yes
2B 1 450 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.B 2-4 150*2-150*4 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
(0-6 Jam) 5C 1 680 Ground Yes No Yes
(7+ Jam) 5C 1 680 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2C 1 550 Any Yes Yes Yes
j.C 1 680 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
Throw 2 1000 Throw No No No
j.Throw 2 1300 Air Throw No No No
(8+ Jam) j.66/44 1 600 Any Yes Air dash only Yes
Nayuleap [2-9 Jam]
6B 1 440 High/Air No No Yes


EFZ Neyuki 5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
190 Ground 4 2 8 +2 +1

Nayuki turns to her back and brings up her heel, for a quick hit. Quick hit that can be spammed and hits middle, is pretty safe on whiff, but has short range. Cancels into just about anything.

EFZ Neyuki 5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
450 Ground 5 4 13 +4 +2

Nayuki leans forward and attacks with a chop. Can be used in sucession with proper timing but will cancel into f.5B if B is pushed too soon, can also be canceled into 2B, C attacks, or into a jump.

EFZ Neyuki f5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
200 Any 10 2 47 / /
200 Any 12 3 45 / /
50 x 3 Any 15 3 x 3 42 -17 -19
350 Ground 28 2 29 -13 -15

Nayuki leans her head forward for an initial hit, leaps headfirst in a drilling charge, then lands face down into the floor. From 0 to 5 jams it hits 4 times initially, above that jam level it hits 5 times. Also on level 5 jam and above it gains a hit on landing. Can be cancelled on landing hit for a ground C attack or a special attack, or canceled into an aerial attacks during her leap. is useful to close gaps created by guard push to continue a block string because the leap causes nayuki to move forward while allowing Nayuki to attack at the same time.

EFZ Neyuki 5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
650 Ground 15 1 30 / -9
650 Ground 16 3 29 -6 -8

Naykui pulls keropi from behind her and slams it into the ground in front of her. Can only cancel into special attacks. hits a very wide area, will knockdown airborne opponents into the ground. if not canceled into anything she will flip over keropi, and fly forward completely defenseless, putting her directly next to an opponent if they blocked, and in a bad position.


EFZ Neyuki 2A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
200 Low 4 4 9 +1 0

Nayuki (while crouched) will turn away and flick her cat tail forward for a quick hit. quick hit that can be spammed and hits low, pretty safe on whiff and has a bit more range than 5A. just like 2A, can be canceled into anything.

EFZ Neyuki 2B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
450 Low 8 ~ 12 10 20 -4 -6

Nayuki (while crouched) collapses forward and stretches both her legs forward and back for a hit. Hits low, cancels into C attacks, and moves nayuki forward a bit. very useful to cancel into 2C for an easy launch as f.5B will push the opponent too far for 2C to hit reliably.

EFZ Neyuki 2C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
550 Ground 11 ~ 15 2 22 / -1

Nayuki (while crouched) grabs Keropi's head out from the ground and pulls him out. this cancels only into jumps and special moves. this move launches on hit and hits a tall vertical area.


EFZ Neyuki j5A.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
250 High 6 15 16 / /

Nayuki (in the air) positions herself in a body slam pose and jabs the opponent with her body. not really a body slam; this move is a quick attack that can be spammed in the air, is an aerial attack so can only be blocked in the air or standing. can cancel into j.B or j.C. all delay is canceled once you touch the floor, so you can lead it directly into an attack or jump.

EFZ Neyuki j5B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
150 x (2 ~ 4) High 6 5 x (2 ~ 4) 37 / /

Nayuki does a forward flip hitting multiple times with her arms and legs. It's a multi-hit attack, making it's active time pretty long, and can cancel directly into j.C. all delay is cancelled if you touch the floor allowing you to lead into another attack or jump.

EFZ Neyuki j5C.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
680 High 10~14 2 18 / /

Nayuki (in the air) pulls out Keropi from behind her and swings it quickly in front of her. hits a wide area, causes high knockback to aerial opponents. cancels only into jumps, air dashes (and air dash attacks). all delays are cancelled if you touch the floor, allowing you to lead into an attack or another jump.

Nayu Leap
EFZ Neyu 6B.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
440 High 29 4 21 +2 0

Nayuki takes a short but high leap and quickly extending her leg for a kick as she comes down. this move is an overhead so it can break crouch-guard. it's a pretty slow move, with long delay after a miss. won't cancel into most attacks, and cannot be jump canceled. your better off trying to tick throw them.

