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Nagamori Mizuka


With her strong normals, good reversals, great damage and overwhelming lockdown, Nagamori Mizuka (長森 瑞佳) is widely considered to be the single best character in the game, outside of the last boss Kanna. Her unique ability to set notes, and have them explode when hit with her cello bow not only gives her great space control, but also allows for some extremely strong setups, which are only made stronger by her fast and hard to see overhead. Her trademark corner fortissimo lockdown gives her safe, airtight corner pressure which builds a huge amount of meter and can reset into itself on hit. She is also a character that scales very well with the player, as a beginner can win purely by using her strong normals and fast walk speed, while an expert player has room to grow in learning her more advanced note setups and clean hit combos. If she can be considered to have any weakness, it would be her lack of good long range options, and the difficulty she has converting off mid range hits in the neutral game.

Mizuka is the main heroine of ONE, a visual novel produced by Tactics in 1998. Mizuka is Kouhei's neighbour and childhood friend, and is in the same grade in school. She always worries about Kouhei, acting very maternal-like towards him. Mizuka goes to wake him up every morning, but Kouhei either does not get up or plays some mean tricks to her, causing them to be late for school all the time. During ONE, a pretend confession that Mizuka takes seriously ends up changing things between them forever. And when he discovers inconsistencies in his memories, he struggles to find the truth between him and Mizuka...

Stage: Park on the Path to School (Day) (通学路の公園(昼))

BGM: 8 Cats (8匹のネコ)

Character-Specific Notes

  • Mizuka is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • Several of Mizuka's moves require her cello bow to be in her hands. If Mizuka's bow is thrown, she will not be able to perform those moves until she recovers the bow again.
  • Several of Mizuka's moves create notes on the playing field. These notes can be detonated by various other moves, in order to deal damage. Notes will normally disappear after being detonated or after 10 seconds, whichever comes first.
  • Mizuka's Medium attacks are chained either like 5B(c) 5B(f), or like 2B 5B(f).

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 200 Low Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 220 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 200 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66A 1 250 Low Yes No Yes
662A 1 220 Low Yes No Yes
5B(c) 1 390 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) 1 450 Ground Yes No Yes
2B 1 400 Ground Yes Hit Yes
j.B 1 400 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66B 1 450 Ground Yes No Yes
662B 1 350 Any Yes No Yes
5C 1 600 Ground Yes Hit Yes
2C 6 ≈560 Ground Yes No Yes
j.C 1 600 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
66C 1 650 Ground Yes Hit Yes
662C 1 600 Ground Yes No Yes
Throw 6 ≈1080 Throw No No No
j.Throw 2 1200 Air Throw No No No
Bookbag Decapitation
6B 1 450 High No No Yes



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 ]

Mizuka does a short kick at the opponent's shin.


[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+3 | Block:+1 ]

Mizuka does a side kick horizontally out.


[ Startup: 10 | Hit:+0 | Block:-2 ]

Mizuka swings her bookbag out in a wide horizontal arc.


[ Startup: 10 | Hit:+2 | Block:+0 ]

Mizuka swings her cello in front of her in a large vertical arc upwards.

6B - Bookbag Decapitation (脳天かばん割り)

[ Startup: 19 | Hit:-3 | Block:-5 ]

Mizuka slowly raises her bookbag, and swings it downward. When used alongside Tone & Setup+ this gives Mizuka access to very powerful high/lows. The startup of the animation is very subtle making this move seem quicker than it actually is.



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+3 | Block:+2 ]

Mizuka, while sitting on a chair, kicks one foot out.


[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+3 | Block:+1 ]

Misuka kicks out, using a chair to support her unbalanced position.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:--- | Block:-14~+4 ]

Mizuka plays her cello, causing a barrier of music to circle around her. This move will knock down the opponent if it hits, and will cause any notes that touch the barrier to detonate. This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands. Instead, Mizuka will perform a dashing crouch strong attack. This move is a decent sweep, and can easily cancel into any number of specials or supers. The multi-hit nature of this move makes it very safe from being Recoil Guarded, and is useful to push the opponent away. It is quite weak against aerial attacks though.

2C (no bow)

[ Startup: 7 | Hit:+3 | Block:+1 ]

Mizuka faceplants.



[ Startup: 6 ]

Mizuka does a weak kneeing motion in the air. The hitbox persists for a very long time if it does not hit, making it Mizuka's go-to tech trap normal.


[ Startup: 6 ]

Mizuka does a kick aimed forward and slightly down.


[ Startup: 9 ]

Mizuka swings her cello in front of her in a large horizontal arc. Huge hitbox.



