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Title Screen

The following choices are available to you from the title screen:

  • Arcade — Play 7 matches against random opponents, ending with a final match against either Kanna or UNKNOWN.
  • VS CPU — Play a match against a CPU opponent of your choosing.
  • VS Human — Play a match against a human opponent.
  • Practice — Train against a practice dummy of your choosing.
  • Replay — Watch or record your own matches.
  • Options — Goes to the Options Screen to adjust the game's settings.
  • Exit — Exits the game.

Options Screen

The following choices are available to you in the option screen:

  • FPS — Choose between "30" or "60" frames per second.
  • Damage — Choose between "50%", "100%", and "200%" damage levels.
  • Visual Effects — Choose between "Plain" or "Normal". Plain removes some of the extraneous hit-effects and particle explosions.
  • CPU — Set the CPU difficulty level, from 1 (easiest) to 4 (hardest)
  • Win Count — Set the number of rounds needed to win a match, from 1 to 3.
  • Loading Screens — Browse through all the loading screen artwork used in the game.
  • Character Stats — Browse through a few statistics for each character:
    • Number of matches played
    • Number of matches won
    • Number of matches lost
    • Most damage in a single combo
    • Most hits in a single combo

Special Function Keys

Key Mode Function
F4 VS/Practice Sets the automatic regeneration point of your RF meter.
F5 VS/Practice Changes game behaviour between the options:
  • Automatic regeneration with full RF, full SP, and full life
  • Automatic regeneration with full RF, full SP, and 1/3 (flashing) life
  • No automatic regeneration
F6 Practice Changes the practice dummy's stance between ducking, jumping, and standing.
F6 Replay Restart the recording of your replay.
F7 Practice Toggles the practice dummy's blocking on/off.

Note: The standing dummy will not block low attacks and the crouching dummy will not block overheads.

F8 All Modes Pause the game.
Esc All Modes End the match prematurely.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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