Air Dash
Air Dash
Air Dash at 8/9 Jam
EFZ Neyuki AirDash.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
600 Any 9.66 9 9 / /

Nayuki (in the air) gets kicked at a 45 degree angle toward the ground by Keropi. at high levels of jam these dashes gain a hit on them. use airdashes to cancel jump moves, and to move around the stage quickly. all dashes can cancel into any aerial move. In fact, not canceling the dash before nayuki hit's the floor will result in nayuki taking a downed state (does not decrease jam level), where she will be vulnerable. the dash hit can be used to extend combo's or as an overhead attack to crouch-guards.


Close 6C/4C
Ground Grab
Close 6C/4C
EFZ Neyuki GroundGrab.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
1000 None 6 1 30 / /

Nayuki's basic throw. grabs the opponent's feet and picks them up, throwing them over her head. her basic grab, throws opponents behind her so if you can tick grab the opponent you can escape a corner.

Close j6C
Air Grab
Close j6C
EFZ Neyuki AirGrab.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
1300 None 2 1 / / /

Nayuki's basic air throw. Nayuki grabs the opponent and throws them down at a 45 degree angle. an air throw, use on air-teching opponents to throw them down and possibly back into a corner after a rushdown.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Strawberry jam is delicious
S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Feint Jam
2S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Keropi is here
236A 1 550 Any No
236B 1 550 Any No
236C 5 ≈850 Any No
236S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Nayu-chan Kick [Jam Level 2-9]
(2 Jam) 623A 1 600 Any Yes
(3-5 Jam) 623A 1 800 Any Yes
(6-8 Jam) 623A 1 900 Any Yes
(9 Jam) 623A 1 600 Any Yes
(2-4 Jam) 623B 1 600 Any Yes
(5-6 Jam) 623B 2 ≈1000 Any Yes
(7-9 Jam) 623B 3 ≈1370 Any Yes
623C n 140*n Any Yes
1 650 Any Yes
Rolling~ [Jam Level 1-9]
41236A 1 650 Any Yes
41236B 1 650 Any Yes
41236C 2-10 ≈720-1060 Any Yes
214A/B/C 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Unyu?
> A 1 700 Any Yes
> Keropi is there
> B 1 550 Any No
> Unyuu
> C 1 650 Ground Yes
> Unyu~
> 2C 1 550 Ground Yes
> Strawberry jam is delicious
> S 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Feint Jam
> 2S 0 N/A N/A N/A
> Rolling Movement
> 4/6S 0 N/A N/A N/A
Black Demon [SP Level 1-3]
236236A 1 1700 Any No
236236B 2 ≈2500 Any No
236236C 3 ≈3650 Any No
Beam [SP Level 1-3]
214214A 2*4 425*2*4 Any No
214214B 2*8 425*2*8 Any No
214214C 2*16 425*2*16 Any No
Super Electric Shadow Bullet [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
C236236 ≈58 ≈5600 Ground No

Special Moves


Strawberry jam is delicious
EFZ Neyuki 5S.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
5S - - - - - - -

Nayuki raises a jar of jam above her head, sits down with her back toward the opponent, and eats a spoon of jam. causes the jam level to go up by 1. very quick move, but leaves you defenseless for that single moment. best move nayuki can do. when done out of the Zzz move, she does not pose, making the move shorter and less noticable.

2S - - - - - - -

Nayuki Raises a jar of jam above her head. very quick move, does not increase your jam and does not leave you defenseless. might trick your opponent into thinking you were going to eat a jar of jam and attack you, leaving themselves wide open.

Keropii is here
EFZ Neyuki 236.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
A - - - - - - -

Nayuki drops keropi in front of her and kicks it directly forward, almost parallel to the ground. This move can be used to keep opponents away, hindering ground advances. The long startup time makes this move less useful than most other character's projectiles.

B - - - - - - -

Nayuki drops keropi in front of her and kicks it diagonally forward-up. This move can be used to keep opponents away, hindering aerial advances. It has the same weakness as the A version.

C - - - - - - -

Similar to the A version, but travels farther, hits up to 5 times, and has invincibility frames up to the part where she kicks Keropi. great for keeping opponents away, this move has enough invincibility frames and hits to be viable to push away the opponent and give you time to JAM. doesn't cancel into much, but you can chase down the keropi for a cross up. This move cannot cancel into anything except supers.

