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Directional command notation is as follows:

                   .- up (u)
  up+back (ub) - 7 8 9 - up+forward (uf)
      back (b) - 4   6 - forward (f)
down+back (db) - 1 2 3 - down+foward (df)
                   `- down (d)

Note: These numbers can be easily referenced by looking at your keyboard "numpad". Think of it as a joystick/controller that is facing to the right. "5" is used to signify "neutral".

Button Notation

A - Light Attack
B - Medium Attack
C - Strong Attack
S - Special (not used by every character)

If you still feel confused, here are some examples to get you used to numeric notation:

"66" means tap forward twice. "44" means tap backward twice.
"236A" means press down, down-forward, forward, then A. This is a common special move that many characters have. You may also know this command as a quarter circle forward or a "hadoken motion"
"623A" means press forward, down, down-forward, and then A. This is commonly known as a dp or "dragon punch" motion.

Miscellaneous Notation

j. - The following move should be performed in the "midair" position (i.e. "j.236A" means to perform "236A" whilst in the air).
(c) - Refers to the close version of the preceding move (i.e. "B(c)" refers to the B attack when in close range).
(f) - Refers to the far version of the preceding move (i.e. "B(f)" refers to the B attack when far away).


On The Ground


  • makes you walk toward where you are facing


  • makes you walk away from where you are facing


  • forward dash
  • forward ground dashes vary from character to character, some characters leap forward giving their next attacks air hit property or makes them use an air attack, some run forward at a quick and constant pace, while others will quickly move a set distance forward and return to a neutral position.


  • back dash
  • backward ground dashes also vary from character to character. some are reverse leaps, others are quick back steps.



  • 8 makes you jump straight up
  • 7 makes you jump back and up
  • 9 makes you jump forward and up


  • input while in the air
  • does a double-jump or air-jump, when used with a normal jump, can bring you to higher altitudes.
  • most aerial attacks can be canceled with an air-jump, allowing you to continue a combo/juggle further.
  • 7/8/9 makes you go back and up /straight up /forward and up, respectively

In The Air


  • air dash /forward air dash
  • forward air dashes are done while in the air, air dashes vary from character to character, some faster than others, others with special trajectories (ex: nayuki asleep and makoto), and some with special properties (ex: nayuki asleep 8-9 jam dash has attack properties).
  • air dashes can be used to cancel aerial attacks in place of or after an air-jump.
  • air dashes should be used carefully. If the opponent is air throw happy, it can be very easy to get air thrown out of them.


  • air back dash /backward air dash
  • back air dashes are exactly like air dashes, only going in the opposite direction, and sometimes having different animations.

Eternal Fighter Zero

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