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Misaka Kaori (美坂 香里) is a fast, straight-forward character that fights with her unmatched boxing skills. While powerful up close, her lack of range and projectiles make her powerless when at a distance. Because of this, it is best to adopt a pressure-heavy style when using her.

Kaori is one of the supporting characters of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. Kaori is Nayuki's closest friend, and is Yuuichi's and Nayuki's classmate. She is very smart and knows a lot about her classmates and the town, but does not seem to be aware of any of the supernatural happenings that take place. During Kanon, Yuuichi learns that Kaori has the same family name as Shiori, but Kaori strongly denies any relation...

Stage: Snowy Park (Night) (雪の公園(夜))

BGM: Frozen Plateau (凍土高原)

Character-Specific Notes

  • Kaori is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep once.
  • Kaori's ground dash is actually considered to be a special move, and thus her dash attacks will also be covered in the Special Moves section.
  • Kaori has the shortest jump in the game. You might need to double jump over things that only require a single jump for other characters.
  • Kaori naturally has very strong normal attacks, compared to other characters.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A ? ? ? ? ? ?
2A ? ? ? ? ? ?
j.A ? ? ? ? ? ?
5B(c) ? ? ? ? ? ?
5B(f) ? ? ? ? ? ?
2B ? ? ? ? ? ?
j.B ? ? ? ? ? ?
5C ? ? ? ? ? ?
2C ? ? ? ? ? ?
j.C ? ? ? ? ? ?
Throw ? ? ? ? ? ?
j.Throw ? ? ? ? ? ?



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Quick jab. Basic weak attack, actually does a lot of damage for a "weak" attack. it's quick nature allows you to make openings for slower attacks, it's also used in Kaori's Corner juggle, and for cancelling cyclones in the cyclone juggle.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+6 | Block:+4 ]

Kaori lets out a small hook directed toward the face. Hits harder than most medium attacks and is used in her corner juggle BnB because it can push the opponent upwards a bit to extend the juggle.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+3 | Block:+1 ]

A straight punch. A strong punch, heavier than most medium attacks, not much to say about it, also helps in the corner juggle. Your basic poke, use this a lot when trying to hit-confirm for BnB.


[ Startup: 10 | Hit:+5 | Block:+3 ]

Big straight punch. Hits Heavily, very important part of one of her BnBs.



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+2 | Block:+1 ]

A crouched jab. It's a low attack so it will break a standing guard. has a good amount of damage for a "weak" attack.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+1 | Block:-1 ]

Kaori let's out a high punch. Kaori's AA in most cases, used in pushing opponents toward the corner with one of her BnBs, and can restart a cyclone loop. It's fairly damaging. Has a lot more forward range than you might think.


[ Startup: 10 | Hit:--- | Block:+0 ]

Kaori makes a large sweep with her fist. Trips opponents, can be cancelled into a tornado for a launcher and corner juggle starter.



[ Startup: 5 ]

A downward angled punch delivered from the air. This move does a fair amount of damage, and is useful to extend the juggle meter enough on a launched opponent to start a corner juggle. Also used in pushing the opponent into the corner in combination with her other air attacks. It's angle makes it useful for breaking crouch guards, as this is an airborne attack.


[ Startup: 6 ]

A straight punch delivered in the air. Used to push opponent toward the corner in combination with her j.A. It's fairly strong. air attack, but it's angle makes it inefficient for breaking crouch guards.


[ Startup: 9 ]

Kaori makes a huge downward punch from the air. Smashes airborne opponents onto the floor and is the ender to most of her air combos, air attack and has a nice angle matched with her short jump can make this effective for breaking crouch guards.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
66 ? ? ? ?
Recoil Ducking [During a backdash]
66 ? ? ? ?
> Fast Upper [During Ducking/Recoil Ducking]
> A ? ? ? ?
> Shine One Two [During Ducking/Recoil Ducking]
> B ? ? ? ?
> Hell Charge [During Ducking/Recoil Ducking]
> C ? ? ? ?
> Leg Smasher [During Ducking/Recoil Ducking]
> 2C ? ? ? ?
Punishment Cross
214A ? ? ? ?
214B ? ? ? ?
214C ? ? ? ?
Cyclone Upper
623A ? ? ? ?
623B ? ? ? ?
623C ? ? ? ?
Initial K [SP Level 1-3]
236236A ? ? ? ?
236236B ? ? ? ?
236236C ? ? ? ?
Fire Storm [SP Level 1-3]
214214A ? ? ? ?
214214B ? ? ? ?
214214C ? ? ? ?
Extreme Double [SP Level 1-3]
641236A ? ? ? ?
641236B ? ? ? ?
641236C ? ? ? ?
Silent Pose [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
666S ? ? ? ?


