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Movement Notations

Numpad Notations

In order to represent directional inputs, you use the numbers from a numpad corresponding to the directions ingame.

7 8 9
4 5 6
1 2 3

Commands are always denoted assuming that you're on the left facing right. Keep in mind that the numpad is mirrored when you face from right to left.


Forward Backward
Quarter circle 236 214
Dragon punch 623 421
Half circle 41236 63214

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Standard Notations

Move Notation

When writing down combos, these are standard notations that help making them easier to read and understand.

Single commands are separated by a space (e.g. 5B 2B 2C 5C 623B).


Jump Cancel

j.B, j.C, or j.BC

Jump+B button, Jump+C button; j.BC is just another way of saying "Jump B, Jump C". If you see a number before it (i.e. j.6B j.2C), that simply means jump forward+B or jump down+C


Double Jump


Super Jump; Ground: 28 (vertical) or 29(forward). Sometimes doing a super jump will help you when you need to stay a little higher for some combos. Or move around in general.


Air Dash; Some combo extenders need you to airdash + button, for more damage.


Instant Air Dash; 686, 696, 676 or 8/9/7 > 6A+B.

[B] [C]

Charged normals, you hold the button, and the character will have a white light glow at the point of the normal right before they do the attack.

Guard Notation

H - High guard. Move can be blocked high (standing)

L - Low guard. Move can be blocked low (crouching)

A - Air guard. Move can be blocked in the air (jumping)

Move Cancel Notation

SE - Self cancelable

SP - Special cancelable

EX - EX cancelable.

JC - Jump cancelable.

SC - Support cancelable

ISC - Impact Skill cancelable

TCC - Trump Card cancelable

CAC - Climax Art cancelable

(X) - Cancelable only on hit

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