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Minase Akiko (水瀬 秋子) is an agile character who fights opponents with her formidable array of household items. Her aerial multi-hit normals make her one of the most feared opponents to defend against while in the air, and one mention of her special jam will send even the toughest opponents running. Akiko is best suited for a lockdown style of play.

Akiko is a supporting character of Kanon, a visual novel produced by Key in 1999. She is the housewife of the Minase home, and is both Nayuki's mother and Yuiichi's aunt. She has a very understanding and compassionate nature, and is always been there for Nayuki while she was growing up. During Kanon, Akiko is quick to accept the various supernatural events that may take place concerning Yuiichi, and supports him as family during the difficult times.

Stage: In Front of the Minase House (Night) (水瀬家前(夜))

BGM: Last regrets

Character-Specific Notes

  • Akiko is able to air jump once, and air dash/backstep twice. Once Akiko has air dashed/backstepped, she cannot perform any more air jumps until she lands or air recovers.
  • Akiko's ground dash is actually an air dash that moves forward-up at around 30 degrees. Therefore, Akiko does not have any dashing attacks. Any attacks she does during her "ground" dash will be considered jumping attacks.
  • Akiko's ground dash does not actually count as an air dash/backstep, so she is free to jump or dash/backstep at the end of her "ground" dash.
  • Akiko's ground dash/backstep cause Akiko to disappear during the time she is travelling to her destination. While she is invisible, she cannot be hit by any attacks.
  • If Akiko manages to curse her opponent with her "No more mischief, okay?" move, the opponent will have a pale blue aura, and a "Time" gauge will appear under Akiko's life gauge. This time gauge displays the amount of time remaining on the curse. While the opponent is cursed, they will be unable to use certain abilities determined by the level of the curse.

Normal Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard Move
5A 1 180 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2A 1 185 Low Yes Yes Yes
j.A 1 180 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
5B(c) 1 350 Ground Yes Yes Yes
5B(f) 1 350 Ground Yes Hit Yes
2B 1 370 Low Yes Hit Yes
j.B 5 ≈610 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
5C 1 950 Ground Yes Yes Yes
2C 1 550 Low Yes No Yes
j.C 3 ≈725 High/Air Yes Yes Yes
Throw 2 1200 Throw No No No
j.Throw 2 1200 Air Throw No No No



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+4 | Block:+3 ]

Akiko does a quick slap in front of her.


[ Startup: 6 | Hit:+4 | Block:+2 ]

Akiko hits the opponent with a saucepan.


[ Startup: 9 | Hit:-10 | Block:-12 ]

Akiko flips what could be an omelette in her saucepan. Excellent anti-air.


[ Startup: 17 | Hit:+11 | Block:+9 ]

Akiko thrusts a kitchen knife towards the opponent. Not used much outside of combos. It is has quite a lot of startup, but makes up for this by dealing a lot of damage and being very positive on block and hit. Cannot be combo'd into on a standing opponent under normal circumstances.



[ Startup: 4 | Hit:+1 | Block:+0 ]

Akiko does a jab with her feather duster.


[ Startup: 8 | Hit:+4 | Block:+2 ]

Akiko wipes the floor. This move is excellent in pressure.


[ Startup: 12 | Hit:+6 | Block:+4 ]

Akiko pushes a vacuum cleaner out in front of her. The hitbox is very low but extends all the way back to Akiko. This is Akiko's main launch for combos, and a decent meterless combo ender as it knocks down and can be cancelled into 214*.



[ Startup: 6 ]

Akiko jabs a ladle horizontally.


[ Startup: 7 ]

Akiko does a quick, several hit flurry of her broom and ends with a horizontal smack. Probably the best aerial move in the entire game, it is key to Akiko's game.


[ Startup: 18 ]

Akiko pulls a washing machine from somewhere and causes something unidentifiable to spin out of the door.

Special Moves

The notation for the movelists can be found under Notation.

Move Hits Damage Guard IC
An ingredient's freshness is important
236A (egg) 5 ≈740 Any Yes (FIC)
236A (carrot) 3 ≈565 Any Yes (FIC)
236A (sardine) 3 ≈565 Any Yes (FIC)
236B/C (tuna) 1 100 Any Yes (FIC)
236B/C (radish) 3 ≈1100 Any Yes (FIC)
236B/C ("?") 2 ≈1050 Any Yes (FIC)
Let's quickly finish preparing
623A/B/C (launchers) 1 100 Any No
623A/B (final) 1 ≈460 N/A No
623A/B (perfect final) 1 ≈1585 N/A No
623C (final) 1 ≈430 N/A No
623C (perfect final) 1 ≈3430 N/A No
Please remain calm at this time
214A 0 N/A N/A No
214B 0 N/A N/A No
214C 12 ≈1000 Any No
Taking care of the cleaning
41236A 2 1500 Ground No
41236B 2 1500 Ground No
41236C 2 1770 Ground No
Planning for the worst [SP Level 1-3]
236236A 1 2000 High/Air No
236236B 1 3400 High/Air No
236236C 1 4500 High/Air No
No more mischief, okay? [SP Level 1-3]
214214A 2 1000 Any No
214214B 2 1000 Any No
214214C 2 1000 Any No
This is the secret of 1-second approval [SP Level 1-3]
641236A 0 N/A N/A No
641236B 0 N/A N/A No
641236C 0 N/A N/A No
There is also some that isn't sweet [1/3 HP, SP Level 3]
2A2BC 2 5500 Throw No