66 - Ducking (ダッキング)

Kaori takes a quick step forward while ducking in. You don't go very far. This move is a special move so you can cancel into it from any normal attack. Leads into 4 other moves.

66 During a Backstep - Recoil Ducking (反動ダッキング)

Same as above except inputted after a backstep. This version goes very far. You can backstep an opponent's attack and rush in while they are vulnerable, or can be used to just close the gap between you and the enemy. leads into 4 other moves.

66A - Fast Upper (ファストアッパー)

Kaori makes a quick uppercut out of ducking. This move must be inputted in the last frames of a ducking, comes out very quick and has almost no delay.

66B - Shine One Two (シャインワンツー)

Kaori makes a one-two punch. Must be inputted in the last frames of a ducking. [someone elaborate what this does]

66C - Hell Charge (ヘルチャージ)

Kaori makes a strong straight. Must be inputted in the last frames of a ducking. After the ducking, she'll take another step and make a long-distance punch. Ff used with recoil ducking you can pretty much punch across a screen. After it hits it will launch the opponent across the screen and most likely right into the corner, right where kaori does the most damage. ICing Hell Charge when you already have the opponent in the corner leads to a perfect corner juggle opportunity.

662C - Leg Smasher (レッグスマッシャー)

Same as her 2C. About the same as 2C, if used after recoil ducking it can be a long-distanced knockdown attack.

214* - Punishment Cross (パニッシュメント・クロス)

Kaori will wind back a bit and deliver a downward angled punch followed by an upward angled punch. This move is an overhead and a launcher. A version is stationary, B version moves forward while punching, C version has some invincibility frames and won't use the 2nd hit unless the first hits. [someone elaborate more on possiblities, theres tons but i don't know them all]

623* - Rainy Spin (レイニースピン)

Kaori does an uppercut and creates a tornado in front of her. B version can cancel into any normal move. hits very high, and hits multiple times. A version has hits happening at a high pace, B version can pull the opponent into the air slightly (cancel into a normal to begin a juggle), C version [?].

Eternity Specials

236236* - Initial K (イニシャルK)

Kaori let's out a powerful punch causing the screen to flash, she follows it up for a 3 punch combo, the direction of the punches form a large K. this move can be used as a devestating AA, and after the hit, the opponent is always placed on your right. you can IC the attack half-way to freeze the opponent in place and position yourself for a combo (the special does no damage until the last hit. each version has more freeze then the last, C version is actually 4 hits which is a delayed explosion. this move HURTS, C version can usually do 5k+ damage alone (easiest to do when used as AA). you can also cancel the move AFTER the final damaging hit and start up a corner juggle or push the opponent into the corner.

214214* - Fire Storm (ファイアーストーム)

kaori ducks into the opponent and then let's out a long barrage of punches. A and B versions end with an uppercut, launching the opponent high into the air. C version ends with an uppercut then a straight punch which knocks the opponent to the edge of the screen, if they hit the wall they will wallbounce, IC before the straight for just a launch. ICing anywhere in the middle and before the last hits puts the opponent into a frozen state (very long attack stun basically) letting you setup a combo yourself.

641236* - Extreme Double (エクストリームダブル)

kaori leaps forward and let's out a powerful downward straight. this move is UNBLOCKABLE. this move will not use meter until it flashes, meaning if you get hit before it comes out you will keep the meter. hit's twice, first hit does no damage and can be blocked, but the enemy is screwed even if they do block it. looks like a normal jump until it's too late for the opponent to attack back. this move will whiff the second hit if the opponent crouch RG's the first hit for some characters for some reason (short characters?). this move is STRONG. dealing easily 5k+ damage with level 3. even though she jumps up it will most likely whiff airborne opponents because the hitbox is actually close to the ground.

Final Memory

666S - Silent Pose (サイレントポーズ)

Kaori stands still eyes closed. - let's out a massive punch and send's the opponent soaring through the sky. this is a counter move, the opponent must hit you for it to activate, and once they do the screen will show an image and the opponent will take loads of damage. use it when the opponent is attacking (of course).

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


BnB Combo: (close) 2AA 5C 66A 5C 66A 5C 66C. Does about 2600 base damage, and does not need any RF or SP. deep corner you can manage more 66A 5C cycles.