Nayu-chan Kick
EFZ Neyuki 623.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
A 700 ~ 1000 Any 5 15 ~ 20 37 ~ 43 / -26 ~ -32

Nayuki leaps forward while kicking. A version does a single quick kick flying up at a 40 degree angle, higher jam makes her go higher. at high levels of jam, can cause wall bounce.

B 600 Any 16 3 28 / -9
- 550 Any 26 8 21 / 0
- 350 Any 49 7 20 / -

B version does a different amount of kicks as jams increase, initially doing a single very low flying kick, and growing steadily higher to 2 or 3 high flying kicks.

C 140 x N Any 12 2 x N / / /
- 650 Any 48 ~ 120 2 x N / / /

C version does rapid flying kicks, while floating 45 degrees up slowly, finishing with a final knockdown kick, with the number of kicks increasing per jam level. C version has invincibility frames throughout and is an RF attack. does not cancel into anything except eternities. in general, all versions gain distance as jam increases, A version can cross 3/4 of the screen considerably quickly at 9jam making possible to kick people out of a backdash.

EFZ Neyuki 214.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
214* - - - - - - -

Nayuki falls into a deeper sleep than she already is, lies down head first into Keropi. looks similar to her downed state. Nayuki's change stance move. causes her to go into Zzz~ stance and opens up her Zzz~ moves. Has invincibility frames at startup making it useful for baiting wakeups and countering. she is low to the ground and you might be able to dodge projectiles this way. cancel guard strings with this in an attempt to dodge a possible counter, then roll or counter with a move of your own.

214*~A - - - - - - -

Nayuki leaps forward in a body slam pose. and overhead flying attack, can knockdown opponent. flys over a wide area. unsafe on block.

214*~B - - - - - - -

Nayuki grabs a keropi out of the ground and flings it forward, as she falls back. you can control the angle of it's ascent/descent by holding 4 or 6. try to aim for the opponent. covers a large area and is great for anti air. you are very vulnerable if it is RG'd due to the long recovery time of the move. Use in tandem with rolling and become a mobile cannon.

214*~C - - - - - - -

Nayuki does her 5C move. similar to 5C, but done out of a low position. when used with rolling you can bait the opponent to attack and counter hit them/ hit them out of the air.

214*~2C - - - - - - -

Nayuki does her 2C move. similar to 2C, a launcher.

214*~2S - - - - - - -
214*~4/6S - - - - - - -

Rolling Movement
EFZ Neyuki j236.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
A 350 Any 30 2 / / /
- 650 Any 32 3 / / -13 ~ -2
B 350 Any 30 2 / / /
- 650 Any 32 3 / / -13 ~ -2
C 50 x N Any 10 2 x N / / /
- 350 Any 30 2 / / /
- 650 Any 32 3 / / -9 ~ -1

Nayuki does rolling move. Does only attack on the standing versions. Can cancel into any Zzz attacks anywhere in the roll. when cancelled into jam, she does the jam-pose, unlike her sleeping-jam where she does not pose.

Eternity Specials

Black Demon
EFZ Neyuki 236236.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
A 1700 Any 164 1 27 ~ 45 / /
B 1350 x 2 Any 164 1 x 2 27 ~ 45 / /
C 1400 x 3 Any 164 1 x 3 27 ~ 45 / /

EFZ Neyuki 214214.png
Version Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
A (425 x 2) x 4 Any 15 1 x 4 174 / /
B (425 x 2) x 8 Any 15 1 x 8 246 / /
C (425 x 2) x 16 Any 15 1 x 16 246 / /

Final Memory

Super Electric Shadow Bullet
EFZ Neyuki AA6BC.png
Damage Guard Startup Active Recovery Adv Hit Adv Block
50 x 44 Ground 5 3 x 44 / / /
200 x N Ground 137 3 x N / / /
1350 x 2 Ground / 1 x 2 / / /

Nayuki gets picked up by Keropi and is spun around at high speeds, taking the form of a giant rotating ball. Keropi then fires the Nayuki-cannonball forward, which drills past anything in her way, and then explodes on contact with the far wall. After the explosion, Nayuki is blown away from the far wall at a high trajectory. This move does a crazy high amount of damage when it is comboed into and positioned properly and is useful from any position. In the unfortunate situation that you are unable to land this move, it will still be hard for your opponent to punish you afterwards since Nayuki is invincible during the entire move, and has full control right after the explosion (you will also be in the air, and the explosion will cause you to fly in the direction away from the wall). You can act immediately after Nayuki is sent flying backwards.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos



  • Zero Jam BnB: (close) 5/2A 5B 2C [jump] j.BC.

