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Amano Mishio


Amano Mishio (天野 美汐) has the slowest walk/dash in the game, but makes up for it with how strong she is in every other aspect. She has the best mid range normals in the game and is one of the few characters with a fully invincible, meterless dragon punch. Her defining characteristic is her element system: while she starts out fairly weak with only one special, the dragon punch, landing it randomly assigns her one of two elements: fire or lighting. Each element gives her access to new specials, with lightning specials focusing on space control, while fire specials grant her massive damage potential. Some of the elemental moves consume the element and put her back in her weak elementless state, forcing her to connect with 623* again. You can however IC the skills to keep the element.

Mishio is a supporting character of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is a first-year student at the high school that Yuiichi attends. She acts cold and unfriendly, and scares away her classmates. However, Yuiichi discovers that she seems to know a lot more about Makoto than she should be able to know. During Kanon, when Makoto's condition worsens and Yuiichi confronts Mishio, she warns him about his future and what it means for a "miracle" to be realized...

Stage: Monomi Hill (ものみの丘)

BGM: Sea of Mist (霧海) + the fox and the grapes

Character-Specific Notes

  • Mishio is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • Mishio has one of the slowest walks and ground dashes in the game. Use the air dash instead if you need to get anywhere fast.
  • Mishio's current element allows her to access a subset of her moves. She gains element from connecting certain non-element moves (typically her "Round Moon" move), and loses element from completing certain element-based moves.
  • There is a black circle just above Mishio's SP gauge, indicating her current element. A red "炎" symbolizes the Flame element, a blue "雷" symbolizes the Thunder element, and a red and blue "覚" symbolizes her Awakened state (she gains both elements). If it is empty, she currently has no element. Her current element (if any) can also be determined by the colour of sparks being emitted from her body.
  • If Mishio uses her "Fantasy Beast Sky Fox Summoning" move, she will glow a golden colour and gain her Awakened state, giving her the power of both elements. A "Time" gauge will appear below her life gauge, indicating the time left before her Awakened state disappears. While Mishio has both elements, she can perform essentially every move on her movelist.


  • Insane normals allows her to control space easily
  • Insane damage potential can easily leave people overdefensively or dead
  • Arguably the best set of Shoryuken moves in the game makes her very hard to pressure
  • Ability to full combo off the most random abare situations
  • Combos guarantee tech-punishes without cutting anything short


  • Sluggish movement, the slowest dash and walkspeed in the game
  • Lack of offensive tools outside of elements makes it hard to initially open people up
  • Getting started into an element can be a huge chore
  • Due to the random factor it's possible to get "element screwed", such as getting only lightning in a matchup where it can go as far as being risky to hold on to.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 ? ? Yes ? Yes
2A 1 ? Low Yes ? Yes
j.A 1 ? High Yes Yes Yes
66A 1 ? ? Yes ? Yes
662A 1 ? Low Yes ? Yes
5B(c) 1 ? ? Yes No Yes
5B(f) 1 ? ? Yes No Yes
2B 1 ? ? Yes No Yes
j.B 1 ? High Yes Yes Yes
66B 1 ? Mid Yes No Yes
662B 1 ? Mid Yes No Yes
5C 1 ? Mid Yes Yes Yes
2C 1 ? Low Yes No Yes
j.C 1 ? High Yes ? Yes
66C 1 ? Mid Yes Yes Yes
662C 1 ? Low Yes No Yes
Throw 1 ? - No No No
j.Throw ? ? ? No No No
Blazing Delivery [Flame or Awakened]
6C 1 ? Mid Yes Yes Yes
Advancing Thunder [Thunder or Awakened]
6B 1 ? High No No Yes



[ Startup: 6 | Hit:-1 | Block:-2 ]

A quick poke to the shin. Very far range for a jab. Does not chain into itself and resembles more of a medium-strength attack. The disjointed hitbox can be great in Mishio's pokey corner lockdown.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+1 | Block:-1 ]

Mishio hammers down her spear. This move has an INSANE disjointed red wall of pain in front and diagonally above Mishio. Spaced correctly, this beats everything. Anti-airing with this is gives way too much reward for how common it is. That said, there is a blindspot right in front of Mishio's forehead. Doing this too close can whiff it on airborne opponents or someone doing a lower-body invul DP. This move starts up so fast and has so much untech time it airjuggles into itself. Looping this with 2B in the corner leads to her highest damage combos.