BnB super: (close) 2AA 5C 66A 6C [66A 2C/662C] 214214A/B/C A version does about 3300+ damage. C version can easily reach into the 4800+ damage range. tack on an IC at the end and cyclone loop into corner juggle for 5-7K combos.

  • for both versions, B pokes (longer range) rather than 2As are optimal. starting from 5C is viable because of the granted range, and is pretty safe on whiff, just watch the start up time.
  • to time the 66A, just mash on A quickly, there's no buffer for the A so you should just mash it until it comes out, in fact pound your keyboard a ton. hit-confirm and throw out 5C66.

edge rush BnB: (launcher/2B anti-air) 9 j.B 66 j.AB land (2B) 9 j.B 66 j.AB... off of a launcher or anti air, you can chase the opponent and with a series of airdash cancels you can effectively push the opponent to the corner from anywhere. can even lead into a corner juggle.

Corner Juggle BnB: (launcher/edge rush BnB + corner) c.5B/5A...5ABC 236236A/B/C you can juggle the opponent in a corner for an absurd amount of hits, using 5A, c5B, f5B and 2Bs. with a bit of creativity you can easily juggle into 5k damage range. this is also a very flexible combo, but requires very strict timing and observation.

meterless corner juggle attatch (from 66A 5C string) get near corner, use 2C instead of 5C > 9 j.AA j.A land cornerloop... need to hit with 2 quick j.As and then pause for the third for positioning. super easy, but hit practice mode first.

Cyclone juggle loop: (airborne opponent) 623B 2A(whiff) 623B 2A(whiff) 623B 2B 623B 2A(whiff) 623B 2A(whiff) 2B 623B* if you can catch the opponent with the top end of the cyclone, you can immediately cancel it with 5A and immediately start up another cyclone, effectively juggling the opponent with cyclones. when they start getting lower you can re-launch with a 2B and start it up again. can also lead into corner juggle if you catch them at the edge of the screen with it. *you have to watch the opponent's position and change the amount of cyclones per loop accordingly. if they get within 5A's hitbox the loop will fail and they will airtech away, stop cycloning and start juggling. edit: was previously written as 5A, this works but 2A is far superior for whiffing purposes.

extended Cyclone corner juggle loop: (launcher/edge rush BnB) [Corner juggle BnB] (use cyclone instead of super) [Cyclone loop] [Corner juggle BnB] IC [Cyclone loop] [Corner juggle] (Blue IC) [Cyclone loop] no I'm not going to write it out. if you can pull this off you don't even need to be here right now. the juggle meter is effectively reset after the super. this combo can EASILY roll into the 7k/8k damage range. this combo is very dynamic, a ton of factors are playing out here: how long to juggle before boosting the juggle meter with cyclones, how many cyclones can you get in before ruining the combo, timing hits perfectly. as you can see, this is the pinnacle of kaori play. you could even use a lower level super at first, stocking one of your levels for later use in the combo.

There's Something about Cyclones

The B version of Kaori's "Cyclone Upper" move (623B) is wonderful to use on opponents who are waking up, since it is one of those rare special moves which can be cancelled into normal moves. Good for mixups. Someone needs to expand on the possibilities, I don't play Kaori.

  • cylone loop you can catch the opponent with B version, immediately cancel it with a whiffed A move, then re-input B version of cyclone. effectively hitting with multiple 1-hit cyclones will boost the juggle meter quite a bit and add a nice amount of damage. doing this at the end of a corner loop can virtually double the length of time you can juggle them.
    • it's really easy, 623BA 623BA 623BA. just input BA one after the other.
    • to practice, use a level 2/3 K punch, and hit with the top of the cyclone. in fact, catching a level 1/2 K punch (3 hit) IC with a cyclone loop, leads practically into a free corner-juggle.
    • the secret to the cyclone loop is buffering the 2A. by holding 3 and hitting B then A, the 3A will buffer for the first hit of 623B, meaning the 3A (which comes out as 2A) will come out at the first possible cancellabe frame, 2A hits low and will whiff anything caught in the cyclone, and has enough recovery to take advantage of with cyclone. just hit 62[3]BA like a piano and it will work it's magic by itself. after that it's just learning the timing and getting the 2C cyclone loop reset.
    • resetting for more cyclones, there are 2 ways to reset for more cyclone loops. first one is to use a super that launches straight up, that means K punches and level 2/3 rush super. as soon as the part of the move where they launch straight up nears, buffer an IC, once the launch happens the IC will come out and freeze frames will go in. during these freeze frames you need to buffer a cyclone loop, hit 62[3]BA during the flash, and for the love of kanna hold the 3 down. cyclone will hit just barely with the top, loop is reset. under this method you can get 5 cyclones in. finish off with a corner juggle if in the corner, or hit 2B and push to the corner with corner push air combo.
    • cyclones are amazing, they push the juggle meter UP with each part of the loop into the blue, while balancing height. just get the loop to muscle memory, and watch the opponent's height in the juggle, you learn this and landing corner loops and corner push combos will become suddenly more viable for constant sources of high damage.