Does about 2000 damage, and does not need any RF or SP bar. If the opponent is in the corner, you can add an extra [jump] j.BC at the end for extra damage.

  • Low Jam Super BnB: (close) 5/2A 5BC 214214A/B/C.

Does Significantly more damage, and beam guarantees a jam.

  • Half BnB: (close, 3+ jams) 5/2A 5BC 623B S.

Does about 1800-2000 damage depending on your jam level, and lets you increase your jam by one. If you have 5-6 jams, you can change the 5BC to 5BBC for extra damage, but make sure you let the final hit of that additional 5B land before the 5C. at 4 jams, you can change the 5BC to 5BBC as well but you must cancel it on the FIRST hit of the f.5B

  • Alternate Half BnB (close, 3+ jams) 5/2A 5BC 623A S

same as above except using A version of nayu-chan kick. does more damage but you have less time to jam. At really low jams the C can miss if you are late to input it by even a few frames. very risky to jam depending on opponent.

  • Low Jam BnB (close, 4 jams and lower) 5/2A 5BB* 623A S
use this version of the combo if you accidentally add an extra B to the previous combo. *must time your 623A so it comes out 1 hit before the f.5B's last hit, in effect: input before the hit prior to Nayuki landing on her face. the timing is incredibly strict and changes the lower your jam, you should only be using this if you mess up the previous combo.
  • Full BnB: (close, near corner, 7+ jams) 5/2A 5/2BBC 623B [IC after 2nd hit] j.BC [jump cancel] j.C 66 j.C

After that, do an air-throw if they tech, or keep looping j.C 66 j.C [land] [jump] again if they are still vulnerable.

  • Full Super BnB: (close, 5+ jams) 5/2A 5/2BBC 214214A/B/C

Damage Dealing basic super. use this, often.


  • Full BnB: (close, near corner, 8+ jams) 5/2A 5/2BBC 623B [IC after 2nd hit] j.BC [jump cancel] j.C 66 j.C [land] [jump].

After that, do an air-throw if they tech, or keep looping j.C 66 j.C [land] [jump] again if they are still vulnerable. learn to punish on air-tech.

  • Full BnB (close, near corner, 7+ jams) 5/2A 5/2BBC 623B [IC after 3rd hit] [land] [jump] j.BC [jump cancel] j.C 66 j.C

basically if your about half way into dark blue RF when you start, delaying for the third kick on 623B may give enough time to get a red IC off. it lowers damage, and depending on how 'soon' you get the IC your timing may be off and the 66 j.C follow up may fail. if it's a really late IC, use a 2C on the ground and go for a [jump] j.C [jump cancel] j.C

    • Use 5/2A 2BBC for spacing purposes, in case 5BBC whiffs the first hit.
  • Full BnB (Close, near corner, 7+ jams) 5/2A 5/2BBC 623B [IC after 2nd hit] j.ABC [jump cancel] j.ABC 66 j.C 44 [land] jam.


  • Leap: (8 jams+) Zzz~ A [IC] j.C [jump cancel] j.C 66 j.C [land] j.C 6666(66)
  • Full leap: (8 Jams+) Zzz~ A [BIC] j.C [jump cancel] j.C 666666 [land] [jump] j.C 66 (j.C to land)
    • leaps of awesome are actually complete bullshit. just added for completeness.
  • tick throw: (close, near corner 5+ jams) 5/2A 5BB [at the top of arch to crouching opponent] j.C whiff [land] 6C(throw) use this sparingly, or you'll Eat a dragonpunch.
  • Final Memory: (close, near corner whatever jams) any ground string, end with 5C214214

input the FM as soon you hit C. if you are slow it won't come out, too fast and the 5C doesn't even come out but will generally still hit.


this is the new combos list. very difficult to execute, but the payout is amazing and add 1000+ damage to combos you already know. no explanations, just do them, learn them.

  • ADV. Low Jam BnB: (close, 3+ jams) 5/2AA 5BC 623B IC j.A 5.BC 214214A/B/C*
  • Adv. Low Jam BnB: (close, 3+ jams) 5/2AA 5BC 623B IC j.C 5.BC 214214A/B/C*

*do not move up for first beam.

