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Originally from the light novel Toaru Majutsu no Index.

Assist Usage

Description of assist

Assist Moves

Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1200 4.5 seconds HLA

Uiharu uses her laptop to coordinate an attack against the opponent

  • A reticle appears over the opponent then attacks shortly afterwards
  • After the initial attack, Uiharu assists the player with 3 additional sequential attacks
  • If a Climax Arts is used, it will cancel out the remaining attacks
  • The activation requirements for the follow up attacks are selected at random and include the following:
    • Denoted by the clock symbol, activates automatically after about 5 seconds
    • Denoted by the V looking symbol, activates when the opponent is knocked down (does not activate against air teching)
    • Denoted by the explosion symbol, activates when the player attacks the opponent 2~3 times (regardless of hit or block)
  • Aside the timed attack, you have about 20 seconds to activate the follow up attack before Uiharu disappears
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
- 4.75 seconds -

Uiharu appears in front of the player standing around absentmindedly

  • This move increases the overall length of both Power Blast, Trump Card state, potential, and also recovers about 4% of the player's health.
    • The first use during any of these increases length by approximately four seconds. The second use increases length by approximately two seconds. Every use after that increases by approximately one second.
      • For example, let's say Kuroko is in potential and uses Uiharu 6S. This increases the length of her potential by four seonds. Let's say she uses 6S again before the potential runs out. The length will then increase by another two seconds, for a total increase of 6 seconds. Let's say potential runs out, and then Kuroko activates potential again. Because this is a separate instance of potential, if the player uses 6S now it will once again extend potential by four second.
    • The amount of time Uiharu is on screen appears to be proportional to the increase. However, no testing has been done to see if it is linear. Also, no testing has been done to see if Uiharu getting hit out of 6S affect subsequent uses.


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