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Originally from the light novel Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan.

Assist Usage

A synopsis of the assists' strengths and weaknesses.

Assist Moves

Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1502 14 Total 30 3.5 seconds HLA

Dokuro falls from the top of the screen with her mace

  • Hits about 2 characters spaces in front the player and covers the entire vertical space because of its quick speed
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
x x Total x x HLA

Dokuro throws her mace and knocks your own character into the air and wall bounces into another hard knockdown

  • Only available when you are knocked down at the cost of 3 meter
  • This hit inflicts white damage to yourself
  • Afterwards she spins her mace around that hits multiple times
    • If the opponent manages to block the first surprise attack, this follow up lets you recover safely
Damage Startup Recovery Recharge Time Guard
1300 19 Total 27 4 seconds HLA

Dokuro throws her mace extremely fast across the screen at an upward angle

  • Because of the angle, this move will whiff against crouching opponents from full screen


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