[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

Identical to 5A except has momentum.


[ Startup: 8 | Hit:+0 | Block:-2 ]

Identical to 5B except has momentum. If spaced correctly, this move can be incredibly annoying for the opponent to deal with.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:-3 | Block:-5 ]

Mizuka swings her cello directly above her.


[ Startup: 5 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

Mizuka, while sitting on a chair, kicks one foot out.


[ Startup: 17 | Hit:+11.66 | Block:+9.66 ]

Mizuka does a short running hop, and does a kick aimed forward and slightly down. Useful to cross-up, as it will go over knocked opponents and hit meaty from either side the moment they wake up.


[ Startup: 7 | Hit:--- Block:-35 ]

Mizuka leaps toward the opponent hands first, body fully extended and off the ground. This move will wallbounce a midair opponent if it hits.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Slow & Keying
236A 1 600 Any FIC
236B 1 600 Any FIC
236C 1 600 Any FIC
> Pitch & Bend [During Slow & Keying]
> 236A 0 N/A N/A No
> 236B 0 N/A N/A No
> 236C 0 N/A N/A No
Slash & Prologue [+Aerial]
623A 1 700 Any Yes
623B 2 ≈820 Any Yes
623C 3 ≈1260 Any Yes
Tone & Setup [+Aerial]
214A/B/C 1 600 Any No
Tone & Setup
j.236A/B/C 1 600 Any No
Smash & Sympathy
412A 1 750 Any Yes/FIC
412B 1 750 High/Air Yes/FIC
412C 2 ≈1050 Any, High/Air Yes
Special Mounting Pillow [SP Level 1-3]
236236A 10 ≈2180 Ground No
236236B 31 ≈3380 Ground No
236236C 35 ≈3950 Ground No
Tone & Setup+ [+Aerial, SP Level 1-3]
214214A n 600*n Any No
214214B 1 1800 Any No
214214C n 600*n Any No
Reverb & Awaking [SP Level 1-3]
641236A or 632146A 1 1800 Ground No
641236B or 632146B 1 2500 Ground No
641236C or 632146C 1 3200 Ground No
Eternal Poem [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
6BA6A 0 N/A Unblockable No

Special Moves


236* - Slow & Keying (スロゥ&キーイング)
  • A version:
    • Mizuka throws her bow out straight forward, like a boomerang. After reaching the maximum distance, the bow becomes harmless and automatically homes in to Mizuka for recovery. While the bow is in the air, any notes the bow touches will detonate. This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands.
    • This move is useful projectile. It comes out fast, crosses almost the entire screen, and can detonate far-off notes easily.
  • B version:
    • Same as the A version, except the bow is thrown diagonally forward-up initially.
    • This move is the anti-air version. It's generally less useful than the A version, but it can be used to hit high-up notes and attack jumping opponents. However, if the bow is Recoil Guarded, the opponent will most likely still be on the offensive, unlike the A version where you at least stop their dash.
  • C version:
    • Similar to the A version, but will start creating notes during the recovery phase, up to a maximum of 5 notes. This version will not detonate notes.
    • This move is quite useful, letting you fill up the screen with notes while go on the offensive.

Pitch & Bend (ピッチ&ベンド)

  • Mizuka waves a conductor's baton, which changes the trajectory of the bow.
  • The A version makes the bow move up, the B version makes the bow move down, and the C version makes the bow move away.
623* - Slash & Prologue (スラッシュ&プロローグ)
  • Mizuka leaps a number of times up-forward, swinging her cello and bow at the opponent.
  • This move can also be done in the air.
  • This move will detonate any notes that her body touches.
  • The B version has upper body invincibility and can be followed up (normally by 5C -> air combo)
  • The last hit of the C version causes wallbounce if it hits.
  • This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands.
214* - Tone & Setup (トーン&セットアップ)
  • Mizuka plays her cello, creating a note on the screen
  • Any notes that touch a detonating note's explosion will also detonate.
  • This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands.
412* - Smash & Sympathy (スマッシュ&シンパティ)
  • Mizuka leaps towards the opponent and swings her bow down to the ground.
  • The A version will detonate any notes that her body or bow touches. The B and C versions will detonate any notes that only her body touches, and will create a new note where the bow is at the end of the move.
  • This move is IC-able even without attacking the opponent.
  • This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands.