[ Startup: 7 | Hit:-1 | Block:-3 ]

Long range spear thrust. This is pretty much her signature move. The entire thrust INCLUDING HER HAND is a disjointed red hitbox. Stops most characters dead in their tracks trying to approach from the ground. In lightning mode this move becomes a very common combo starter. Short whiff animation makes this great to simply throw out there. However, it can be low profiled by certain slides which is basically the only thing of concern regarding this move.

6B - Advancing Thunder (駆雷)

[ Startup: 21 | Hit:+3 | Block:+1 ]

LIGHTNING ONLY. Hop overhead. Low body invulnerability (along other hurtbox shenanigans) and non-existent recovery. It recovers so fast it can "safejump" some EX reversals or make them straight up whiff, such as Ayu's arrows. Hitting this meaty will enable combos without the use of IC. Can be cancelled into lightning j.236236 air super, leading into unblockable setups.


[ Startup: 9 | Hit:-2 | Block:-4 ]

Short range upwards thrust. Short range horizontally, that is. Huge disjointed hitbox upwards makes this one of the best anti-airs in the game and leads into huge combos. This move is so good it can go as far as challenging Akiko's washing machine. Even trading with this is fine and still leads to the same combos as if jumpcancelled. However, it is quite slow and has to be done early. Have no fear though, the quick recovery makes this fine to be whiffed against doublejump-baits and the like.

6C - Blazing Delivery (焔送)

[ Startup: 12 | Hit:-- | Block:-9 ]

FIRE ONLY. Spear uppercut. Straightforward launcher. The range and angle allow this to be used as an anti-air outside of 5C range. This easily whiffs when using too long strings to hitconfirm. Only useful on a close-up hitconfirm when comboing into super is not an option.



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

A fast kick. Mashable, good for pressure. The short range and bad hurtbox compared to many other 2A of its kind makes it unreliable in RG battles. Can be used in character-specific airjuggles.


[ Startup: 12 | Hit:+8 | Block:+6 ]

Spinning spear attack. This move is pretty slow, chaining into it after getting RG'd is asking to be punished. Despite being slow, it recovers extremely fast and is quite + on block. Comes with some very decent range for the type of move it is. Covers the area directly above Mishio's head, can anti-air in certain situations but lacks the upwards reach to challenge most things. The quick recovery and huge untech-time make this part of her 5B 2B loop, leading to her most damaging corner juggles.


[ Startup: 12 | Hit:-- | Block:+0 ]

Long range spear sweep across the floor. The go-to normal after hitconfirming outside of lightning, this sweep will combo into elementless 623A and any fire super.



[ Startup: 6 ]

Fast downards stab. Similar to 5A, more resembling of a medium strength attack. The great untech time allow very delayed chains to j.B to adjust juggle heights freely. A very strong jump-in for situations where you need speed over j.C's hitbox. Useful for some basic high/low mixups, but very vulnerable to RG.


[ Startup: 6 ]

f.5B's aerial brother. GOD LANCE. Quick startup, short recovery, big disjointed range and enough untech time to confirm this into an airdash for a combo. This move is both used in neutral as a zoning tool to poke at opponents and deny air space as well as a combo staple. Because of how Mishio shortens her legs during this move, it will hit almost all the way to the ground before she actually lands. This prevents people from crouching under it and tripguarding Mishio.


[ Startup: 11 ]

Huge downwards spear swing. This move has an INSANE disjointed hitbox anywhere below and in front of Mishio. It also hits really far behind Mishio. No normal means will anti-air this ever. Sends the opponent downwards for a knockdown, but due to the nature of Mishio's juggles the untech-time will be so borderline this can be pretty much immediately airteched. Outside of crossups, the main purpose of this move is as a midscreen or a fire comboender in the corner, as ending a juggle in j.C cancelled into Running Flame is an automatic tech-trap setup.



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:-1 | Block:-2 ]

Looks identical to 5A but carries momentum. Same as 5A but won't cancel into other normals. Arguably Mishio's only bad button. There's no real reason to ever use this over 66B or 662B.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+0 | Block:-1 ]

Looks identical to 5B (far) but carries momentum. Used to poke at people from surprising ranges, catching them off-guard. Same as f.5B, strong potential to hitconfirm in lightning.


[ Startup: 15 | Hit:-- | Block:-5 ]

Looks identical to 5C but carries momentum. What's better than an anti-air 5C? An anti-air 5C that slides across the floor while at it. Unlike 5C, this can't be jumpcancelledon block making this rather unsafe when blocked close up.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

Looks identical to 2A but carries momentum. 2A is so stubby even dashing into it doesn't provide it with any range. The main use for this is as a quick whiff to set up a throw or to frametrap them into a DP.