236* An ingredient's freshness is important (食材は鮮度が大事ですよ)

Akiko shoots various things out of a refrigerator. What she shoots goes in cycles.

  • A: Akiko shoots eggs, carrots or sardines.
  • B: Akiko shoots tuna, radish or a spiky thing.
  • C: Akiko shoots a combination of A and B projectiles.

Click here for a more in-depth image of the cycles. Every time you use 236A/B you move forward in the cycle.

623* - Let's quickly finish preparing (仕込みは素早く済ませましょう)

Akiko leaps into the air with her kitchen knife outstretched. This move is a rekka.

  • A: Combo tool. Full input: 623A 623A 421A. To get the perfect finish, delay the 623A followup until the juggle meter is nearly gone, then immediately do 421A.
  • B: Reversal tool. Full input: 623B 623B 421B. To get the perfect finisher, do each followup immediately.
  • C: Combo tool. Full input: 623C 623C 421C 623C 421C 623C. To get the perfect finisher on this is difficult and has a lot of variables. It also has two completely different perfect finishes.
214* - Please remain calm at this time (どんな時も慌てない事ですよ)

Akiko sprays a fire extinguisher out in front of her. This move drains RF meter. A and B versions do not actually "hit" the opponent. Incredibly useful for controlling your opponents options.

  • A: Sprays immediately in front of her.
  • B: Sprays slightly further away.
  • C: Sprays immediately in front of her, then travels across the stage. This version hits the opponent, and will only drain on hit.
41236* - Taking care of the cleaning (掃除はこまめに)

Akiko pulls out a vacuum cleaner and tries to suck up the opponent. Will swap sides with the opponent on hit. This is her juggle combo ender.

  • A: Sucks the opponent towards Akiko a tiny bit.
  • B: Draws the opponent from even further away.
  • C: Draws the opponent from nearly an entire stage away.

Eternity Specials

236236* - Planning for the worst (失敗は次に活かしましょう)

Akiko uses her super human strength to swing a vehicle over her head and onto the opponent.

641236* - This is the secret of 1-second approval (これが了承一秒の秘訣です)

Akiko pulls a pose for a second, then slows down time.

  • A: Slows time for 2 seconds.
  • B: Slows time for 3 seconds.
  • C: Slows time for 5 seconds.
214214* - No more mischief, okay? (悪戯は駄目ですよ?)

Akiko points her finger a short distance away from her.

  • A: This moves seals the opponent's dash for 6 seconds. Not very useful at all. The low damage, average priority, and short range makes using up a whole SP Level for this super a questionable decision. Making the opponent losing their dash for a few seconds isn't really bad.
  • B: Same as the A version, but also seals all the opponent's special moves too. Slightly more useful than the A version, since the opponent no longer has any of their high-priority specials or supers to surprise you while you are continuing your attack. The downside is that the damage is the same as the A version.
  • C: Same as the B version, but also seals the opponent's jump too. This does the same damage as the A version, and the only thing it adds to the sealing mixture is jumps. Makes the opponent even more of a target, but is usually not worth the SP used.

Final Memory

2A2BC - There is also some that isn't sweet (甘くないのも有りますよ)

Akiko pauses for a half-second, disappears, and reappears on the ground directly behind the opponent, holding a jar of yellow jam. If the move whiffs, Akiko hides the jam behind her back. She is invincible while doing this, and it is completely safe. However, if the move connects, Akiko prepares her opponent a breakfast with yellow jam on toast... Each character has a unique animation for this.

Strategy, Tactics, and Combos


Akiko's primary BnB combo: (close) 2ABBC 623A [wait until juggle meter almost gone] 623A [immediately] 421A. Does about 2700 damage, and doesn't require IC or SP. The timing written here for the 623A knife special is an approximation, but it should get you within the right timeframe for an "explosive" hit. This combo can easily be linked from the j.B or j.C jumpins, which Akiko should already be using often.