  • Level 2 Beam Combo: (near corner, 3+ jams) 214214B (6hit) 5B j.ABC j.A... whatever
  • Level 2 Beam combo w/ jam: (near corner, 3+ jams) 214214B (6hit) 5B j.AAAC [land] 5B j.ABC [jump cancel] j.ABC 44/66 [land] jam]
  • Adv. Beam BnB w/ Jam: (close, 3+ jams) 5/2AA 5BB 623A IC j.AC land 5.BC 214214A 5AB JAM
  • Adv. Beam BnB: (close, 3+ jams) 5/2AA 5BC 623(a or b) IC j.AAC land 214214A land 5AB
  • Adv. Anti-Air: (close, 3+ jams) j.B [jumpcancel] j.B 66 j.B 66 j.B land 623A IC AAC 214214A
  • Adv. Anti-Air: (corner, 3+ jams) j.AC land j.AAC j.AAAC land 5B j.ABC
  • Adv. chain: (close, 5+ jams) 5/2AA 5B 2B f.B(3) j.C land 5BB C IC 5BC 214214A/B/C
  • Adv. Corner loop BnB w/ jam: (close, 5+ jams) 5/2A 5BC 214214B(6hit) 66 j.C 5BC 623(a or b)(1) IC j.BC [jumpcancel] 66 j.BC land j.AAAC land 5B j.ABC [jumpcancel] j.ABC 66/44 land and jam
  • Adv. Corner loop BnB: (close, 5+ jams) 2BB 5C 214214B(6hit) j.C IC j.C land 2C j.C [jumpcancel] j.C 66 j.AC land j.AAAC land 5.B j.ABC [jumpcancel] j.AAAAB AD land and followup
    • these corner loops are the new Best BnBs possible atm. as they are now possible from 5 jam range and generally do a ton of damage. learn these 2 and your game will sky rocket. VERY INPUT DEMANDING: you will fail at 3-5 delay.
  • TRUE LEAP OF AWESOME (close, 6+ jams) 5/2AA 5BC 214214B 214AA IC j.C [jumpcancel] j.C 66 j.BC land jAAAC land 5BC 623A
    • NOT Bullshit, at all.
  • Flying-wall-slamming-bitch-kicker-combo (half screen, corner, 9 jams) 623A 421A** 5C 623A 421A** IC j.BC land 421A j.C [jumpcancel] j.C j.BC land 5B j.C 44 j.C land 5B j.ABC [jumpcancel] j.ABC

Notes on Combos

  • Beam combos
    • level 1 hit with all 4 beams, and immediately lower altitude on 4th hit.
    • level 2 hit with first beam, drop altitude and whiff 2nd, hit with 3rd and 4th, drop 5th, hit with 6th, 7th, and 8th, then immediately lower altitude.
    • level 3 try to bounce the opponent to mid vertical height with a SMALL burst of lasers and a whiff, immediately chase once the opponent is out of the inital few lasers towards maximum height. this will place the opponent toward the bottom of your beams when you recatch them, allowing more lasers to hit. as soon as you cannot hear the lasers hitting, drop altitude. there is no "correct" way to use this, so in general "go nuts?".
    • 5B j.AAAC 5B j.ABC [jump cancel] j.ABC after level 2 beam this will be your followup. if you do AAAC too fast you won't land/ your 5B will not hit. do it too slow and you won't hit the j.C. the rule is you must hit the 2nd j.A at the top of jump, and hit the j.C immediately after the 3rd j.A.
    • because beams reset juggle, it is possible to finish a long combo with level 2 Beam (and 1 in some cases) and land the previous followup guaranteed. this is the secret to 7k+ combos.
  • notes on guardstring: [8/9 jams] 96 B IAD-ing after a 5C that is not RG'd can close the distance on the opponent and keep them in guardstun then using the momentum, cancel it into nayukia's j.B to continue blockstun and to avoid going into knock-down state. afterwards your free to continue your assault.
  • need practice with timing the j.AAAC 5B string?
    • practice > corner opponent. 236A A j.AAAC 5B j.ABC j.ABC.
    • practice > midscreen-near corner opponent. 214214B 5B j.AAAC 5B j.ABC j.ABC.
    • practice > up to 6 jams (no higher!), red IC only, corner opponent 623B IC j.A/C 5B j.AAAC 5B j.ABC j.ABC
      • alternate between IC j.A and IC j.C and experiment with what each one does.
    • practice > corner opponent 236236A/B/C <any attack string> [bomb hit] 5B j.AAAC 5B j.ABC j.ABC
    • now try using the red IC on different attacks, like rolling or anti-air hits in the corner, and test the limits on how close you can get j.AAAC to combo into 5B!
  • once you can get these down, any time you are in these situations just GO FOR IT! if you fail, w/e, if you succeed then cheers! you can't get it all the time, but you won't get it if you don't atempt at all!

