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Originally from the light novel Durarara!!

Assist Usage

A synopsis of the assists' strengths and weaknesses.

Assist Moves

Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1497 29+16, 46 Total 32 5 seconds HLA

Izaya appears in front of the player holding his hands up, and if he is hit he teleports behind the opponent and slashes him multiple times

  • The counter is not instant and can be blocked if triggered from a jump in or a low recovery move
  • If the move is Support Cancelled, he automatically does the follow up attack instead
  • 2nd startup value is when he is Support Cancelled
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
929 10 Total 27 5.5 seconds HLA

Izaya trips the opponent with his foot then stomps on 3 times before kicking 1 more time.

  • Has fairly quick startup and the hitbox is deceptively large
  • Normally the opponent is in OTG state, but Trump Cards and Climax Arts will connect, but only before the 4th kick.


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