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Originally from the light novel Sword Art Online Alternative: Gun Gale Online.

Assist Usage

When using Reflection Guard to block any of LLENN's attacks "Auto Reflection" will display which signifies that the player will be protected from air unblockable attacks without the need of having to use Reflection Guard more than once. However, it is still necessary to use additional Reflection Guards to push the player away.

Assist Moves

Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1172 4 seconds HLA

LLENN appears in a proximity sensitive case then jumps out and shoots the opponent

  • LLENN will jump out of the case when either the opponent comes into proximity or a set amount of time passes
  • Unlike a regular projectile, the range on LLENN's attack is fairly short
  • It is possible for the player to hit the case to move it forward, and LLENN will immediately attack afterwards
    • The case gains a hitbox when it is hit
    • The distance the case moves is dependent on the attack, A attacks will move it slightly while B and C attacks will move it further
  • The attack hits multiple times and the last hit launches
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1172 4 seconds HLA

Same attack as 5S, however the case will hop forward every couple of seconds

  • LLENN can move a total of four times before she jumps out and attacks
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1122 5 seconds HLA

LLENN appears from behind the player and runs directly in front of the opponent and shoots him

  • The attack has the same properties as 5S


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