Tactics go here

  • While playing nayuki you may notice she has a ton of attacking options, most of which will keep you near the opponent. your game plan is to pressure until the crack and unload when they do. at low jams you will most likely try to counter the opponent and try to jam, but at higher jams you will more likely just try to hit the opponent until they are downed, jamming only after the assault or when the opponent is acting very cautious.
  • jam at any chance you can get, and fake jam when you know you can't get the whole move off. keeping the opponent guessing on when you jam or fake jam can be enough of a mind game to throw the opponent off, and consequently, get more jam.
  • if your at high jam and your pressure is high you might be able to get in a surprise jam. for example if you corner the opponent with a succession of attacks instead of going for a full BnB, cancel a f.5B with jam. because they are so busy guarding and the small distance f.5B creates may be enough to get a spoonful in.
  • at low jams, RF meter and super meter are your life lines to gaining more jam. properly using RF attacks to counter and escape a corner or to create distance and jamming is Incredibly important. using RF meter improperly will lead to having to defend until it charges, risking a counter with frame disadvantage and jam deprived normals (this means you have almost no opportunity to succeed).

almost just as important is your super meter, if you manage to hit the opponent with a normal attack you can try for using your keropi laser BnB and it's bonuses of frame advantage/jamming opportunity/distance. if you don't hit the opponent and your desperate to get some jam, dropping a bomb and forcing the opponent to use caution can give you time to get out of 0-2 jam and into safer ranges.

  • Nayuki is a floaty character, your air combos are affected by this.
  • a good portion of Nayuki's attacks will cause her to creep forward, this puts you in great position to continue attacking almost all the time.
  • this can also be bad when you are trapped by certain characters. (misuzu's bubble gum and doodling book traps can force you to defend more than you would want, especially at high jams. this is extremely bad). inching forward may cause you to go into a field trap and down you, consequently taking out a jam.
  • nayuki's movement is unique, she walks slow and her dash and airdashes have very odd properties.
  • her movements are very offensive and counter offensively based, designed to give and continue pressure. her air dash at 8 jams has a hitbox, is angled downwards and forces you to cancel it into an attack or suffer downed state, this is the game telling you to attack, so why not? her dash also cancels into air attacks, and is positioned so you can continue it into a ground combo, it even lifts you off the ground to avoid low attacks (makoto's slide kick for one). her back dash goes farther as jams increase, and maintaining distance between the opponent is made very simple.
  • draw back of all her dashes is nayuki is/becomes airborne, meaning when you are hit there is a high chance you will become downed at the end of an assault. costing you a jam.
  • don't forget to throw and use Zzz~. throwing an opponent is a free jam, deals high damage and adds a layer of strategy to your offensive (if you know they will guard, throw them, play mind games and keep them guessing on your next attack!).
  • Zzz~ is your friend, use it alot. if the opponent thinks your going to attack them out of Zzz~ then take the time and jam (it's more discreet than normal jamming and will make them panic when they realize you just jammed), if they come in for the attack, hit them first! counter their airborne approach with nayu-chan leap, throw keropi at them and keep them occupied, roll around and counter with 5C/2C, or roll around and jam (moving jam! this is incredibly useful)
  • a quick start in jams/offense can quickly grow into a victory, so try to get the advantage from the start. at the start of a match you have many options, if they jump at the start, predict it and air throw them, if they stay back try and get in a lucky jam, if they get next to you try and throw at the start, if you don't think you can get the throw in try and dash at them and immediately attack them as it says ATTACK. if they jump at you try to hit them with 2C and jam, hitting 2C again if they airtech above you and jam again! so many options to choose from but don't be obvious about it and get hit yourself.
  • DB is used to fighting against nayukia, use caution against him.