[ Startup: 10 | Hit:+5 | Block:+3 ]

Looks identical to 2B (far) but carries momentum. The quick recovery makes this the go-to whiffed normal to close the distance with an accelerated dash after something like a 623A knockdown.


[ Startup: 9 | Hit:-- | Block:+0 ]

Looks identical to 2C but carries momentum. Using this in fire represents a HUGE damage threat starting half screen distance. Primarily used to shut down characters like Makoto, Misuzu and Akiko from just chilling on the ground and throwing out projectiles.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
Round Moon [No Element]
623A ? ? ? ?
623B ? ? ? ?
623C ? ? ? ?
Fiery Vehicle [Flame/Awakened]
236A ? ? ? ?
236B ? ? ? ?
236C ? ? ? ?
Running Flame [+Aerial, Flame/Awakened]
214A/B/C ? ? ? ?
Flame Moon [Flame]
623A ? ? ? ?
623B ? ? ? ?
623C ? ? ? ?
Purple Lightning [Thunder/Awakened]
412A ? ? ? ?
412B ? ? ? ?
412C ? ? ? ?
Thunderbolt Summon [Thunder/Awakened]
22A/B ? ? ? ?
Thunder Moon [Thunder]
623A ? ? ? ?
623B ? ? ? ?
623C ? ? ? ?
True Moon [Awakened]
623A/B ? ? ? ?
623C ? ? ? ?
100-Ogre Scorching Flash [Flame/Awakened, SP Level 1-3]
236236A ? ? ? ?
236236B ? ? ? ?
236236C ? ? ? ?
Flame-Dragon-Flight Flash [Flame/Awakened, SP Level 1-3]
214214A ? ? ? ?
214214B ? ? ? ?
214214C ? ? ? ?
Thunder-Fang Lance Flash [Thunder/Awakened, SP Level 1-3]
j.236236A ? ? ? ?
j.236236B ? ? ? ?
j.236236C ? ? ? ?
Descending Thunder Battle Cry [Thunder/Awakened, SP Level 1-3]
641236A ? Any (Unblockable if held) ? ?
641236B ? Any (Unblockable if held) ? ?
641236C ? Any (Unblockable if held) ? ?
Fantasy Beast Sky Fox Summoning [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
B2B5CA ? ? ? ?


No Element

623* - Round Moon (円月)
  • A complete circle spear swing.
  • This move not only functions as a good reversal, but on hit will give Mishio a random element when the move finishes. If the move is cancelled using IC or punished after being guarded, Mishio will not gain the element.
    • A version: Very fast overall, hard to punish and makes a great anti-air.
    • B version: Much longer startup but has a longer invulnerability to match.
    • C version: As fast as the A version and deals two with the second one launching the opponent. Even if the opponent guards this, you will usually gain the element.


236* - Fiery Vehicle (火車)
  • A version:
    • Mishio stabs out forward 4 times with her spear in rapid succession. One of the few special moves in EFZ that can be cancelled into another special move.
    • This is a decent multi-hit attack that chips well and pushes the opponent away.
  • B version:
    • Mishio dashes half the screen with a shoulder tackle. If the tackle hits the opponent, she then stabs out 4 times with her spear in rapid succession.
    • Because the length of the dash is timed, this move will only fully connect at certain distances.
  • C version:
    • Mishio dashes half the screen with a multi-hit shoulder tackle. If the tackle hits the opponent, she then stabs out 7 times with her spear in rapid succession. Once the recovery time for this move runs out without interruption, Mishio will lose her Flame element.
214* - Running Flame (走炎)
  • Mishio becomes a flaming arrow, and flies through the air.
  • Using a different button changes the direction Mishio goes in. Regardless of button strength, this move can be followed up with an additional dash by pressing a direction + attack button. If the followup is used, Mishio will lose her Flame element.
Running Flame Directions
↖ C ↑ B A ↗
A (Air) →
C (Air) ↓ B (Air) ↘
623* - Flame Moon (炎月)
  • Replaces Round Moon when Mishio has the Flame element. Once the recovery time for this move runs out without interruption, Mishio will lose her Flame element.
    • C Version: The second hit will knock down.


