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The following content is considered obsolete and is preserved here solely for historical purposes. For a more current FAQ, please go to Eternal Fighter Zero/FAQ.

Q: What is EFZ?

A: EFZ stands for Eternal Fighter Zero. It is a fighting game using characters created by Key, the game draws mechanics seen in most popular fighting games, such as guilty gear and the king of fighters series. EFZ was created by tasogare frontier (commonly referred to as tasofro), a game developement group.

Q: Is there netplay for EFZ?

A: Yes, we have 2 clients (almost identical, except for the option of setting delay from 0-4 or 0-5, depending on which client you use). We also have a netplay assistant, to help with setting up a game. All 3 of them allows you to host or join a game with someone and play them over the net.

Q: How do you find people to play?

A: You can either go onto the IRC and ask around for a match with someone, the IRC is usually friendly and more than likely someone will be willing to play. You can also try the more difficult way and post a time, date, and IP adress on the forums, host a game during the specified time and hope someone tries to connect to you (but this is a last resort option. You should really consider trying the IRC). We currently are using 2 different channels for finding games, the EFnet IRC server and the mizuumi IRC server in the EFZ channel. (Mizuumi has a netbased irc on their site, just pick a name, and join the #iamp channel).

Q: How do you use the netplay clients/assistant?

A: Depends on what your trying to do with them. first go to the options menu or use the config.exe and set the game to 100% damage scaling, and best out of 3 rounds, this is the default setting and should prevent differences in a match between your computer and the opponent's. To install the client, just download the .rar and extract it to your game folder.

A1: Now if your trying to host a game, just start up the client, first thing the client should ask is for you to input an ip adress for it to try to connect to or if you want to host a game (the ip adress on the client is NOT your own ip adress); to host a game hit enter, at this point you should give your ip adress to the person you wish to play and have them connect to you. Note: if you are trying to host, you have to have portforwarding enabled (more info later). After they connect to you, it should give you some information about them, your current latency with the other person, and then ask for delay rate. delay rate should be matched to the ping rate accordingly (more info later)

A2: If you are trying to connect to someone, make sure they are hosting and get their ip adress information, now go into the client and when prompted input their ip adress and hit enter. after connecting, you should get the other person's information, ping rate and a message telling you that your waiting for the other player to input delay.

A3: The assistant is basically an interface to start up a game with someone, just click "host game" to host a game, or enter an ipadress and hit "join game" to join a game. when hosting you still have to set the delay rate.

A4: If your wondering how to setup the client, just make sure the client exe is in the same folder as your EFZ exe is in. same for the assistant.

Q: What's portforwarding/how do i set mine up.

A: Portforwarding allows you to setup a one-on-one connection with another person's computer over the internet. portforwarding is almost a must to host a game (unless you use hamachi, details later). to set up your portforwarding you need to acess your router. to do this enter a web browser, type into the adress bar and hit enter. it should ask for username and password, if your the owner of your network then go to your router and check the label for the username/password. it should be on the back of the router itself. most of the time the username is "Admin" or "administrator"; and the password is "password". once you enter the router you can change the username/password yourself (**WARNING** after you change it, you have to remember the username and password for the future, or you won't be able to access your router in the future.**WARNING**).

Once your in your router, look for a menu or option for "portforwarding" and click on it. you have a few options here, you can either make a new service (recommended) or edit one of the services they give you (stuff like AIM or something). once you start editing a service, you need to set the starting/ending ports to 88, and set the ip adress to "192.168.0.X". X represents the last number on the IP adress the client gives you when you try to host a game. it sometimes changes between uses so you have to go back into the router and set it again.

Q: What is latency/ping?

A: It's the connection speed between your computer and another computer, the higher the number the slower your connection is. this leads to very laggy netplay games. downloading or running bittorents, or other web based programs uses up your connections speed and raises latency. normal latency is around 100 ping, lower than that is exceptionally fast, higher means your slower; 150 is pretty slow lag 300 is bad and 800 is horrendous. when setting delay, ping around 25-50 is 1 or 2 delay, 50-100ish is 3 or 4 delay, higher than 150 is 5 delay (if you don't have 5 delay, use 4)

Q: What are the tiers for this game?

A: There is no matchup chart, but there is a chart comparing all the characters with different aspects of their game.

EFZ tiers1.png

Q: Is there frame data available for this game?

A: Yes there is. However, the page is in Japanese, so you may need to get some help from Google Translate to read it.

Q: Help, I'm running windows7 and my EFZ has puke color all over it!

A: Try to open the windows screen resolution menu and keep it there, then run the game.

Q: This faq sucks!

A: That wasn't a question. Well ask a question on the IRC or forums and you might get answered there.

Q: This didn't help me! // This helped me alot!

A: Not a question again. Not my problem. // Thank you.

nephi: E/D for nayuki air movement? wtf? she has a HITBOX ON AIRDASH…. sure she's floaty, but that's not a disadvantage... maybe.

A: <someone or something will say something here>

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