there's a special juggle, using 2 hits instead of the first hit. i have no friggin clue. it's about as mystical as kaori's 66B(1) juggle loop.

Dealing with Short Range

Kaori has very short range, but this is made up for by her high damage, and more importantly, her lightning pokes. to deal with enemies, get used to figuring out her max range on her B moves, and C moves. when approaching the enemy stick mainly to bobbing in and out of the opponent's range with her walk-speed and poking with B. stuff jump-ins with a 2B (learn the range, it's ridiculously easy to punish with) and the opponent's bad spacing with a 5BC > BnB on B-hit-confirm. her attacks have alot of hit-stun so getting damage is all about hitting hard after every B hit.

but don't forget A! if your at close range (deep), use your jab aggressively, hit-confirm into 5C! kaori has one of the few Cs that can be used right after an A and still combo.

66B, if you are at semi-close range, dashing in with 66 makes you nearly mid/high invincible, because you go through the opponent during the dash. low attacks will still hit though. using B to start your rush is safer than A because it has increased range and hits twice. always use an attack after 66, if it whiffs, you can be safe to guard.

don't jump-in stupid. IAD is stupid with kaori, you have goddamn magic walk speed. if you do IAD, it better be for oki or high/low.

poke a lot, you have the largest collection of safe-pokes of any character, throw some punches out even if you don't mean it. in fact, just jumping up and down at full-screen and whiffing j.B/Cs will build up precious meter. hit-confirm EVERYTHING into 5C BnB rush. this does not mean throw out 5Cs and hope the opponent doesn't out-range you. throw out your Bs and Cs and be prepared to block/RG on whiff. land a poke, execute hard.

recoil-ducking is not a replacement for a dash, your walk-speed is. use it full-screen with your back to the wall and land a retarded long-range 66C (which isn't safe), or use it when you can predict a DP on wakeup and punish with dash attack.

projectiles are easy, jump/duck 66C. done and done.


214A/B/C are awesome. IC A and C versions for combos, use B version with oki for free combos. C version is invincible at startup, but it's basically an A version, so use it the same way. overhead command is tricky, so be as sneaky about it as you can.

low-jump IAD shenanigans. oki IAD is cheating with kaori, since you can either hit with a 1.2k+ throw, an aerial/crouch high-low staggering, fakeout into 214 for overhead tricks, fakeout into low. it's craziness. corner-block-strings with low-jump IAD is pretty crazy too, since you glide just above low-attacks, and stopping the air-dash will ground you almost-instantly.

623A/B on wakeup, force block? cancel first block on B version and tick throw? link A version with K punch at the end. etc. C version is your DP, so that's a different thing entirely.

walk-speed + normals = damn-long block-strings. just walking forward and trying to hit with A/Bs or 66A/Bs and 2Cs (5C is for hit-confirming into combos), can end up being it's own mindgame in its self. watch for jumps and stuff with 2B or airthrow. use your incredible walk speed to tick throw for chaos, or walk in 214 for insanity.

they fear the corner, and you landing any normal. they will panic if you get them in the corner and are forced to block. you just sit there with a wicked grin.

kaori gains tons of meter, save it for FM. they never see it coming when you are hitting them with constant 2k combos off of pokes.

Win Quotes

Japanese English



I suppose that was okay.

But there isn't any meaning to bullying weaker things.






You should take care of your body.

(Kaori is saying one of Vanessa's quotes, from The King of Fighters series.)



"Checkmate" the approriate word.




(To Shiori)



(To Shiori)

(To Kaori)


(To Kaori)



In-game References

External References

  • Kaori's "Cyclone Upper" move is based on Cody's "Criminal Upper" move, from the Street Fighter series.

Kanon References

  • The park with the fountain in the background is an important place of her sister, Shiori.
  • The way that Kaori stares blankly at the toast during Akiko's "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her previous experience with Akiko's "special" jam before the events of Kanon.
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