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Color Editor Icon and HUD Efzpalette.jpg

Color Editor

the color editor allows you to create a custom pallete for your character. it uses the 255RGB color system most games use.

  • this will NOT affect normal palletes and will only affect the custom pallete.
  • to select the custom pallete, go to the character select screen, pick a character, hold down when selecting color and hit the confirmation button (light attack).
  • choosing custom pallete on the chosen character's last default pallete causes you to choose an all-black pallete. it is hard to read this pallete so please refrain from using it.
  • other than the all-black pallete, your pallete won't show up on other players screens during netplay, but will instead, use the custom pallete they put in place.
    • for example: your pallete is an all red makoto, and the opponent has an all blue pallete. if you were to play them and select the custome pallete, your screen would show a red makoto and their's would show a blue makoto.

Using the Editor

the color editor program is a very simple program, and very straight forward.

  • select character, select layer to recolor, and move the RGB sliders to desired color.
  • use the options at the top-left of the editor to choose character.
  • some people may have 2 editor programs. there IS a difference in the 2, one can edit ALL character palletes, the other can only edit a small portion of the roster. if you don't see your character in the editor you might need to use the other one. both editors work exactly the same.
  • you can select layer by clicking one of the squares under the slider, or by clicking the area on the example sprite shown.
  • you can also make the sprite move with one of the options above the sliders, to see how it would look in game.
  • you can change the chosen sprite/animation with the options below the example image.

Palette editor can be found here

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