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If you are looking for ancient information from the old FAQ for some reason, please check the archived version of the FAQ.


  • What is Eternal Fighter Zero?
Eternal Fighter Zero (shortened to EFZ) is a fighting game created by Tasogare Frontier that was released in 2001. The game includes characters from some of Key's earlier visual novels.
  • Is there netplay for EFZ?
Yes, the most recent client released in November 2014 is EFZRevival which can be found here. This fixes all compatibility issues, offers rollback-based netplay, netplay replay saving and additional training options.
  • Where can I find people to play with?
The main IRC channel is currently #efz on
  • How do I port forward? documents most ISPs and routers with information on how to port forward with each.


  • What are the tiers?
While there is no definitive tier list, some opinions have been documented here.
  • Is there frame data available for this game?
Yes there is. It is in Japanese, however.
  • Is x mashable? How do I beat x? Is x safe?
Go test it, Fireseal gave you the tools.

Controls, Options and Troubleshooting

  • How do I change my controls?
In config.exe in your EFZ folder.
  • Is it possible to change sound settings?
To a degree. You can disable the BGM in EfzRevival.ini.
  • How do I save netplay replays?
Be sure you have created a \netplay folder in EFZ\replays, otherwise the replays won't save!
  • How do I change the port I host on? It wont let me change from 10800 in the caster!
There's an option in the .ini for the default port.
  • How do I fix "The program can’t start because MSVCR110.dll is missing from your computer."?
Download and install:
  • I have found an issue with EfzRevival. How can I report it?
Email with the issue.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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