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Game Screen



Displays the number of Frames Per Second the game is currently running at. The normal value is 64.

Life Gauge (ライフゲージ) [B]

Displays the amount of remaining life for the players 1 and 2 respectively. With default settings, both players start out each round with 10,000 life. Once a player's life gauge is empty, they are "down" and the opponent's win count will be incremented by 1. Chip damage can bring one's life to "zero vital", but chip damage will not defeat the player. Only a direct hit will cause a player to lose the round.

Win Count (勝利カウント) [C]

Displays the number of rounds won. Once a player's win count reaches the maximum number required, that player wins the match.

RF Gauge (RFゲージ) or RF Meter [D]

Used to power Instant Charge and Reinforce Attacks. It has three distinct stages which it cycles through:
  • Dark blue: Represents 0% to 50% RF meter. The meter fills slowly over time, but fills up twice as fast while blocking the opponent's attacks, and stops filling momentarily while in hit stun or in a knockdown state. Left alone, it takes about 10 seconds to completely fill and move to the red stage.
  • Red: Represents 50% to 100% RF meter. It behaves just like the dark blue state, but fills at a slower rate. Left alone, it takes about 25 seconds to completely fill and move to the light blue stage.
  • Light blue: Represents 100% down to 0% RF meter. The meter no longer fills up with time, and taking damage will drain it slightly. The longer you stay in hit stun, the more RF meter is drained. Once the meter empties, it loops back to the dark blue stage.

SP Gauge (SPゲージ) or Super Meter [E]

Displays the character's SP. The number beside the gauge and the color of the gauge represent the number of SP Levels currently available to the player. SP is gained by attacking or being attacked by the opponent, and is consumed by performing advanced moves, called Eterny Specials. Therefore, you will not be able to perform those moves if you do not have sufficient SP. Also, the maximum SP Level is 3.

Untechable Time (受身不能時間) or Stun Timer or Juggle Meter [F]

Typically when the opponent is launched into the air, this coloured bar appears below them. This quickly-decreasing bar dictates how long the opponent can be juggled without being able to do anything about it. Every hit on the opponent will extend the timer for a certain amount. Once the bar depletes the opponent will be safe from any further attacks, and the opponent can then choose to either fall safely to the ground in a knockdown state, or perform an air recovery to regain control quicker. However, there are certain moves which do not display a stun gauge and still allow the opponent to be juggled.
The initial value of the opponent's stun timer depends on the value of the opponent's guard meter. The guard meter appears as a light blue bar that appears below the opponent while they are in a state of block stun. It increases in value for every attack the opponent blocks in quick succession, but completely empties after 2 to 3 seconds of respite. The higher the guard meter, the longer the stun time once launched. It discourages overly defensive play, since the increased timer can lead to longer and more damaging combos than what would normally be possible.

Hit counter, net damage, proration [G]

These 3 readouts don't appear unless you hit the opponent more than one time without letting them return to neutral stance, go into a downed state, or tech.
  • The Hit Counter counts how many times you hit the opponent without letting them tech, go into a downed state, or return to a neutral position. This is also known as a combo/juggle counter.
  • the Net Damage readout tells you how much total damage you have done to the opponent for the duration of a combo/juggle.
  • Proration/ Attack Power readout tells you the percentage of damage the last attack that hit did compared to it's normal damage output. once a combo/juggle ends proration is set back to 100% (normal damage)
    • for example, a move that hits for 400 damage normally with 75% proration will hit for 300 (25% less than normal), a move with 150% proration will hit for 600 (50% more than normal). Most moves will prorate damage in a combo by a set percentage, causing all moves after it to do less damage. Each hit in a combo will lower the proration further and further. one of the ways to increase proration (increase the current percentage) is to use a light-blue IC, which will boost the proration by 50%.


Some characters have a special display added to the HUD when used. these will appear either above the special meter or under the health bar, on the corresponding character's side of the screen. this can be seen as Mio's current range mode, nayukia's jam, or a slave-character's usage bar.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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