Eternity Specials

Mizuka236236 2.png
236236* - Special Mounting Pillow (スペシャル馬乗り枕)
  • Mizuka runs towards the opponent. If the move hits, Mizuka pushes the opponent to the ground and hits them repeatedly with a pillow, ending with an earth-shaking pillow-to-the-face.
214214* - Tone & Setup+ (トーン&セットアップ+)
  • Mizuka plays her cello, creating a special note that has certain unique properties.
    • A: Creates a "forte" (f-note) on the screen. It acts like a regular note, but it will not disappear after detonation. Potentially one of the best supers in the game if used right.
    • B: Creates a treble clef on the screen. It acts like a regular note, but it creates a much larger and much stronger explosion on detonation.
    • C: Creates a triplet on the screen. It bounces forward, creating sets of 3 normal notes at regular intervals until it goes off the screen. It cannot be detonated.
  • This move cannot be performed if Mizuka's bow is out of her hands.
  • This super uses only 1 Level of SP for all 3 versions.
641236* - Reverb & Awaking (リバーヴ&アウェイキング)
  • Mizuka raises two conductor's batons, one in each hand, and swings them down, producing a huge shockwave of energy.
  • This move causes all of the notes in the environment to detonate without making them disappear.

Final Memory

6BA6A - Eternal Poem (永遠の詩)
  • Mizuka clutches her chest as if in pain, keels over as symbols start to appear around her, and then screams causing the screen to fade into white. Afterwards, the opponent is completely frozen and vulnerable for about 10 seconds.
  • Mizuka can be interrupted during the startup time for this move. The opponent must hit Mizuka before she screams in order to interrupt the move.
  • This move causes all of the notes in the environment to detonate without making them disappear.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


(Tentative, these are probably not optimal) (You might forgo j.623A for airdash, or j.ABC 623A for 8 j.A to tech trap maybe. I don't know how this game works though)

fullscreen/midscreen meterless bnb: 2AB(B)C 214B dash forward. <- Lets you do dumb note mixups

fullscreen note bnb: 214A hits > 5C j.B ad j.A j.B 66C j.ABC j.ABC 623A (you can opt to go for 2C instead of air combo if you want to place notes I think)

fullscreen BIC bnb: buttons > 623A BIC j.B ad j.A j.B land (66C as late as possible) j.B ad j.B j.C j.ABC j.ABC 623A

corner bnb: 2A 2B 2C 214A

corner bnb: 2C 5ABC j.ABC j.ABC 623A -you can hit confirm from a close A or B.

corner IC bnb: buttons 2C 623A IC j.B ad j.B j.C 66B 2A 5AA 5BB 5C j.ABC j.ABC 632A

corner BIC bnb: 2ABC 623A BIC [j.BC 5BC] j.ABC j.ABC 623A

Basic Strategy

Take any opportunity you get to create notes around the opponent.

If you are waking up and you believe that the opponent is going to attack, Slash & Prologue C version is a good wakeup to use.

If you manage to knock down the opponent in the corner, laying an f-note (Tone & Setup+ A version) would be a good idea.

Fun with Notes

Standard Corner Note: This is the most basic note setup that you should learn. While the opponent is downed in the corner, create a note on top of them (214A). From this position, you have the options of attacking low with 2A or 5A, attacking high with 6B, throwing them, or detonating the note with 623A. If you detonate the note, you will retain frame advantage and have a second try to break the opponent's guard.

Deadly Note Crossover: While next to a downed opponent, create a note right on top of them (214A), and just before they wake up, perform an A version Slash & Prologue (623A) to detonate the note. With correct timing, you will either attack them as they stand up, forcing them to block as expected (away from your original position), or whiff and land on the opposite side of the opponent, forcing them to block unnaturally (towards your original position).

Alternatively, the A version Smash & Sympathy (412A) can be used instead, if the 623 motion is too difficult. Also, the B version Tone & Setup+ (214214B) can be used instead, for extra damage.

Follow-up Bow: While far from the opponent, create a note far away (214B), throw the bow high up (236B), and dash toward the opponent. If the opponent tries to be offensive and punish you for that "missed" bow, they will be surprised when the bow loops back behind you and detonates that note on it's way back to you, launching the opponent for an aerial assault.

Win Quotes

Japanese English









Hey, I don't think it's good to fall asleep on the street...







(To Rumi)



(To Rumi)
Na... Nanase-san~

Don’t be so dejected~


(To Mio)



(To Mio)
Mio-chan, we’ll continue playing another time, so let’s stop here for today.

(To Nayuki)


(To Nayuki)
I know that cats are cute, but…

I think it would be better to be a little more calm.





(To Mizuka)


(To Mizuka)
If two people are at it, even the looking after Kouhei would be halved, wouldn’t it?



In-game References

ONE References

  • Mizuka's "Special Mounting Pillow" move is a reference to how Mizuka sometimes wakes Kouhei up with a pillow.
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