Mind Games

  • Zzz~
    • Use this alot, Use this often. using this on wakeup may whiff the opponent, and is also grab invincible (for baiting tick throws).
  • Also opens easy anti-air combos. Getting a few AA combos in off of Zzz~, or using a surprise 5/2C, or rolling first and then choosing an attack, or even using jam out of Zzz~ (or rolling Zzz~!) will keep the opponent guessing. If your attack succeeds the opponent will be more cautious when you hit the ground.
    • Use Zzz~ right after cancelling an airdash with j.C and landing. If you are close enough to the ground, you will go into Zzz~ without a j.C animation, and it will look like a down. The only thing that breaks the illusion is lack of sound of a 'down', Although it does play into the mindgame (eerie kind of).
  • Jam Pressure
    • Jamming makes people afraid. Seriously, a few matches against a 9-jam nayuki will put people into panic whenever the awesome "jingle-nom" sound plays, and jamming in succession will make them attack you immediately to stop you. counter appropriately, OR...
    • Fake jam, if you fake jam, and the opponent attacks, and you are ready for it, counter. 2C will usually be the proper follow up.
    • getting alot of fake-jam counter hits in will be enough of a shock, they may let in a REAL jam.
  • Guard Breaking
    • Oki : whiff a 2A when they are waking up, and throw when they are up. this is the tick throw we talked about.
    • Oki : Let them Airtech, (even into you if you can position yourself for it), air-throw.
    • Stop your Assault half way (after a 5B or f.5B for instance), and creep up and throw them.
    • USE 6B. combo from it. and 6B used mid-combo may succeed if the opponent is too worried about blocking all the lows.
    • IAD 8+ jams, instant overhead. Has a more pronounced animation than 6B, but use it to make 6B less noticeable.
    • 2AAA...., very hard to counter even out of Recoil guard. in fact, use this to bait RG counter-offensives and RG back! or if you think you can do it, out-prioritize them (623A/B/C out of the ensuing RG DP or 236[RG] attack).
    • infinite loop, 5/2A 5/2BBC IAD [j.C landing cancel] repeat indefinately You can push the opponent all the way to the other side, and back if you time your airdashes properly. use this as the perfect guardstring, just watch the 5/2BBC, sometimes a 5/2BC is enough (and is preferred). Get this down to memory, and use it to bait RG counter-offensives and RG back and continue the assault while your at it!
  • Airdash
    • It has hitbox at 8/9 jams. meaning your airdashes will beat out airgrabs, every time.
    • you get 3 airdashes, any direction. using this with 8/9 jams means triple-airdash attacks.
    • you stall in the air when you airdash repeatedly. this offsets the wierd angle, making airdash stalling even more powerful with nayukia than other characters.
      • stalling is when you airdash over the opponent in the corner and wait for them to try to anti-air you. because they are in the corner, your dash will keep you right above them and out of most DP/AA move's area of attack. if they fail an AA, stop stalling and your dash will hit them, perfect setup for a combo
    • backwards airdash does have a hit box, use for whatever.
    • you can airbackdash/airdash cancel out of each any airdash/airbackdash. so stagger your airdashing to get a good angle of attack. zig-zagging in the air can fake the opponent out, putting you in a safe and advantageous position in the air.
    • airdash to get to the ground faster than floating downward. this sets up for extended/relaunch combos.
    • use your airdashes, it will speed up your assault and lay out more pressure.
    • IAD is 96.


  • Nayukia has few opportunities to use a bomb, and it's quite a gamble to use them effectively, but the damage you can accumulate with bombs can be very reliable once you know how to use them.
  • bombs are one of the few attacks that can deal out massive damage without much being affected by power reduction in combos, a level 1 bomb can easily do 1000 damage even at the end of a long chain of hits and a level 3 bomb at it's center can do well over 3000 points of damage with power reduction (4000 just by itself is just as great). a bomb hit is always welcome.
  • getting a bomb to hit, and at it's center is a hard task, but it's most easily done in a corner. if you knockdown the opponent into a corner, immediately on reaction just drop a bomb on top of them and return to your assault with your best guard string/ mixup you have.
  • it's not always about the damage either. the sheer pressure you can apply with just dropping one can extend your offensive immensely and placing one strategically can multiply that: drop a bomb a bit away from the corner so it barely reaches the opponent so when they get up they can't retreat over you/ to the other side or forces them to block.
  • bombs are wild cards in themselves sometimes, accidentally dropping one doesn't mean it's wasted, the opponent is going to scramble to take advantage of your mistake, but may make mistakes trying to escape as well. more often than not, random accident bombs hit aggressive opponents.