412* - Purple Lightning (紫電)


22* - Thunderbolt Summon (召雷)
  • After a short delay, lightning will strike the opponent. After the strike, Mishio will lose her Lightning element.
  • This move will launch as well has stun the opponent for an extended period of time.
623* - Thunder Moon (雷月)
  • Replaces Round Moon when Mishio has the Lightning element. Once the recovery time for this move runs out without interruption, Mishio will lose her Lightning element.
  • On hit, the opponent will hang in the air for an extended period of time.
    • C Version: The second hit will knock down.


623* - True Moon (真月)

Awakened mode only. This is a buffed version of the elementless 623*. Has no fire or lightning properties. Like all of the other Awakened specials, Mishio will not lose element doing this.

Eternity Specials


236236* - 100-Ogre-Scorching Flash (百鬼焦閃)
  • Super version of 236*.
214214* - Flame-Dragon-Flight Flash (炎龍翔閃)
  • This super is Mishio's main way of getting damage. If timed and spaced correctly, you can continue comboing after this super finishes. Due to the final hit causing an untechable but still juggle-able state you can still regain Element at low proration by ending in 623A/B.


Mishioj236236 1.png
Mishioj236236 2.png
j236236* - Thunder-Fang Lance Flash (雷牙閃穿)
  • Mishio shoots varying lightning bullets towards the ground, depending on level of super. Bullets that hit the ground will persist for a short time.
Mishio641236 1.png
Mishio641236 2.png
641236* - Descending Thunder Battle Cry (降雷戦吼)
  • Can be held. If held long enough, the second part becomes unblockable. This is Mishio's most used lightning super.

Final Memory

Fantasy Beast Sky Fox Summoning (幻獣天狐招来)
  • Mishio powers up with a nine-tailed shockwave, hitting anyone closeby. She then enters the Awakened state, which gives her unlimited access to both elements, for an entire 15 seconds. Inputting the command is a bit tricky, since it won't work if done too quickly. An alternative input would be BB25CA, where the 5 signifies a slight pause in your input.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos

The Basics

Remember that your skill set changes depending on which element you have (if you have one) so it is important to not only learn combos for each mode but to also adjust your play-style to the situation. If you favor one style over another, then it is vital to manage your element using IC during 623 moves to prevent Mishio from losing it.


Combos (No Element)

  • Close
    • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>623A (Gain Element)
    • Throw>2A>5B>623A (Gain Element)
  • Corner
    • ...>623A>22C>j.AB>66>j.AB>5A>5B>j.ABC

Combos (Flame Element)

  • (5A/2A)>5B>2C>6C>j.AB>j.AB>214A/B (>9A/B/C Lose Element)
  • (5A/2A)>5B>5C>236A(all hits)>236B
  • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>623A>22C>j.AB>66>j.AB>5A>5B>214214A>9A>9A>9A (Lose Element)
  • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>214214X>6X>2X>623A (New Element)

Combos (Lightning Element)

  • Anywhere
    • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>623A>22C>j.AB>66>j.AB>j.AB>66>j.AC
    • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>623A>22C>j.AB>66>j.AB>j.AB>66>j.AB>j.236236X (Lose Element)
  • Corner
    • (5A/2A)>5B>2B>2C>623A>22C>j.AB>66>j.B>5A>5B>j.AC
    • 6B>22C>5B>2C>623B, j.B>66>j.AB>5A>5B>2B>5C>623A (New Element)

Keeping an Element

Mishio has amazing supers in both elements but they always come with the cost of losing your current element. By applying various timing or spacing tricks however it becomes possible to do meterless followups and combo into a new 623A for element refreshing. This is especially important to master in lightning mode where the main goal almost always becomes to get into fire instead, so why not do it while making use of your super meter for damage?


623A after 632146X - Example

Refreshing mid-combo after j.236236X - Example


Combo after timed 214214X ender - Example

Win Quotes

Japanese English





An instant kill.

Oh well, I didn't think it'd go so well, given how the world is...


If you call it a poor plan, that's what it'll be, right?



Have you ever heard of the term "dashing in recklessly"?

No, I'm not asking for any particular reason...


I don't need to take an opponent like you seriously.



I'm very sorry for being rude.

The truth is that I have other important things to do.



If I made one mistake, the match would have been difficult.

But if that doesn't happen, there's no way I would lose.

(To Makoto)


(To Makoto)
If they say that this is fate,

then there is nothing more cruel than this...

(To Mishio)

(To Mishio)
You don't even deserve to be called a "counterfeit".



In-game References

Kanon References

  • The grassy hill in the background is an important location in Matoko's story in the game.
  • The name of Mishio's "Fantasy Beast Sky Fox Summoning" move is a reference to her connection with foxes in the game.
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