Akiko's corner knife loop: (close, in corner) 5BB 2C [blue IC] (5BBC)x3 41236B [side change] 41236B [side change] 214A. Does about 6000 damage. The first 5B in the knife loop (5BBC) can be replaced with a 2A or a 5A, to adjust height. I'm not totally sure about this, but replacing the first 5B with a 5A may take less juggle meter, which lets you repeat the loop one more time if you're short on juggle. The x3 is not a constant; once you're short on juggle meter, stop the loop and finish the combo.

Her air combo mostly involves airdash-cancelling j.B until you start doing the knife loop and then it's the same as before from there. Once you catch the opponent in midair with j.B, you need to try to move them gently into the corner, slightly above the ground. Time the number of hits in the j.B before airdashing to keep them slightly above you. If they drop below you, cancel into j.C instead of airdashing to reorient their vertical position. If you reach the ground, keep them in the air with 5BB j.B or just 5B(f) j.B and continue on.

Ground into air combo: (close) 5BB 2C [IC] 5B j.B [airdash on first hit] j.B [land] 5BBC (continue knife loop corner combo). This air combo technique can be applied to linking ground combos from anywhere on screen into the knife loop. There might be other ways to make her air combo longer and still be able to do the corner loop.

Optimal 623B combo: 623B .. 623B 421B (whiff) land jBC into corner carry. By making the final hit whiff, you can get a full corner carry into her knife loop. Replay

Red IC Corner combos:

2ABC IC walk forward (5BBC)x2 41236A 41236A. 5BBC can also be replaced with 5ABC or 5AC for the final string before vacuum.

2ABC IC 5B jB(1hit) jC(1hit) j66 jB(5hits) land 5BBC 41236A 41236A


Akiko has some nasty okizeme due to a few factors. Firstly, jB is 5 hits and the amount of hits can be adjusted freely by cancelling into jC. Well timed jump-ins or IADs can also cause this effect without having to use jC cancels, using a "land cancel" instead. Secondly, Akiko's fire extinguisher special (214A/B/C) obscures the screen where it is placed, making it even harder to block. Thirdly, Akiko's time-slow super, which slows down the opponent and leaves Akiko at normal speeds. Finally, Akiko's vacuum special move will always leave a gap in the corner, allowing five possible ways Akiko can break your guard. Below are some simple time-slow setups to be used after 41236Ax2 in the corner:

  • 641236A 214B IAD jB
  • 2B(whiff) 641236B IAD jB
  • 2B 214B 641236C IAD jB

Notes: Some of these do not work so well on fast rising characters like Cello. These actions are to be performed as soon as you regain control of your character after the final 41236A.

After 623A perfect final in the corner, an immediate 641236A upon landing into an instant air dash jB is a safejump setup. If they reversal and don't IC, you get a chance to punish. If they do nothing, they have to block the jB mixup. If you get a hit, you can confirm back into 623A rekka perfect final and repeat the setup.

Fun with household items

Akiko has some excellent normals. j.B, j.C, and 5B(f) all have good range and priority, which makes her good at anti-air or air-to-air fighting. Countering the opponent with any of these three moves can lead to juicy combo opportunities as explained above. Also, j.B and j.C are multi-hit normals which make it that much harder to RG. Performing them as you fall to the ground can interrupt the string of aerial hits sooner than the opponent might expect, which can lead to connecting a low 2A or a throw.

Extinguishing the opponent's fire

The 214A/B fire extinguisher move can be safely used on basically any knockdown, and is quite effective against characters that use their RF bar a lot (i.e. Mio and Mai). It's also good cover for your okizeme. This helps her keep initiative, once she gets it.

Be cautious of predictability

Akiko has a very limited movelist compared to most characters, which means she has a limited playstyle. She does have mixups and setups like everyone else, but not as many. Most of her ground moves have limited range, and her forward dash is a diagonal dash, which means she's almost always approaching an opponent from the air. This can be a good thing against some characters and a bad thing against others. If you are not careful, your moves and playstyle will be read like a book and taken advantage of.

Win Quotes

Japanese English









(To Ayu)

(To Ayu)

(To Nayuki)

(To Nayuki)

(To Makoto)

(To Makoto)

(To Misuzu)

(To Misuzu)

(To Kanna)

(To Kanna)

(To Akiko)

(To Akiko)



In-game References

Game References

  • Akiko's backstep (with matching dust clouds) is based on Slayer's backdash, from the Guilty Gear series.

Kanon References

  • The house in the background of her stage is the Minase household, where Akiko lives.
  • Akiko's "Planning for the worst" move is a reference to an event that takes place during Kanon.
  • The name of the Akiko's "This is the secret of 1-second approval" move is a reference to how Akiko usually approves anything requiring her permission after only one second.
  • The yellow jam Akiko serves during her "There is also some that isn't sweet" move is a reference to her infamously inedible jam that she likes to feed to others during Kanon.
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