  • rolling has many uses, and a good nayukia knows just how to use it at all times to keep pressure high, even if your just escaping or dodging.
  • all versions of rolling have the same startup, all versions put nayukia into crouch state which means she can go under alot of attacks and airborne enemies (including IAD), you can use it in 5 ways. A version rolls her forward to maximum distance, B version rolls backwards to maximum distance. both A and B can hit twice depending on jam and how you hit the enemy. C version uses RF and has hitboxes nearly throughout the attack (depending on jam level, there could be a gap at low jams between first series of hits and the last 2). using 6S during Zzz makes her roll forward upto maximum distance but can be cancelled at anytime into her other Zzz moves, 4S is the same but in reverse.
  • using C version of her rolling is an easy way to close distance for an attack and is very likely to hit low flying airborne opponents, making it a very reliable AA in most cases. you will be landing AA hits with this alot and you won't even be trying for it. even if the opponent is in the air, this move will combo the same way as if the opponent was on the ground for maximum hits (according to which part in the roll you hit them, closer means all hits, farther means you miss a few)
  • using the Zzz version of her rolling move can allow you a new way to approach the enemy and more importantly the easiest way to succesfully jam: use it to retreat and immediately cancel it into jam. it's less obvious to the opponent you are jamming because nayukia doesn't hold the jar high in the sky and make pinging noises, it comes out faster and thus ends faster. abuse Zzz rolling whenever you can.
  • baiting moves with Zzz rolling. if you roll away you can immediately counter a trigger happy opponent giving chase. just roll a safe distance away and watch for an attack, if they jump/IAD at you then use A and hop up into their grills, if they dash at you or miss an attack hit them with C and follow up with an attack. at higher jams you can even avoid using A version and use C's higher hit-box to AA opponents.
  • at the end of rolling, the opponent is kicked up into the air, from the point where they are hit into the air and the point you can start moving again you are given barely enough time to continue with an attack. at this point you have very few options to actually hit the opponent with because of angling and distance, but in most cases you can hit with an immediately input 5C (must be inputted as soon as you regain control or the opponent will drop) or with a 623A.
  • 623A out of rolling: you can tack on a nice chunk of damage by finishing with nayu-chan kick A version, and more importantly wallbounce the opponent at 9jams. a wallslam can easily mean a j.C or even better, another 623A. hitting with 623A after rolling (especially RF rolling) is your better bet when deciding on which moves to followup with due to high raw damage from the 623A and frame advantage if it also wallbounces.
  • retreat: if your in the corner and the opponent starts an airborne approach (IAD or a really low jump) then retreating to the sky becomes hazardous, in this case just roll under the opponent and escape to safer territory and plot your counter attack.
  • mind games, if you roll around alot, you can keep the opponent guessing on when you will attack, just roll at them and they may jump to avoid it, immediately roll under them again, or roll away from them a few times and attack when they can't guess your next move, or of course, you can jam.
  • yes, the B version of nayukia's rolling can hit people. in fact it catches pursuers quite often when they IAD.

nayukia mirror matches

lately these have been far and few between, but when you see yourself in this position, have fun!

  • jam sesion. people who fight nayukia mirror matches tend to find both sides jamming, sometimes from the start of the round all the way up to 9 jam. no real strategy, 9 jam is good, you can try to attack the opponent, but your probably at a large enough distance that it won't do anything and they will have 1 more jam than you do.
  • 9 jam vs 9 jam. the better nayukia wins and keeps all her jam! hope your ADs hit before the opponent's. and use keropi wisely. knockdowns and jams are crucial, do your best to keep yours and drain your opponent's.
  • 0 jam vs 9 jam. this can happen quite a bit. of all characters, 0 jam nayukia ranks as the lowest tier character, at 9 jam she ranks at 5th best. just play your best 0 jam and hope to turn it around.
  • 0 jam vs 0 jam. this is hilarious, savor the moment. your both slow so you can jam at anypoint really. but why? you're both at 0 jam, when has 0 jam nayukia ever had a fairer fight against an opponent than now? go nuts!
  • keropi: use him, he is your best friend. pull off feints, knock ADs out of the sky, create an opening for jams, blow the opponent up, shoot lasers, shoot yourself at the opponent. use keropi.

Win Quotes

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Earthquake dao~



Strawberry jam

is delicious...









(To Ayu)



(To Ayu)





In-game References

External References

  • Nayuki's "Super Electric Shadow Bullet" move (pronounced Choukyuu Daou Deneidan in Japanese) is based on the "Choukyuu Haou Deneidan" technique from the School of the Undefeated of the East, from the anime series Mobile Fighter G Gundam.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background is the Minase household, where Nayuki lives.
  • The fact Nayuki is dressed in pajamas, and fights while half-asleep, are references to her amazingly heavy sleeping habits.
  • The large frog that Nayuki uses is her beloved stuffed frog Keropi.
  • The strawberry jam Nayuki eats to increase her powers is one of her favourite foods in the game.
  • The fact that Nayuki (asleep) is the only character to try to run away during Akiko's "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her overwhelming fear of her mother's "special" jam.
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